june non-challenge: lesbian family

Day 10 – Share your favorite recipe (or two)

Yeah, I skipped this one as I am not worth much in the kitchen.

Day 11 – In what ways does being a lesbian/2-mom family impact your experience of parenting?

So far, it’s been mostly the constant “coming out” to others (“Are you sisters?”). I think as baby gets older, it’ll have more of an impact. At this point, though, I think our experience is very like a straight couple’s. We have a pretty insular family unit, several 2-mom families that we connect with, and baby stays home. I expect lots of changes once baby goes to pre-school. Hopefully not too many negative ones.


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2 responses to “june non-challenge: lesbian family

  1. Next in Line

    That is the change I have noticed too. Way more opportunities to come out 🙂

  2. Claire

    I think it’s cute ( and par for the course too!) that people think you two are sisters:) people usually think S is my mother – which is just ridiculous – but people just love to make all kinds of mental connections and labels that explain lesbian couples away!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It’s great to share veteran blog friend status with you:)

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