9w3d: appointments and more appointments

Tomorrow is our last EVER appointment with our RE! I’m so not sad to be done. We are also going to say goodbye to our single remaining frozen embryo. Lest we all feel too sad about it, this embie was not an excellent grade to begin with and has already been frozen 2 times, so likely not a contender even if we did have it in us to try again. No, even if something happened with this pregnancy, we are at the end of our TTC days. Hopefully we’ll see another strong heartbeat and a bit of growth tomorrow. Based on how gross and bloated I feel, I’m pretty confident that the tadpole is still hanging in there. My first OB appointment is next Monday. Things are moving fast and furious now! Oh! And I get to stop the progesterone and patches on Friday! SO HAPPY!

We are going to Disneyland and California Adventure tomorrow and Thursday. Monkey will go to preschool in the morning while we’re at the RE’s, then we’ll pick him up a little early and head down to Anaheim. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as it has been (99 degrees today!!!!!). I’m wondering about the wisdom of two days walking around in the heat as a PG lady, but we felt like if we didn’t go now, it would be a long time before we’d be ready to go once the newbie shows up. I plan to stay hydrated and snack constantly. Looking forward to a Dole Whip and Mickey Mouse ice cream bar! YUM!


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6 responses to “9w3d: appointments and more appointments

  1. Yay for final RE appointments and final decisions. Looking forward to the update!

  2. How exciting!!! I’m sure you are happy to be done with the RE! Good luck at Disney – sounds fun and ESP the treats!

  3. Good luck at the appointment (update us!) and have a great time on your trip. šŸ™‚

  4. Trip sounds great! I am with you, do it now, because who knows when will be able to do it again, haha. Good luck at appointment!

  5. Next in line

    Have a fantastic trip. Going now sounds like a great plan.

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