30 day challenge: day 20


I have had many nicknames over the years. My family (mostly my dad and his siblings) are big with the nicknames. Hell, the name I have been called since birth is a nickname derived from my middle name. As a child, I was called Scooby Watchie (????), Noodle, and Limos (pronounced LEE-mohs). I still get cards from  relatives with Limos in them. Ha!

When I was in the band, I had the nickname Fabby (fabulous!). I have the cutest little necklace with a silver star that has a Hello Kitty head and FABBY engraved on it. Loves!

My nickname for my DW is Say. It started off as “Sweetie” (started in jest after Absolutely Fabulous [“sweetie-darling”]), then I started kind of slurring it (“Sway”) and ended up at Say. I also refer to her as Lo, which is kind of a shortening of her actual name.

Monkey’s in-utero nickname was The Nugget. As a little baby we called him first-name-Pants and sometimes just Pants. Now we just use his regular name with “ie” at the end (instead of just “e”). I’m sure more nicks will keep on coming.

I even like to nickname my pets! Bianca is referred to as Binks, Binky, Binky-Lou, and the Binker. Casper is Boo/Boo Boo, Caspian, and Caspie-Babies. Momo is the Mo and Moesha. My old cat Josie was Josephus, Shims/Shimmy, and Jojo. I totally got this from my Dad. Example: He referred to their dog Peanut as “Granny Nutlin” in her old age. BWAH!

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  1. Claire

    I’ve always been curious about your name! now I’m still in the dark:)

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