10w5d: ultrasound pic and sharing the news

Just thought I’d share the u/s picture from our last RE visit last week. This little baby was moving all around like crazy already. I don’t remember Monkey being active this early last time around!

We also went ahead and told my mom yesterday. She was happy and couldn’t believe we kept the whole thing a secret this time around. I guess since she (and everyone else in our world) knew every detail from before we were even pregnant last time, it would be a shock to just hear, “I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant!” Hahaha. I did tell her not share with anyone else (aside from my Dad) until after our 1st tri screen (which is scheduled for Oct. 25).

We intended to tell DW’s mom last night, too, but in her usual fashion, she has a health crisis that she called to share and it just didn’t seem to be the right timing. Of course, I’m not sure when it will be right, and I’m sure she’ll cry and make it all about her and how we should have had babies when we/she were younger so she could do more. Sigh. Her latest issue is that she has to have a major back surgery and she wants to come over and discuss it with us. I assume this means that she is going to be in need of some care after surgery, but I hope she realizes that DW can’t do it beyond a day or two. I’m sure I sound terrible, but I swear there has been one crisis after another with her for years now. I’m just numb to it now because it happens all the time.

Anyway, enjoy the u/s pic and imagine a very happy Granny!



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6 responses to “10w5d: ultrasound pic and sharing the news

  1. weddedwife

    1. It’s good to know that you are comfortable sharing your pregnancy with family.
    2. You don’t sound terrible.
    3. U/S pics make me happy

  2. So exciting to be able to share your news! Hopefully your DW’s mom realizes this is your time to shine and doesn’t make it about her.

  3. Yay for the little gummy bear! Oy, the MIL issue. Ah well, everyone’s got to deal with some amount of dysfunctionality 😉

  4. I think it’s called mother in law fatigue! Ugh!
    The ultrasound is so cute!
    Congrats and good luck with the screening!

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