june non-challenge: birthdays

Day 5 -What do you prefer to do on your birthday? If you have children, what do you prefer to do for their birthday?

My birthday has been a super low-key event for quite a while. The last blow out birthday I remember was my 21st and I just turned 41 (Mama old!). These days, it’s usually a few gifts from family and DW always makes me a chocolate cake (YUM!). Pre-baby, sometimes we’d go out with a couple of friends for dinner or drinks. Nice.

For Monkey’s birthday, we had a party at home with family and friends (let me know if you need the password). This year, we are planning to do the same but the guest list will be pared down to only people with kids (plus Grandma, of course). Our place is small and we want to make sure this  year’s party is all about Monkey. Last year was our little celebration, too. By the way, we already have Monkey’s party theme. We bought these at Target as they were on clearance and we knew they were absolutely perfect!

Now to come up with activities and snacks to match… And how freaking cute is this cake I found Googling???? WANT!



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2 responses to “june non-challenge: birthdays

  1. Jdz

    LOVE the Julius theme! We’re going to have to check T.arget for supplies!

    btw, I know someone with Boys named Jadyn & Quinton… hmmmm. Popular, I guess.

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