firetruck bed

We are considering buying this cool firetruck toddler bed for Monkey to see if we can transition him out of our bed:

He seems to really love it – I showed him the picture and he was so excited. I asked him if he wanted to sleep in the firetruck bed all by himself and he said, “Yes!” It’s not crazy expensive (in fact, it’s on sale on Ama.zon right now), but it’s also not cheap so I’m not sure if we should go for it or not. Have any of you tried something like this and did it work?


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5 responses to “firetruck bed

  1. That bed is adorable. You have to get the bookcase too. lol

    I do think that a cool room/bed will push him in the right direction but its stull going to be a battle. S really loves her bed and ALWAYS chooses to sleep there over the “big bed” …. However …. I still wake up next to her every morning. On the odd occasion where we have tried to encourage her to stay in her room it is “up and down” all night. She’ll fall asleep no problem but will boomerang back every time she wakes up. Not such a bad thing. It would be a lot worse if we couldn’t get her to sleep there at all.

  2. I want to tell you enthusiastically that of course it will work….but to do so I have to ignore the fact that Little Monster has had a perfect toddler bed, that he picked out and helped put together with his Popki, sitting unused next to his crib for the last 5 months. We have tried pretty much everything, aside from just taking the crib down obviously, and he still insists on sleeping in the crib. Up till now we have not had an issue with the sleeping situation, because he IS in his own bed and room, but he is very rapidly getting too big for his crib and I think logistics and comfort is going to step in and trump the sanctuary status of his crib. I think that a habit is a habit, no matter what. They are going to go with what they know and are used to. Sadly, I see some “forced” transitions coming our way, as gradual does not seem to be cutting it. I do think that the “creation” of a big boy space and bed is a great idea. We are also taking that approach (turning the playroom into an awesome big boy room with the toddler bed) shortly after Little Monster’s upcoming birthday with the HOPE that adjustment will be complete before new baby arrives. Good luck! Btw, that IS a super cute bed…I would sleep in it 😉

  3. I second the advice from these ladies who are further along in their parenting than me. new and good ideas and things can be good and enticing and fun, but change is hard. Having said that I would go ahead and do it and get the hard part over with, because you really want to have Monkey on a smooth sleep schedule far from your bed when the baby comes. We can dream, right?!!!

  4. That is one SUPER cute bed. L coslept part of the night with us until he just… didn’t… anymore (though even now he will occasionally come into our room in the early morning hours and sleep for another hour or two). I will say that at 3, even if it’s hard, I trust that Monkey can handle the transition. Also… OMG you need some sleep!! Hope it all works out.. because a bed that adorable should not go unused!

  5. chunkandmommy

    Chunk has been sleeping in a toddler bed (converted from crib) since May-ish? and has done pretty well, although we have never co-slept. He does typically end of next to me sometime between 3am-5am, but at least he starts out in his own room at a reasonable time and I get the majority of sleep sans toddler. I think it will completely be up to Monkey and regardless of how cool the bed is, it will be a transition. I highly recommend the book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” and maybe it can give you some tips that have helped us.

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