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night weaning: night 7

This is night 7 in my series on night weaning. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, night 5, and night 6.

Before I get into how last night went, I just wanted to note that yesterday was a good day for Monkey. He was in good spirits, got dressed without much of a fight, and even took a 2.5 hour nap in his crib without the need for any intervention from us (his naps usually last 1.5 hours and he usually wakes at around the 45 minute mark needing one of us to walk him around to get him back to sleep). I think this boy needs his sleep!

Last night was not as good as night 6, but it was better than previous nights. Take a look:

  • 7:30PM: Bedtime. A note on bedtime: We generally put him to bed 6 hours past his nap waking time, which is why bedtime is somewhere between 6:30-7:30PM. Do you have a set bedtime or do you base it on nap waking time as well? Just curious 🙂
  • 10:30PM: Baby awake. We all go to bed and he goes to sleep easily in bed.
  • 3AM: Baby awake. He really wanted to nurse and cried pretty hard for about 5 minutes when I wouldn’t let him. He settled down and went to sleep at about 3:30AM.
  • 5AM: Baby awake after tossing and turning and generally keeping Mama up since 3:30AM (groan). I tried to get him back to sleep at 5AM, but it didn’t happen. He would listen and lay down when I would say, “It’s dark, time for night-night. Lay down and close your eyes.” He stayed in bed and was somewhat quiet, but didn’t go back to sleep.
  • 6AM: Up for the day.

Not great, but still on our way to improvement I think. Now a question: would you, my dear readers, like for me to continue these posts until we hit a streak of good nights, or is it enough already and you’d like me to just update when something changes (whether it’s good or bad)? I had planned to go for two weeks, but I don’t think it’s going to take that long (yay!). At some point here, I’ll start with the day weaning and I think I’ll do a daily post on that as well.


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night weaning: night 6

This is night 6 in my series on night weaning. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, and night 5.

OMG, y’all! It’s getting better! Check it out:

  • 7PM: Bedtime
  • 9:45PM: Baby woke up and we went to bed. I didn’t walk him around, but simply put him in bed with me. He cried for about 10 minutes while I soothed him and rubbed his belly and back. Finally he drifted off to sleep.
  • 4AM: Baby woke up. I told him it was night-night time and to lay down and close his eyes. He laid down with his eyes open for a while. I didn’t do anything – just was there beside him. After about 5 minutes, he went to sleep.
  • 5:40AM: Baby awake. Again, I told him it was dark, not time to get up yet. He stayed awake but was in good spirits.
  • 6AM: DW got up with him for the day. 6AM is our agreed-upon earliest time we will get him out of bed.

YAY! So let’s review: He did not wake up at 8:30PM, which had become his habit lately. He stirred a bit at 12:30AM and 2AM, but he did not wake up (or if he did, he went right back to sleep). No nursing overnight (he nursed at 7:30AM).

I so hope this was the turning point and we will be all better from here on out (with the occasional bad night, of course). So happy and feeling much more rested today. Yay baby Monkey!


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night weaning: night 5

Night 5 in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, and night 4.

Well, I’m sorry to say it is not improving. However, we are ready to move to the next step – no walking to sleep or getting out of bed in the night when Monkey wakes up. I made the (bad) call to start this at one of his wakings last night, but we are now ready to do it starting tonight. Here’s how our night went:

  • 7PM: Bedtime
  • 8:30PM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and tried twice to get him back down and was unsuccesful. I tried once and failed. So we all went to bed. (First no Downton Abbey on Sunday, and now he interrupts Pretty Little Liars! Does this child not know not to mess with Mamas during our shows???? Ha! We’ll have our evenings back someday, right?)
  • 11:30PM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and got him back to sleep.
  • 1:15AM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and tried twice to get him to sleep. Nope. So she got up with him. I was wide awake so I went into the living room at 1:45AM and announced that we should put him in bed and make him stay there until he went to sleep. DW went along, but hates when I change the plan mid-stream like that. We put him in bed and told him it was night-night time, moon is up, etc. He cried hard and scooted all over the bed for about 15 minutes, then stopped crying but just sat upright in bed. Finally at around 3AM he laid down next to me and went to sleep.
  • 4:45AM: Baby awake. We kept him in bed, he cried for a bit and refused to go back to sleep. I told DW to get him up at 6AM. She didn’t like this as we had been telling him he couldn’t get up until the sun was up and it wasn’t light yet, but I just had to grab some shut-eye before my 9AM presentation. We had a brief argument about it – Happy Valentine’s Day!

So that’s where we stand. No nursing happened, but quite a bit of crying and very little sleep also happened (or didn’t happen, as the case may be). Tonight we will begin standing firm during night wakings that we do not get out of bed. We will work with Monkey today to let him know what to expect tonight (something we didn’t do yesterday since I made the call in the middle of the night). I expect more crying and little sleep tonight, but hope that in a couple more days, he is sleeping better at night. Honestly, I feel like we should have done this part many months ago (no getting out of bed during night hours). It isn’t the same as crying it out (again, no judgement on this – just something we weren’t comfortable doing) since we are right there with him while he cries, and he just really needs to learn to sleep. He’s needed to learn it for a long LONG time now. I guess it took this long for us to be ready to make the change. Wish us luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll do a separate protected picture post of my sweet Monkey in his V-Day tee ❤


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night weaning: night 4

Night 4 in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, and night 3.

More of the same, unfortunately…

  • 6:30PM: Bed.
  • 8:30PM: Woke up, DW tried getting him back down several times and we just gave up and went to bed. We were pretty exhausted anyway. (No Downton Abbey for us last night!)
  • 11:30AM: Woke up and wanted to nurse.  I told him no, go-go is night-night and he cried pretty hard for about 5 minutes. He was really angry and ended up head-butting me in the face, so there were two of us crying. DW took him to the other room to walk him around and got him back in bed and asleep.
  • 1:15AM: Woke up. DW got up to walk him around and like 5 minutes later, the m%$#^$^g smoke alarm in our room went off AGAIN! Now, I said it happens occasionally, and it does, but usually maybe once every 6 months or something. So there is something really wrong with that thing. ARGH! So, DW ended up taking him to the other room. I was pretty groggy during this time, so not sure how many attempts were made to get him back to sleep, but at 3:15AM, she failed and I got up with him. At 3:45AM, I got him back to sleep.
  • 6:15AM: Up for the day. DW got up with him and I got another 1.15 hours sleep.

I’m so at the end of my rope here that I really truly wanted to nurse him after the alarm went off just to get some sleep. DW wouldn’t let me, so I didn’t, but I SO would have. I need some uninterrupted sleep and I need it now. Between the alarm and the cats and the head-butting and so on, I feel like I’m about to go nuts at night. Going to bed is like entering a torture chamber. I’m only exaggerating a little bit.

On the bright side, there was no nursing last night between 6:30PM and 7:30AM. I can hardly wait to see what night 5 brings.


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night weaning: night 3

Night 3 in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, and night 2.

Well, it’s hard to know if last night was actually better or not. See for yourself:

  • 7PM: Bedtime
  • 8:30PM: Woke up. DW was able to get him back down after a couple of tries.
  • 10PM: We go to bed and baby goes down without nursing.
  • 11:30PM: Baby up. I walked him around and got him back to sleep with no nursing.
  • 2:30AM: Baby up. I walked him around and got him back to sleep with no nursing.
  • 3AM: %$^&*%$#@$%^% smoke alarm in our room goes off (false alarm – this happens occasionally), waking us all from a sound sleep. DW tries to walking him to get him back down but is unsuccessful. She takes him to the living room. 4AM she tries again and is unsuccessful. 4:45AM she tries again and is unsuccessful. I take baby to the living room. I try a couple of times over the next 1.5 hours to get him down. Finally give up and keep him up. So that’s 3AM up for the day. Sigh.

He tried to nurse on the couch a couple of times between 5-6:30AM, but I didn’t let him. He nursed at 6:30AM. So that’s 7PM-6:30AM with no nursing (and no crying). Tonight will be a better test since the smoke alarm fouled things up last night.

He fell asleep on the breast at 9AM, woke at 10AM, and we got him back to sleep. It is now 11AM and he’s still sleeping.

I am really hoping tonight is better since I have to work tomorrow. I have a presentation that I’m giving on Tuesday at 9AM. If Monday is a terrible night, I’m not sure how I’ll deal with that. I won’t dwell on it – we’ll make it through. Somehow…


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night weaning: night 2

Night 2 in my night-weaning series. See also night 1.

More of the same. Brutal. Please let night 3 be better…

  • 6:30PM: Bedtime. Last nursing session of the day.
  • 7:20PM: Woke up and DW went in and got him back down.
  • 8:30PM: Woke up and DW went in and got him back down.
  • 10pM: We went to bed and baby went down with no nursing.
  • 12:30AM: Woke up. DW walked him around a couple of times, trying to get him back to sleep but it didn’t work. At 1AM, she took him to the living room. At 2AM, she tried again and failed. At 2:30AM, she tried again and failed. I got up with him then. He did try to nurse a couple of times and protested when I said no, go-go is night-night. I tried to get him back to sleep at 3AM. Nope. Finally got him down at around 3:45AM.
  • 5:15AM: Up for the day.
  • 6:30AM: First nursing of the day.

Monkey is definitely over-tired today, but is doing okay considering. He nursed a couple of times this morning, one longer session and one short. He is napping now. I’m sure we both should be as well!

We are OMG so tired, but we managed to make it from 6:30PM – 6:30AM with no nursing (and no crying either). On to night 3…


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night weaning: night 1 (+ 1st dental visit)

Yes, you read that right! We have FINALLY begun the weaning process. Took us long enough, right? Here’s what we did and how it went. I wanted to follow Dr. Jay Gordon’s process since it deals with co-sleeping and I like his stance on nursing and co-sleeping. However, I recently tried the short nursing session he describes for the first three nights (cut nursing short by pulling baby off the breast) and it wasn’t happening. I was afraid for the safety of my nipples! So we just jumped right to no nursing during the night. Our goal is to be done with night nursing within two weeks, and then be done with nursing all-together in four weeks. I am okay with slipping this out a bit if needed, but this is my initial goal.

Yesterday afternoon, I started talking to Monkey about how “go-go” (this is what he calls milk) is going night-night. I said, “When the moon is out and it’s dark, go-go goes night-night. No go-go at night. When the sun comes up and it’s light, then you can have go-go.” He listened intently and talked about the moon and the sun and go-go and seemed to get it. I was even able to stop him from nursing all evening before bed like he normally does by telling him, “It’s dark. Go-go is night-night. You can have one more go-go at bedtime and then no more until the sun is up.” He stopped trying to nurse (!!!) and instead we read books. And here’s how our night went:

  • 7PM: We did our normal night routine (read, brush teeth, nurse, walk/sing/rock to sleep). NOTE: We are now switching the order of this routine to be nurse, brush teeth, read, walk/sing/rock to sleep. Tonight was night one of that and it went fine (with Monkey protesting having his teeth brushed as per usual).
  • 8:30PM:He woke up and I tried my “no go-go” routine but he wouldn’t go back down so I nursed him. My plan was for the overnight anyway, but I thought I’d try it.
  • 9PM: We went to bed and I was able to just cuddle him with no nursing to go to sleep with us.
  • 10:30PM: He wanted to nurse. I told him no and explained again about night and go-go. No dice, so DW got up and walked him around singing and got him back to sleep.
  • 12:30AM: He wanted to nurse and I repeated my line and he got pretty upset. He cried pretty hard for about 15 minutes while both DW and I comforted him and told him go-go would be back with the sun. DW got up and walked him around singing and got him back to sleep.
  • 1:30AM: He was at it again. There was a very small amount of crying (~5 minutes) and then he just refused to go back to sleep. We tried keeping him in bed and getting him to go to sleep until 2AM. At that point, I got up with him and we hung out for about an hour with me telling him it was night-night time, he needed to go night-night, go-go was night-night, Mommy was night-night, etc. At 3AM, I tried walking him around but he wouldn’t go down. DW got up with him and after a couple of tries, finally got him back to sleep around 3:45AM.
  • 6:30AM: He was up for the day. At that point, I told him he could have go-go because it was light out, but he didn’t want it (!!!). After maybe half an hour, he nursed, but it was brief.

Nutty, right? But there was no nursing at all between 9PM and 6:30AM. We made it through the night. And as bad as this night sounds, we’ve had many many MANY similar nights with night-nursing. So, it wasn’t any worse than one of our normally bad nights. I’ll keep up these entries until he’s fully night-weaned. Wish us luck with night #2…

Today we also had Monkey’s first dental appointment. We are so relieved that he does not have any cavities. However, we are not brushing well enough (which we knew) and he has a few areas that we really need to focus on (molars and bottom front). He did well with the dentist looking in his mouth and “counting’ his teeth. He freaked the hell out when the actual cleaning happened. He is scared of the electric toothbrush we have at home (so we don’t use it), so this wasn’t much of a surprise. It was sad and I felt for him, but it was also really fast. Our appt. was at 3PM and we were out of there by 3:15PM. We go again in 6 months.

And here endeth this ridiculously long post!


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just a monkey update

I still haven’t started the weaning process. I kind of feel like I don’t know where or how to begin. We don’t have scheduled nursing sessions, so the idea of cutting one at a time doesn’t really do it. The only scheduled session we have is at bedtime and that will be the last to go. I’m thinking about calling the lactation consultant to see if she has any tips. She helped get us going so maybe she can help us stop? No idea.

Lately Monkey has been refusing to get dressed. It’s mostly around putting on a shirt, but there are many times when he refuses to get diapered or put on pants or socks or shoes. It is so frustrating. We keep discovering little tricks that will work for a while but then it’s over. I was able to get him to cooperate for a couple of weeks by letting him pick between two shirts and then singing a little song about getting dressed. That ended and DW started another one – whispering, “I have to tell you something. Let’s put on your pants/shirt/shoes. One two one two!” And he would do it. Not anymore. Today DW left the house with him in pants and socks and shoes, but without a shirt (she brought it with her with the idea that maybe a change of scenery would distract him enough to allow it). We’ll see what happens. Yesterday they didn’t leave the house because he refused to get dressed. I’m sure others of you out there are experiencing this as well. Let’s share our secrets!

Brushing teeth is another big battle. He refuses to cooperate, so we have to physically hold him down and try to brush. He clenches his jaw shut, bites the brush, etc, etc. I feel like he hasn’t had a good tooth brushing in months and I’m scared about the state of his teeth. He used to “brush” on his own sometimes and seemed to like it, but he has refused to do that for months. If I thought he’d go for it, I’d try to get him into a dentist just so I know where we stand. I have a mouth full of fillings (and a couple of crowns) even though I always floss and brush and take care of my teeth, so this is anothe reason I’m so worried. Tips in this area would also be greatly appreciated.

Monkey mimics words a lot these days, so his speaking skills are rapidly improving. We are also really watching what we say around him 🙂 A funny: He loves Cars (though he’s not yet seen the film – we have a DVD of Mater shorts that he likes) and he used to call Lightning McQueen “Kee-kee-keen!” That has turned into “KinalaKeen!” The number of “Kinalas” varies, so sometimes it’s “KinalaKinalaKinalaKeen!” So friggin’ cute. He continues to love numbers and letters and he shocks the hell out of me by how many he knows! It’s nuts! He doesn’t sing the whole ABC song, but he identifies many letters and gets very excited while doing so. He is starting to understand the teens (in terms of numbers), and he really loves counting things.

I know that potty training is in our near future. We bought Elmo’s Potty Time and the Signing Times potty DVD and he enjoys watching them. He tells us whenever he is about to poo but he doesn’t want to sit on the potty. To be fair, we haven’t been very pro-active about having him sit on the potty at all. Guess we should start that. We have a Bjorn potty and a Bjorn potty seat for the big potty, so we’re all ready on that front.

TTC #2? Still mulling that one over… Sigh.


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