pumping questions

I’ve been keeping a list of questions in regards to pumping…

  • Is it okay to freeze milk that you pump at work (i.e. has been refrigerated for most of the day)?

  • Do you thoroughly clean the breast shield thingies after you pump every time? I have been rinsing them after each session and then cleaning them when I get home.

  • What do you transport the breast shield thingies in? I have to get them from the Mother’s Room to the kitchen to rinse and then back to my desk, so I don’t want to just carry them, if you know what I mean. I find that milk and then water gets in whatever bag I use and would like something better.

  • I’ve been pumping until I get enough for one bottle (I do two pumping sessions and get about 10 oz. total – baby is taking 8 oz. for now, but I think he’ll go for more once he takes to the bottle better). It takes me approximately 10 minutes to get 5 oz. Should I be going the full 15-20 minutes or is it okay to just go until I have what I need for the next day? Note: I’m comfortable with my freezer stash and don’t really have room for a lot more. I just don’t want to do anything that will screw with my supply long-term.


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5 responses to “pumping questions

  1. >my $0.02: * yes, i do it every day. i read you can still freeze milk that has been refridgerated up to a week. i pump at work, take home, and freeze it sometime that evening. * i bought an extra set of breast shields, connectors, and valves so i didnt have to rinse/clean parts at work – our office kitchen is disgusting. they werent that expensive, so it definitely felt worth it to me! i always have two gallon ziploc bags going – a clean and a dirty. after i pump, i just pack up the dirty sets and take it all home to be washed. * last question seems a little tougher – i can see the benefits of doing both… i pump until they are empty, about 20 minutes, and get what you get in 10 minutes, so im not sure what the answer here is!! my general sense is that if you are pumping enough to feed your baby, that is enough. if he starts eating more, you can start pumping longer to get more.

  2. >First off, I'm totally stunned by the fact that Shane takes 8oz at a time. L usually takes 3-5, occasionally 6. Wow!As for your questions,Yes, you can freeze the milk after it has been refrigerated all day.No, you don't need to clean the parts after every session. You can really do it after 4-6 hours and be just fine.I just carry my parts to the kitchen to wash them, but I work in a really quiet building. I think the plastic bag idea is a good one.My LC told me to pump to depletion, but that may not be necessary for you. If you're pumping enough with what you're doing now, then it stands to reason that you'll just pump more when the need increases (and your supply will catch up if it slows down in the meantime).Hope that helps!

  3. >@Jackie: He doesn't take 8 oz. at a time. I leave 8 oz. for the day (8 hours) and we're lucky if he takes 6. I think if it wasn't for the bottle issue, he'd do 3 bottles of 4 oz. each in an 8 hour period. Alas, he is still struggling…

  4. >Glam,As others have said, yes, you can freeze that milk.I use Medela's breastpump wipes between pumpings, and then sterilize when I get home.I agree that if you're keeping up with his needs, then you should be fine…as he eats more, you'll start producing more. A 10 minute pumping sounds lovely1

  5. Jen

    >Okay, I totally do not know how I missed this post!!! I am pumping and just read it. So, I freeze what I am pumping at work (approx 18-20 oz a day) and get 3 bags from my freezer stash for his daytime needs. He takes 3, 5 oz bottles between 8-4…it is wise to use older milk first for bottles to ensure none go bad. I tend to rinse my shields out each time and I honestly leave them in the drying rack in the kitchen… where I work, it is all good because we are like family. I tend to use the Medala stetlizer microwave bag every 2 times I pump, so every 6 hours it is sterlized. I love these bags if you don't have some! Good luck. Oh, I pump until I am empty, mainly because chunk eats so much… Do what's best for you!

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