Baby continues his trend of proving Mama wrong when I’m wondering about his development. On Friday, I mentioned to DW that I’ve never felt him hiccup. Well, guess what he did on Sunday (and again last night)? You got it – hiccups! Cutie. He continues to move a lot and he is such a big boy that you can see the movements pretty easily from the outside. The top of my stomach still kills. I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like in 5 more weeks. Ugh… I also think my belly button is about to pop out. I didn’t think it would happen as I have a very deep innie, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen, and soon.

On the home front, we are still trying to find places to store all of the great baby stuff we got at our shower. So. Much. Stuff! Of course, some of it is short term, so it won’t all be here for too long. Anyone in small spaces have good tips for smart storage? I’m figuring we’ll just have to live with less space, more baby stuff for a while.

Next up: Appt. with new OB tomorrow at 8:45AM.


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4 responses to “hiccups

  1. >Yay hiccups! Our LO's are so close in development. Sadie had her first hiccups this week too just after I was questioning why I hadn't felt any yet!!!!I also feel like my belly is SO FULL OF BABY all of a sudden. Big movements and shocking kicks! We're almost there!!As for storage – I'll be checking back to see if you get any good suggestions! We store a lot under our bed – we bought stilts and bed bath and beyond and that helps a lot. Otherwise… we're overflowing with baby stuff too!!

  2. Jen

    >Glam and J/D, we are all so close to each other!I love it!!!! Munchkin had his first hiccups this weekend too and has had them every day since then! So glad everything is progressing nicely…

  3. >Hiccups are hilarious. Glad you're perking along nicely, but I hope you get your OB issues settled soon. What pain in the … backside!

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