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I am typing this while looking at the ocean out of the 15th floor ocean-front condo we are staying at this week on Coronado Island (San Diego, CA). We got here on Saturday and will be here through this coming Saturday. So far here is what we’ve done:

  • Sunday: Legoland Water Park! We rented a cabana next to the little kids wading pool area and it was pretty awesome. Monkey and his pal had a great time, but Monkey was super tired and melted down a couple of times. They close the pool area for 10 minutes every hour or two for a “potty break” and when that happened, it was like the world was ending. So thankful we had the cabana so we could contain him. Then when it was time to leave, he totally freaked out. We got his suit off and got him into a diaper but he just refused to let us dress him. Like we were worried he’d get injured if we forced him into his clothes. So instead we carried a screaming diaper-clad toddler through the park to the exit. Yes, we got many looks. Sigh.
  • Monday: Legoland! We road lots of rides and Monkey loved it. He even rode his first rollercoaster, which he absolutely loved (he’s just like his Mama [me]). He did great all day, but he did pitch a fit when it was time to leave. He never wants the fun to end.

Today he woke up super early, so we didn’t do anything but hang around the condo for the morning. We may go to the Science Museum this afternoon. Fun!

I’ve been off the coffee and trying to eat healthy and take care of myself while we wait to see if I’m pregnant or not. I’ve done a couple of things that I thought after the fact were probably not the best (road the kiddie coaster and went into the hot tub briefly last night), but we’ll see. We’ve also decided that if we aren’t pregnant this time around, we’re going to wait until my July period to try again. We have trips planned in June and July and this trip has kind of shown us that it might be better to just wait until a more mellow time. So either I’ll be PG (yay!) or I’ll get to have lots of fun on our vacations (yay!). Win/win, right?


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transfer completed

We transferred this sweet little embryo yesterday:

The embryologist thawed a straw of three and all survived the thaw. Two were exactly the same – grade 2, but a very high grade 2. The third was a grade 3 and we chose not to refreeze it. Of course she recommended that we transfer all three, but understood our reasoning not to. I have to say that we both wavered a bit but in the end, we stuck to our plan of an sFET. Here’s hoping! We refroze the other embryo and still have a straw of 4 should we need them.

Today I am taking it easy. I just had a bowl of cereal with a banana and am contemplating having a cup of coffee. I totally cut out coffee when I was trying last time around, but my high-risk OB told me coffee was fine in moderation, so I drank a cup a day from about the second trimester on (and no other caffeine). Any thoughts from you ladies? I am much more relaxed this go around than last and am kind of feeling like if I want a cuppa, I’m gonna have it and it’ll be fine. I don’t remember the progesterone kicking my butt last time around like it is this time. I have been having cramping and bathroom issues (ahem) and feeling nauseous for days. Ugh.

Monkey stayed with a friend and her two kids yesterday while we did the transfer and he did great. It was the first time we’ve left him with anyone besides my mom or DW’s mom. He was fine with us leaving, had a fabulous time, and was actually mad when he had to go home. Ha! I’m so glad he wasn’t crying and clingy – go Monkey!

Beta Monday May 21…


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re appt

Went just fine. My uterus and ovaries were again praised, my lining was great and we are a go for a Thursday transfer (assuming my bloodwork looks fine, which I see no reason that it wouldn’t). It will be Thursday at 3:30PM. I started the progesterone today and start my Medrol dose pack tomorrow. Hopefully these antibiotics kick in and I start feeling better before Thursday.

Last night was a rough Monkey night. He woke up at 1:30AM and would not go back to sleep. My nighttime Hulk rage was in full force, so DW got up with him (bless her). She tried to get him back down at 2:30AM. Nope. Tried again at 3:30AM. Nope. I got up with him and finally got him to sleep around 5AM. We were all up for the day at 8:30AM. I am not happy with myself that I was not able to keep my emotions in check. I hope that it is due to my being sick as I thought I was doing better with it. I have to say I am a little worried about my nighttime parenting as it is, much less adding a newborn to the mix. I wonder if I should see a therapist to learn coping skills. I am just a horrible person in the middle of the night.

It seems a bit silly since I didn’t know him personally, but the death of MCA from Beastie Boys has added to my funk this morning. So sad.


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embryos have been delivered

And it only took 4 hours! Sigh. It’s done and they are now safe and sound at my (lame a$$) RE’s office. I also got a Z-pack for what my doctor thinks is sinusitis. Fortunately, it will not interfere with the transfer. So all of the craziness is (hopefully) behind me for now. I go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork tomorrow and to find out if we’re still on for a transfer next Thursday. Please stick, little embie! 1.) I want to just be pregnant already and 2.) I want to be out of my RE’s office for good as soon as possible. #mamatired

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So, am I the only one dealing with this level of ridiculousness from my RE? I’m just livid and ready to start bawling. I thought I had everything worked out, only to get a cryptic email from my “coordinator” (what a joke) that the embryologist needs the embryos ASAP. So I immediately call her and go to voicemail. I leave a message telling her I need to know if we can do this courier thing today so that I can get it going (needed to get to a notary, get the form in the mail). I don’t hear back from her for 2 hours, so I email her. Get another cryptic email telling me to talk to someone at the other clinic to ensure he’ll be in the office and  then I can get the tank from my RE’s office, to the other office, and back in the same day. Yes, I realize this, moron. I was trying to save myself the headache of being on the road for hours while trying not to miss work and being sick as a dog. But we’ve now missed our window for getting the paper notarized and in the mail so, sure, we’ll be completely inconvenienced thanks to your incompentence. OMG I’m ready to go OFF! But as usual, I get to suck it up and just deal with it because we have to make this happen by next Thursday. If I weren’t in such a hurry to get this show on the road, I’d so be canceling this cycle and seeing an RE at the clinic where my embryos are. Just so pissed off right now. I feel like pretty much every doctor/business/etc. we ever deal with ends up at this point. WTF?


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ranty post ahoy

I am sick sick sick and have been for close to a month. I am going in to see my doctor tomorrow to see if she can help me or if I just have to wait it out.

Does the following make sense and should I bother sending it to my RE?

Hi, J. I just got off the phone with CLINIC A and have decided to use FedEx to have the tank and embryos couriered. I am going to have the consent form from CLINIC A notarized today and mail it over to them. Once they have it, I’ll contact you to have the tank FedExed to them (probably early next week), and then they will FedEx it back to you.

I have to say that I am disappointed that I’m having to be stressed out and inconvenienced (again) due to the fact that Dr. Q’s office wasn’t established when I first worked with him. I knew that going in, but I didn’t realize that I would be tasked with the logistics, planning and transport of sperm and now embryos with little to no assistance from YOUR CLINIC. Just so you understand my frustration, here is what I had to do back in April of 09:

  • Per Dr. Q’s office, I had the sperm shipped to a clinic located in Pasadena, CA (I believe it was CLINIC B).
  • Traveled from my home in the San Fernando Valley to the temporary Glendale office to pick up the tank.
  • Traveled to Pasadena to pick up sperm.
  • Delivered the sperm from the Pasadena clinic to CLINIC A in Los Angeles (why the sperm wasn’t sent to CLINIC A originally, I’m not sure).
  • Returned to my home in the San Fernando Valley.

This took me half a day and I had to take time off work to do it. I wasn’t able to use a courier service as I was only made aware of this a few days prior to my transfer date (yet another frustration in the process). It was stressful and seemed completely avoidable.

Now I will pay $200 or repeat the above process a few days before my estimated transfer date. Again, it is stressful and could have been avoided. The transfer of the embryos from CLINIC A should have been planned for and done far in advance of my transfer date. I always assumed that my embryos would have been transferred to Dr. Q’s facility on its completion as he is my doctor and his facility is where any future FET would take place. Not to mention that I met with Dr. Q in December of 2011 to discuss a future FET – why wasn’t this process planned for at that point, which would have been months in advance of the transfer?

I realize that I didn’t work with you at that time and I’m sorry to dump all of this on you, but I hope that your office would want to know if a patient is displeased. Also, perhaps this will help your office get a plan in place for this scenario, which could easily happen again with another patient.

Thank you, J. I will be in touch once CLINIC A has the notarized form.

AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! And I didn’t even mention the fact that when I was in their office last week, my RE had no idea if my embryos were still at Clinic A or at his office and he asked me whether they were 3 or 5 day embryos. He made a joke about not wanting to be known for losing embryos. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence, does it?


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single frozen embryo transfer (sFET)

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement and support, friends 🙂 It means a lot!

Someone asked how many embryos we are going to transfer and I thought I’d do a quick post on it. We are doing a single frozen embryo transfer (sFET). We just don’t feel prepared to take on twins in addition to Monkey and I admit that I’m scared of a twin pregnancy, so we’d like to reduce the odds of twins as much as possible. Hats off to you Mamas of twins – I don’t know how you do it and I’m amazed at your mothering abilities! DW has remained adamant about it and I’m totally on board as well. I had a few moments of doubt when I thought about the fact that I got pregnant with Monkey after an FET in which we transferred two embryos, and the fact that I got pregnant with our one fresh IVF cycle in which two embryos were transferred (I miscarried too early to know if one or both “stuck”). However, after doing a bit of research, I’ve found that the odds of success are only increased by about 10% with that extra embryo. I also know that my RE has selected one strong embryo and one less strong embryo for my previous transfers so the odds are decent that in both cases, only the stronger embryo implanted.

I remember a conversation with DW in which I said, “But it’s so expensive! What if we have to do multiple cycles to get PG?” She correctly told me that any money we put out for multiple cycles will be far far less than the money we’d put out if we had two children instead of one. So, that’s where we are. So far my RE is acting fine with it, but I’m prepared for him to try to get us to transfer more come May 10. After all, he tried to get us to transfer 4 (!!!) at our last FET. Um, no. I think I’ve got a decent track record to show I can indeed get pregnant, and we are working with embryos created from my 38-year-old eggs (not my current 41-year-old eggs, though who knows, they may be just fine). I’m choosing to believe we have a good chance of success.

I’d love to hear from anyone out there reading who has done an sFET, whether it was successful or not. I’m so curious to know how many choose this option and what their reasoning is. And if you’re curious about sFETs, there is an abundance of information out there – just Google “single frozen embryo transfer” and you’ll find lots of articles and forum discussions.


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ttc #2! {update}

UPDATE: Had my breast ultrasound and it showed nothing. All is good – we are proceeding with TTC #2.

I ended up going in to my RE’s office this morning instead of yesterday after speaking to them (yesterday was crazy busy for me, so it worked out well). First we did the ultrasound, during which my RE said, “Your uterus and ovaries are just beautiful!” I laughed and said something about my parts all working, Mama is just old. Then he told me I had the uterus of an 18 year old. HAHAHAHAHA! I remember him complimenting my parts last time around, too. Strangest compliments ever, but I’ll take it!

I start Delestrogen patches tomorrow (2 patches that I change every 3 days). I go in on May 4 for an ultrasound and bloodwork and start Crinone suppositories that day as well. On May 5, I start Medrol dose packs. We’re looking at a transfer around May 10. WOW! I mean, I knew it would be pretty quick, but it’s just crazy that it’ll happen so fast. Also, did you notice how there are NO SHOTS this time around? I’m shocked. I told them my wife was going to be so sad to miss out on that shot action (not).

I go in at 11 this morning for my breast ultrasound, so hopefully that all goes fine and hopefully I’ll get the results by May 4. That is a question I’ll definitely be asking immediately. I got the results from my thyroid ultrasound quickly so I’m hoping the same will be the case here.

Here we go! OMG!


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