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new cycle (edited)

So I have my period today but I’m not sure I can contact anyone at my RE’s office on a Sunday. There was certainly no way listed in their answering service. I’ll keep trying but if I can’t get anyone until tomorrow, is it too late? I’m usually such a planner – I can’t believe I never asked this question this time around. How ironic if I end up missing this cycle because of this instead of the mammo fiasco?

UPDATE: I emailed my RE and he wrote back that it’s totally fine. I go in tomorrow AM for an ultrasound and blood draw. Here we go…


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(yet another) mammogram update

So I spent a ton of time today calling various places again…

  • Called the other imaging place to see if it was possible to get in there. The woman told me for a mammogram, I’d have to wait 6 months post-nursing. I explained my situation and she was super nice and helpful. She said they could do an ultrasound (JDZ!) instead and it should be fine. I’d just need to get an order from my doctor to schedule it. She told me that I’d probably have to wait 2 weeks to be seen.
  • Called my doctor (again) and talked to her about doing an ultrasound instead of a mammo. She agreed that it was fine and told me to talk to her nurse to get the order.
  • Called the original imaging place to see if I could get in there sooner than the 2nd imaging place (are you keeping up with this?). Spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them explaining the situation, rescheduling the appointment, got very excited because they said I could come in Friday at 1, only to then have the woman tell me that they need an exact diagnosis for a breast ultrasound (i.e. they don’t offer full breast u/s – just specific views that require a closer look after a mammo).
  • So then I called the other imaging place to make the appointment. The woman said I needed the order for the mammo with a diagnosis before making an appt, but said that next week was pretty open.
  • Called my doctor’s nurse to get the order. She said my doctor would need to write it up and provide a diagnosis and that they would fax it over tonight so I can call tomorrow and make the appointment.

OMG. What a pain in the a$$. So, hopefully the appointment will get scheduled tomorrow, and hopefully my period won’t show up before I go in for the u/s, and hopefully the u/s will be absolutely normal. There is a possibility we’ll still be able to make this month, but I’m not holding my breath. My period arrived on the 21st of last month, but my periods are usually wonky and that was my first one after weaning, so it’s possible it won’t show up at that time. We’ll see…


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mammogram update

Sorry so late – I was in the office today and it was kind of hectic. Here’s the low-down:

  • First I called my OB/GYN and told his nurse my situation. She said my OB recommends a 6 month wait (!!!!). I said thanks and hung up.
  • Next I called and left a message for my primary doctor. I spoke with her and she said there’s no reason to wait but that it’s at the discretion of the place. Sigh. She said I should call back and talk to her nurse to see if they could send me somewhere else that might do it.
  • So I then called and talked to her nurse. She said they only refer to the place I went. She thinks there’s another place attached to another nearby hospital, but I would need to call and see if they would do it and then get another prescription from my doctor.

I think my plan is to call the original place and reschedule for mid-May. If they ask, I’ll just tell them I was off on the dates and it had actually been 2 months when I was last in. So we’ll lose one month. Lame but better than 2 months gone. At this point I doubt I could even get in at another place sooner than that anyway (it took weeks to get my original appointment). So frustrating.


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on our own

Before I write today’s post, I’ll update you with what little has happened since the mammogram catastrophe. I tried calling my doctor and the super helpful person who answered the phone said that my question needed to be answered by my OB/GYN or the place where the mammogram is to take place. Sigh. My OB’s office is closed on Friday afternoons, so I’m going to call over there tomorrow AM and ask. If I get nowhere there, I’m going to call my doctor’s office again and just be more cryptic in what my question is so I can, you know, actually speak to the doctor who PRESCRIBED the mammogram and who told me flat out I could have one while still nursing. Yeah, I’m a little perturbed.

I’m thinking that if I just have to go with what I was told I may call and reschedule my appointment for next month (May instead of June) and when I get there just tell them (if they even remember) that I was wrong on the date and actually stopped nursing longer ago than I thought. Then at least we’d only be set back by one month instead of two. I’m not sure I can even be seen before then anyway – it took a while to get in with my original appointment and my next period is due in the next week/week and a half. It occurred to me that we might be set back even further if they find anything during this mammogram (even if it ends up being nothing – I’ve heard about this happening fairly frequently). So I just want it done NOW!

Anyway, this weekend DW has been away for most of the time at a convention, leaving me with baby Monkey all day and evening. He’s been great and we’ve had a wonderful time together, but man, I have an even greater appreciation of my SAHM wife. It ain’t easy! I also feel for my single mom friends. I have missed having adult conversations! Still, we’ve done some fun stuff. Yesterday we went for a walk around the neighborhood (twice!), finger painted, and Skyped with Granny and Papa (my parents). So far today we’ve walked the ‘hood (again) and watched an ep of Blue’s Clues (baby’s latest obsession). It’s adorable to hear him call out, “A clue! A clue!”

Not sure I mentioned that we’ve started a new bedtime routine in the last week. You may recall that we were walking Monkey around while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until he drifted off and then putting him in his crib. That really wasn’t working for me anymore as he’s so big and takes quite some time to fall asleep – it was killing my back. So we bought bedrails and now Monkey and I lay in bed together talking and singing until he goes to sleep. Some nights have been great and others not so much. Still I’d rather lay in bed for an hour than walk the floor with him while my back aches for 30 minutes. Here’s hoping it takes progressively less time as he gets used to it.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back to update when I find out more on this stupid mammogram thing (hopefully) tomorrow.


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I went in today for my very first mammogram (I couldn’t do it at 40 due to nursing) and got some crap news. Apparently you have to wait 3 months after weaning to have a mammogram. It has been one month since I weaned Monkey. So, not only did I have to go out in the pouring rain and miss an hour of work this morning, I am now having to push out our first try for baby #2 to June/July. SO FRUSTRATING!!! I’m more pissed too because I even asked my doctor about nursing and mammograms and she acted like you didn’t even have to have the baby weaned  to do it – just stop nursing for two days due to the xray. The woman at the place today felt really bad. I was like, “But I was going to start trying for another baby next month!” Damn it. And I can’t push out the mammogram another 2+ years, which is what it would be with pregnancy/nursing. That would be foolish. I’m just bummed out. Count this as a checkmark against being an older mom 😦

In other news, we are all sick and have been for days. Low-grade fever, congestion, sneezing, coughing – the works. Mama and Mommy are starting to feel better today, but I think poor Monkey is feeling worse today. He was begging to go to bed at 9:15 after waking up at 5 this morning. Poor guy.


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re update

I finally called my RE and they just quoted me what it would cost for the FET cycle and assured me that my insurance provides some coverage (which I already knew). They didn’t address the HUGE December bill, but I guess I won’t worry about it? Here is what they quoted me for an FET cycle:

  • $2750: Labs, ultrasounds, FET, 2 betas
  • $500: Meds

Sounds fine, right? I am to call them when I get my period and we will get it going. OMG! Now let’s hope I don’t have some crazy long time between periods like I have in the past… Now that we’re on this track, I want to just do it!


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baby on the brain

It’s so funny how ready I am to get on with TTC #2. I guess we made the right decision because I am much more excited than I am fearful (though there is a fair amount of that, too)! We have already been talking about names, looked through Monkey’s 0-3 month clothes box (tiny!), and started adding items we’ll need to a private Amazon baby registry. Crazy that there are actually things we need considering we had an awesome baby shower with Monkey as well as lots of great hand-me-downs from my cousin (her twin boys are 9 months older than Monkey). Who knows if we’ll have another shower (or “sprinkle” as the trend seems to be with 2nd/3rd/etc. babies), but at least we’ll have a list of the stuff we need regardless.

I need to call my RE and let them know we want to get going when I get my next period (end of April). I’ve been dragging my feet a bit because I also need to talk to their billing person as they billed us an insane amount for some testing we did back in December in case we wanted to TTC #2. Even my insurance co. was like WTH??? I never got a bill from my RE, so I assume he wrote off what wasn’t paid, but it was kind of scary to see. He moved into a new office since we had Monkey and I’m thinking he wants to pay off his shiny new digs and equipment. All I can say is I never saw a bill like that when we did an IVF, FET, and then had a C-section and 3 day hospital stay, so it was quite a shock. So, I need to figure that out and HOPE we don’t have to switch REs. That would suck and might set us back a month or two. Here’s hoping!

In Monkey news, he has gotten to a point where he doesn’t want to sleep in his crib at all at night. He used to go down in his crib for a couple of hours in the evening and then come to bed with us when we went in. Now he wakes after about an hour and won’t go back in the crib, but will go right to sleep in our bed. So we bought a bed rail and that seems to be working. We are thinking about getting a video monitor so we can check on him (and it might be handy with a new baby, too). Any recommendations?


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decision made

I should totally be sleeping right now, but I’m way too keyed up because… we decided today that we will be trying for baby #2! OMG.  We talked and decided we had a few things going for us:

  • Monkey is weaned and sleep is much better these days (though he’s still an early riser – 5-5:30AM).
  • Monkey is starting preschool in September, so we’ll have Mon-Fri mornings of Monkey-free, baby-only time.
  • Monkey should be potty trained before then, so we’ll have only one in diapers.
  • I work from home pretty much full-time, so when I “go back to work,” I’ll still be around to nurse and help out a bit.

We both think we’d regret it down the line if we didn’t have another (or try to have another – who knows how things will go). I feel like you never feel 100% ready to have a kid, you know? It’s hard when you have to plan everything out so meticulously not to get caught up in the details and the what-ifs. We’re just gonna jump in! So I am going to take the Lipitor for the next 6 weeks and have my cholesterol checked again at that point (May 3). If it is still high and I need to continue on medication, then I will switch to the safe for PG and nursing med. We are planning to do an FET in May or June.

Things I need to do to prep:

  • Call regular doctor and see if I can go ahead and start with FET meds at the tail end of taking, or immediately after stopping, the Lipitor.
  • Call RE and give him a heads-up that we’ll want to get this rolling when I get my next period, if doctor gives the okay.
  • Discuss billing with RE’s office as they billed my insurance an INSANE amount of money when we did a bit of testing with him in December. Here’s hoping we don’t have to find another RE if we don’t like what we hear…

Shit just got real, y’all! I am excited and terrified. I guess that’s normal? We’ve decided not to share the news with anyone in real life. We will announce the pregnancy when I am at the 3 month mark. Yeah, we’ll see if I can hold out that long 🙂


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