OB still up in the air

This week has just been terrible. The OB awfulness continues. I showed up for my new OB appointment yesterday morning and found out that she doesn’t have privileges at my hospital (even though she is listed as being affiliated with them on my insurance’s website). Cue the tears! So we went over to my original OBs office and demanded that they honor the in-network rate. Nope, won’t do it. How much are we looking at out of network? Can’t tell you that either. They were totally unapologetic and are telling the crying pregnant woman how they are the wronged party – it’s not their fault the doctor left the practice. So, it’s my fault? Spoke with the doctor and she was also playing the “wronged party” card. So furious.

I am working with my insurance co. to get them to consider her in network for my delivery due to the circumstances, and still calling other OBs hoping someone will take pity on me. I’d love to get away from my current OB. I’m having a problem thinking about someone with so little empathy cutting me open and delivering my child. It’s so upsetting.


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4 responses to “OB still up in the air

  1. >I am so sorry your OB is being such a jerk, can't he make a exception? Shouldn't they have informed you at a visit letting you know so you could best prepare and make an informed decision? Ugh, sorry again. Crossing my fingers you have a remedy that you can live with soon, know it is less than ideal.

  2. >Sorry those bastards are being such shits! I have been following along and am so disgusted and horrified for you! Hmmm … Let me see …. Have I run out of expletives yet? !!!! How I wish you could get a last minute referral to an awesome OB. I hope the spot with the new OB is outstanding and you can ditch the other losers! ((( big hugs!!!)))

  3. >Oops not spot – appointment – ya know what I mean!

  4. >like this is the last thing you need to worry about at this stage in the game. I can't believe they are just now letting you know about all the insurance issues? So wrong!

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