first trimester screening

Ugh. I made an appointment for my first visit with the OB and the person who answered the phone mentioned that I should get my first tri screening set up. Those of you who’ve been with me for a long time may remember the scare we had last time around. I mentioned that I wanted to discuss it with the doctor first and the receptionist said she would recommend it. Now, what I’d like to do is do the ultrasound portion but not the bloodwork, and then go to my super awesome high-risk OB for monitoring to make sure all is well like we did last time around. What I need to find out is if those extra visits last time were covered because we were “high risk” after the bad results, or if I could do the same this time around and have insurance cover it without the screening results. Guess I’ll call his office and see what he recommends.

I have such negative associations with this screening after what happened last time. I also just heard about a mom who had twins and passed the screening with flying colors only to find out at birth that one of the twins had Down Syndrome. Now let me say that I do realize that a DS diagnosis is not the end of the world – you still have a beautiful baby to love. I just don’t want extra issues to worry about that may not even be there, you know?

Back to the OB – I’m going with an all new doctor this time. Again, you may recall some drama with my OB during my last pregnancy (was there anything that went smoothly last time). I ended up switching at like 34 weeks to a new OB. I didn’t stay with him this time because I have new insurance and his office doesn’t accept it. The new OB has great reviews and a two-mom family we know used her for both of their children (each mom had one) and just love her. I have high hopes for a good doctor this time around.


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  1. boo

    You should ask about the MaterniT21 test. It’s almost as accurate as an amnio or CV but it’s only a blood test, so no risk of miscarriage. You should be qualified for it under insurance since you’re over 35. I’ve sent a lot of patients for it and have had a really good response from them. Good luck- I know that the screening can be super anxiety producing.

  2. ugh, those first trimester screens are so nerve-wracking. hope you come to a decision you are comfortable with.

  3. Ooh this is stress making, I know! Hope you can get the High risk obgyn. I got one with Isobel because of my age I think. I don’t remember anything about that test – although with 20 something donor eggs there is less risk.
    Any news about the house?

    • We didn’t get it and have since re-evaluated and decided we are going to cancel the search. We’d be living on a super tight budget and just don’t want to do it right now. I think we’ll resume the search when DW is back at work and we have 2 incomes. Bummer.

  4. Thinking positive thoughts for you all!

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