35w6d: this is really happening

I have really been neglecting this blog during this pregnancy. I had my OB appointment on Tuesday and all is well. Strangely, she isn’t seeing me weekly at this point – CS is scheduled for April 29 and I don’t go in again until April 16. That will be my last OB visit before the CS. Kind of strange, no? I guess that means everything is checking out great and all, but it makes me a little nervous. They gave me the list of things to pack in your hospital bag, info on the hospital and breastfeeding and all of that stuff and it felt like WOW this baby is really almost here! We even forgot to sign up for the two classes we wanted to take (CPR and the hospital sibling tour for Monkey) so now we’ll be those people who are in the class just weeks/days before the baby comes. Oops! We have CPR Monday night and we went ahead and signed up for the hospital tour even though the only one we could do is on April 25 – we’ll see if I’m even still PG at that point. Hahahaha!

We are having a painter come in and paint the office/future boys’ room and then once we get it all set up we’ll be bringing in all of the newborn stuff in our storage unit and getting it all in order (swing, tub, co-sleeper, etc.). It’s coming together, slowly but surely. Oh, we also need to get to the mattress store and buy a full-size bed for that room. I figure that’ll come in handy having 2 kids – somebody can bail out of the “family bed” if things get nuts.

I continue to be huge and uncomfortable and tired. I am out of breath easily these days just walking around, and all I really want to do is lay down. I’m so so lucky to work from home as I’m able to take naps and generally take it very easy. I’m planning on working right up until April 26, which would probably not be possible if I had to commute every day.

Monkey’s Spring Break was last week and we went down to our friend’s place on Coronado (off the coast of San Diego) for most of the week – I took a couple of days off and just worked from there for a couple as well. We had a great time, just lounging in the pool and watching Monkey go wild on the beach. We had friends come down a couple of days that have kids Monkey’s age and they had a blast. We were even there on Easter and had an egg hunt on the lawn overlooking the ocean. Good old SoCal living right there. These kids have no idea how good they have it 🙂

Monkey has a little spring cold right now, but so far it hasn’t been too terrible. He has a fever and a slight cough and tells us he is sick. This is the first time he’s had a cold when he’s been able to articulate what is wrong. It is both cool and sad. Today he told us he was tired and wanted a nap. Whoa! That’s NEVER happened! He’s really turning into a full-fledged kid. Now if only he’d use the *&^%$^ potty 😉


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4 responses to “35w6d: this is really happening

  1. You have been missed (on the blog that is!). 4 weeks away seems unreal…but that is coming from someone who is currently thinking “7 weeks away seems unreal.” I hope the last weeks are smooth for you. The beach hunt on the beach sounds perfect! You are right, these kids have no idea how good they have it.

  2. Yay- his arrival is so close! Wishing you all in the best in the coming weeks!!

  3. Only a few more weeks! Crazy! Can’t wait to meet the little guy!!

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