monkey’s 4th birthday

My Monkey turned 4 on December 21! We went out to his favorite breakfast spot in the morning, then went to the Petersen Car Museum on the morning of his birthday (fabulous place, btw) and had pictures with Santa in an awesome classic car! Then we picked out birthday balloons (Monkey’s choice? Angry.Birds) and Grandma came over. Gifts were opened, pizza was ordered, and chocolate cake was had. All in all a lovely family day. We decided that instead of a party this year, we will go to and California.Adventure for a couple of days in January. Fun!

Monkey had his 4 year checkup on 12/23, where he received 3 shots. This was the first time he was big enough to understand shots and he did ridiculously well. No crying, he watched as they gave him the shots, and when he got home he told me, “Mama, I got 3 tiny boo-boos!” Such a big boy (we were worried since he flips his lid at the dentist – maybe that will be different next time, too?). He now weighs 39 lbs (up 5 lbs from last year) and is 41.5″ tall (up 3.25″ from last year). He also had his first eye test, which he passed, and a hearing test (also passed). Go, Monkey!

Here’s a rundown of Monkey’s status in different areas:

  • Food: The child lives on oatmeal, applesauce, PB&J, bananas (most fruit, really), quesadillas, and cheese pizza. Won’t do veggies (though we’ve recently introduced Green.Machine juice, which he loves).  P.I.C.K.Y. I hope that changes in the near future. We keep trying to get him to at least try stuff, but he just refuses. Sigh.
  • School: Monkey’s school is all play-based, so they don’t sit them down and “teach” anything. It’s more like learning through activities and play. They’ll put out sensory bins, play-doh, puzzles, etc and offer yard play as well. Monkey’s favorite is running on the yard. There is also a different activity each day like music, science, etc. Generally, Monkey is not that interested in the activities and prefers to run and climb in the yard. He knows his letters and his numbers through 20 (he can go higher, but usually stops at 20). We are going to start working on writing letters at home as he is showing an interest in writing his “letters” (his name). We have to figure out what we’re doing with him next year as he won’t be able to start Kindergarten for another year. We’re thinking something more structured might be good so we’ll see.
  • Activities: Monkey has been enrolled in soccer and karate. He kind of ran out of steam on soccer so we’re taking a break from that one. He loves karate, but doesn’t really listen all that well. They tested him for his “yellow stripe” belt (not a real belt, just for the littles) and they passed him even though they totally shouldn’t have. We decided we aren’t going to let them do that again. It was good for him to see the process and have a goal, but passing for the sake of it isn’t something we want to encourage. He’s shown an interest in baseball lately, so we’ll be signing him up for t-ball and see what happens 🙂
  • Sibling: Monkey loves his little brother like crazy, but has been having some issues with jealousy and acting out. Half the time he’s saying how Baby is his best friend and the other half he’s knocking him over. Sigh. Brothers, right?

Happy birthday, my beautiful Monkey! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings ❤


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3 responses to “monkey’s 4th birthday

  1. Happy 4th Monkey!!!! Sounds like he is doing awesome! We are thinking of doing Disney World instead of a party next year. I love that they are at the age where can just ask which they prefer and somewhat get an answer 🙂

  2. SJ

    Monkey may be a pickie eater, but it sounds like most of the things he eats are healthy.

  3. chunkandmommy

    Another blog baseball boy!?!?!! Awesome. Chunk is picky too and seems to live on similar items, although add BBQ because well, that is where we live. I need to look into this Green Machine

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