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30 day challenge: day 30 (THE END!)

A picture

Well. That’s vague. Here’s Monkey going underwater (!!!) at one of his swim lessons.

And we’re done! Whew! Maybe it’ll get me in the habit of updating more often…

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30 day challenge: day 29

3 Wishes

1. Good health for all

2. Fulfillment for my son (not generic happiness or success, but a real sense of accomplishment and pride in himself and the work he eventually does)

3. Peace and prosperity (for all nations, really, but I’ll be selfish and say especially for the U.S. since we don’t really have either currently and I’d like them both for my child’s sake)

I know, I know – these are all “duhs” but what can I say? I am over the challenge, people!

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30 day challenge: day 28

Something that stresses you out

Currently, trying to decide whether to have another baby is stressing me out. But I’ve already discussed that ad nauseum. Another thing that stresses me out is the state of the world now that I’ve brought a child into it. I’m sure every parent in every time period has felt this way, so I try not to let it consume me. The bad economy, multiple wars, declining status of the U.S., and on and on and on stresses me out and makes me wonder what state we’ll be in when Monkey reaches adulthood.

(Sorry for the brevity, but this challenge is starting to bore me as the writer, and I don’t want to bore all of you with a lengthy post.)

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30 day challenge: day 27


I already did a whole post on our kitties way back when. You can read it here. Of course, since then, we added Monkey to the mix and I must say the poor kitties have taken a back seat. Sometimes it feels like they are too much trouble, but we realize that as Monkey grows, we will get back into a groove with them. Poor kitties. We have agreed, however, that 3 kitties is 1 or 2 too many. We won’t be doing that again in the future. Still, #3 was my Caspie  Babies and I do love that guy like crazy, so there you go.

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Protected: 30 day challenge: day 26

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30 day challenge: day 25

Favorite memory

Wow, that’s a tough one. I have lots of great memories. I was just saying to DW that one of the happiest times of my life was when I was pregnant. A favorite memory during that time was going for my second beta and having the person who signed me in at the clinic say, “Congratulations!” Also, the first time we did an ultrasound and the baby looked like an actual baby (around 13 weeks). Really, all the pregnancy-related firsts were brilliant. First time buying maternity clothes, wearing maternity clothes, having someone ask if you’re pregnant because you’re finally showing, buying baby items, setting up the crib, feeling the baby kick, even first feeling of morning sickness. All of those are just great memories.

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30 day challenge: day 20


I have had many nicknames over the years. My family (mostly my dad and his siblings) are big with the nicknames. Hell, the name I have been called since birth is a nickname derived from my middle name. As a child, I was called Scooby Watchie (????), Noodle, and Limos (pronounced LEE-mohs). I still get cards from  relatives with Limos in them. Ha!

When I was in the band, I had the nickname Fabby (fabulous!). I have the cutest little necklace with a silver star that has a Hello Kitty head and FABBY engraved on it. Loves!

My nickname for my DW is Say. It started off as “Sweetie” (started in jest after Absolutely Fabulous [“sweetie-darling”]), then I started kind of slurring it (“Sway”) and ended up at Say. I also refer to her as Lo, which is kind of a shortening of her actual name.

Monkey’s in-utero nickname was The Nugget. As a little baby we called him first-name-Pants and sometimes just Pants. Now we just use his regular name with “ie” at the end (instead of just “e”). I’m sure more nicks will keep on coming.

I even like to nickname my pets! Bianca is referred to as Binks, Binky, Binky-Lou, and the Binker. Casper is Boo/Boo Boo, Caspian, and Caspie-Babies. Momo is the Mo and Moesha. My old cat Josie was Josephus, Shims/Shimmy, and Jojo. I totally got this from my Dad. Example: He referred to their dog Peanut as “Granny Nutlin” in her old age. BWAH!

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30 day challenge: day 19

Something you miss

Well, I could go with the obvious and say SLEEP, but let me try for something a bit deeper. I definitely miss DW’s dad, more for her and her mom than for myself, of course, but it  would have been cool to see him with Monkey. He was diagnosed with leukemia back in 06 and died in early 08, so he didn’t even know we were about to start trying to get pregnant. I gave the eulogy at his service, so I’ll just reproduce it here to give you an idea of what kind of man he was:

I have had the great fortune to know FiL for the last 13 years. In that time, he was like a second father to me. From helping me move, to opening his home to me when I needed a place to stay for a month, to making me feel like a member of the family at holiday gatherings, he was always generous with his time and affection. I am proud and honored to have been asked to speak by FiL’s family.

When you think of FiL, fossils come immediately to mind. Whenever he got a new fossil, he’d excitedly show it off and explain why it was so precious. I learned so many fascinating things from him. FiL pursued his interests with a passion that was catching. Whether it was fossils, ancient history, bee keeping, photography, tennis, stained glass, or tropical fish, FiL didn’t do things halfway. He became an expert and brought others along on his adventures. When people asked him how he got into selling fossils, he would mention the rock hounding he’d done with his dad and brothers as a child. That interest soon developed into fossils.

FiL started his business primarily to fund his own collection. He was a self-taught paleontologist. If you wanted to engage FiL, all you had to do was mention fossils. The show in Tucson was a yearly highlight for him – two whole weeks to talk fossils! He loved fossils so much, that he was incapable of not buying them. If one was good, then 50 were better! His house is a virtual museum of fossils, though some might say it’s more like a warehouse! MiL’s attempts at helping FiL get his inventory organized would generally be met with the refrain, “I fly by the seat of my pants!”

FiL was a big animal lover, and a special friend of the wild rabbits that live in his yard – they’d come to the window, looking for the carrots and apples that FiL often provided. He even had some of the rabbits eating out of his hand. Of course, when he didn’t oblige, there was always the grass in the front lawn – and FiL was generous with that, too!

I have so many fond memories of FiL. On holidays, FiL, MiL, DW, and I would make some rum and cokes or have martinis that DW made, put on some Johnny Cash, and play cards. There would always be a point at which FiL would get to laughing and not be able to stop. He’d laugh so hard, he’d cry and the rest of us loved it. It was so infectious.

After DW moved out of the house, FiL started joining us on outings to the mall or on other errands that I know weren’t of interest to him. It was just a way to spend time with DW. It was obvious he took great pride in her and truly enjoyed her company.

MiL, DW, and I liked to rib FiL for his dashboard dining habits and his love of talk radio. He loved to take the opposing viewpoint in political discussions and it always made for a rousing and stimulating debate.

When DW and I would leave after a visit, FiL always told us to be careful driving, or watch for the rain. It was a sweet way of showing his love and concern. FiL worried about those he loved.

FiL always wanted DW to watch movies that he enjoyed, or listen to a song that moved him. DW would usually grudgingly accept, but I suspect she enjoyed knowing that her dad wanted to share the things that he loved with her.

I remember when MiL had surgery several years ago that FiL never left her side. He even got her roommate moved so that he could stay overnight with her.  There was definitely a special bond between FiL and MiL.

Everyone who met FiL took an instant liking to him. He had an easy smile, and was gentle, kind, generous, and never critical of others. FiL was a loyal and loving husband and father – someone you could always count on. FiL, you will truly be missed and we’ll remember to “enjoy every sandwich.”


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