june non-challenge: parenthood surprises

Day 4 – What has most surprised you about parenthood?

I’m going to be a bit redundant with others and say I had no idea just how difficult the sleep deprivation was going to be. I used to wake up frequently in the night and would always say how having a baby would just be more of the same in that department. WRONG! It’s not just the frequent wakings, but nighttime parenting, too. Trying to get the baby back to sleep, trying to get the baby to nurse (oh, those early days are so rough), and it just goes on and on.

The amount of attention a baby brings to your family was also a surprise. We are always getting approached by people to look at, talk about, interact with Monkey. One of our cranky old neighbors is now actually really pleasant and shares interesting stories about raising her son. We’ve made friends with waitresses and waiters at the restaurants we frequent as they love to play with baby. I didn’t realize how just how much people love babies.

And finally, I was totally surprised at many aspects of breastfeeding. First, that it would be so so so hard to get started. Second, that I would LOVE it so much (I was pretty apprehensive about it when I was pregnant, thinking of it more like something that was necessary but not enjoyable). Finally, that I would still be BFing at almost 18 months with no sign of slowing from Monkey. Never would have predicted that one.



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3 responses to “june non-challenge: parenthood surprises

  1. Jen

    Excellent list. I love that you are still bf’ing and I am sad that we had to stop for medical reasons and reading this reminds me how special it is. Isn’t it funny how it takes on a life of its own? I always thought 12 months would be a goal and great and then at 16 months, I was detroyed when we had to end. Mommyhood is funny that way.

  2. It’s nice to hear you are still breastfeeding. I am too, and I’m starting to feel rather alone in the nursing-toddler club…

  3. Jdz

    So true about the attention you get having a baby. We lived in our condo for 4 years before S was born and we really only knew one neighbour. After, everyone syarted talking to us. It’s like in the city you need a puppy or a baby to be visible! lol

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