>friday fun: kitty friends

>Let me introduce you to my kitty herd 🙂


This is Bianca (AKA Binky and Binks). She was named after Bianca Montgomery, Erika Kane’s gay daughter on All My Children. We got her from Kitten Rescue about 5 years ago, when she was 4 months old. She is the most mellow, sweet animal I have ever known. Binky bonded with my wife, but she and I are pretty close, too. I had my own sweet kitty Josie at the time we got Bianca, which is why she was really the wife’s cat. More on Josie later.


These little cuddlebugs are Casper (gray male) and momo (black female). We got momo from the pound in June 08 – she was about 6 weeks old. She was teeny tiny, smelled awful, and had one eye sealed shut with gunk but she still managed to purr when I first picked her up out of her cage. We took her home, gave her a bath, and took her to the emergency vet to see about that eye (it was the weekend, hence the emergency vet). Now she is a beautiful, sleek, lovey black kitty. We call her the “odd bird” as she is a bit weird. The mo’s favorite things to do are to cuddle with Casper, eat, and tear around the house. Another fun mo fact is that she is loved (and groomed) by both Casper and Binky, but Casper and Binky have no use for each other.


Casper was a street rescue – he was about 5 weeks old when we found him in July 08. We saw a tiny puff of matted gray fur in a driveway near our house after hearing that there was a feral litter on the loose in the neighborhood (poor things). After about an hour of trying to catch the little guy, we finally got him. Both of his eyes were almost sealed shut with gunk, he was covered in fleas, and had a crook in his tail. He was also terrified. The plan was to nurse the little guy back to health and turn him over to the Kitten Rescue to find him a home. It took him 2 weeks to stop hiding from us when we entered the room we kept him in. It took another 2 weeks for him to be interested in exploring. I’d put him on my lap when I was working at home and he’d stay there for hours, but he never wanted to get down and look around. I was worried he had some sort of mental issue. Eventually he warmed up and became the little madman he is today. He is a cuddle monster, purrs like a fiend, enjoys sleeping under the covers, and loves a good game of catch. When I took him to the vet for his first visit, a woman in the waiting room asked about him and I told her we were just caring for him temporarily until he was healthy enough to go to the rescue organization. She said, “But he’s a gift to you from the universe!” At the time, I was like yeah, right but she was absolutely correct. Caspie and I are totally bonded and I love that little guy like I can’t tell you. He’s a total part of the family.


This is a picture of my sweet baby Josie when she was a wee kitten. I got her from a kid in front of a PetCo when she was about 6 weeks old (back in 1994, the same year I met my wife!). Jo was a total Mama’s girl and we were inseparable for 14 years. When she was 7, she was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure. She was on a special diet for 2-3 years before she started to decline and we had to start administering fluids at home. Finally last year it got to where she was obviously suffering and we let her go in June 08. I still tear up thinking about it – I really loved this cat. She is still missed. But it is a tribute to her that we went right out and adopted again. I couldn’t imagine my life without a kitty friend in it.

Why yes, we are crazy cat ladies!


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4 responses to “>friday fun: kitty friends

  1. >What beautiful kitties! They’re very lucky to have two mommies that love them so much.

  2. >love the crazy cats and the cat lady!What great stories about how each of them came to you!I speak as a crazy cat and dog lady!tireegal:)

  3. >Hi, I just found your blog! What beautiful cats. We also have 3 cats, it makes life interesting, doesn’t it?!We are also about the same age and TTC, so I’ll be following you with your FET and wishing you luck. You are doing much better than me–it sounds like your egg quantity and quality is still going strong. Good luck for April.

  4. >Here from LFCA. Love your kitties!! How sweet!

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