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fet status

I had an ultrasound with my RE today and all looked great. It still cracks me up to hear all of these compliments about my uterus and ovaries. HAHAHA! Lining was good and we’re on track for our transfer next Thursday at 4PM. He asked how many embryos we’re planning to transfer and when I told him two, he said he was glad. Knowing him, he’d like to do 3-4 so that single embryo last time must have been killing him.

In terms of meds, I’m still doing my Vivelle patches every three days and we start PIO shots tonight (yay). I start my Medrol dose pack tomorrow. It is hard to believe that we might be pregnant before the end of the month.

In house hunting news, nothing really new. There is not much inventory out there as nobody seems to want to list their house in this economy. So we see ho-hum properties that have bids and are like, “What?” I think it is going to take some time to find something. I’ve seen two houses that I really loved but one needed a TON of work and was at the top of our price range. The other was super adorable, great location, all redone but tiny and overpriced. Like we would already be out of room if we moved in. It was so cute, though! Got to get it out of my head and move on to the next.

Sleep is back to normal, thank the Gods. Monkey starts pre-school next week (!!!!) and we are still working on potty training. They said he can come, but they expect him to be in underwear and if he has accidents, oh well. Not too stressful… Still, he’ll love school we are sure so we’re going for it. Wish us potty luck!


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calmer now

Okay, I’ve managed to dial back the drama over here 🙂 The sleep situation is a bit better, but still not good. This too shall pass…

And it is now almost 24 hours later from when I started this post and we had another horrible night. Monkey is definitely sick now, so I guess we know the cause. Nothing serious, just a runny nose and low-grade fever – but it’s enough to make sleeping difficult I guess. I got maybe 5 interrupted hours of sleep last night. On the plus side, I watched the women’s gymnastics on On Demand and that was cool. Monkey also likes the Olympics. He has enjoyed watching gymnastics (“jumping”), swimming, and cycling. Future sports fan or player – maybe both?

I had my RE appointment on Tuesday and it went well. All looked good and I started with Vivelle patches that day (leftover from my last cycle). The rest of my meds will arrive today – more patches, Medrol dose pack, and PIO with needles and syringes. You may recall that I had no injections with my last FET. I’m not sure what changed, but they want me to do progesterone via injections this time around (of course they do – I have about 3 boxes of suppositories left over from last time). I have my next appointment next Friday (8/10), and they estimated the transfer to be on 8/16. Beta would be one week after transfer. It all goes so fast, it’s kind of crazy.

Yesterday I was feeling much more ready for this try and excited about the possibility of another baby. Today I am back to thinking OMG what are we doing???? I’m just telling myself that what will be will be. If we have another baby, we will love him/her and be happy to have another member of our family. I know this. It will be hard, but it will be great, too. If the sleep thing would just get better, I know I’d feel 100% on board. This actually helps me to feel more positive about this try, too, as the bad sleep can’t last forever, right? RIGHT????

Sorry this post is rambly and all over the place. Mama needs some serious sleep. Aw, and now I’m hearing “our song” from the next room where Mommy and Monkey are watching videos. Oasis “Live Forever” – “Maybe you’re the same as me/ We see things they’ll never  see…” ❤


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here we go again

I got my period on Saturday and called this morning to schedule the first appointment of our last FET cycle. I go in tomorrow at 3. I am too tired to be excited or scared or apprehensive or anything. Monkey’s sleep has been out of control for the last few nights:

  • Friday: Up at 3AM. And stayed up until 10AM.
  • Saturday: Up for the day at 4:30AM.
  • Sunday: Another 3AM affair.
  • Monday: Up from 1:30-5AM. Then he went back to sleep, but only until 7AM.

I have no idea what is up with him – he doesn’t appear to be sick, there have been no changes in terms of his sleep schedule. He’s just UP. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I must admit that the idea of adding a newborn to the mix is so very not appealing at this moment, and I almost question our sanity with trying. But I also know that things change all the time and by the time an infant would appear on the scene, Monkey would be almost a year older than he is now. Still, I honestly think I will feel just fine if this attempt ends in a BFN. That could change, of course, but right this minute I’m burned out and tired and just feeling like this is not a very good idea at all. Urgh.

When I’m less sleep-deprived, I’ll do a post on how much fun Monkey is these days (aside from the sleep thing). His language skills are exploding! He has adorable words (“Hay-oh?” for hello, “vee-oh” for video, “gee-affe” for giraffe). So cute! And he’s such a cuddly little guy. Love him like crazy – just wish we could get some solid sleep around here. I never should have written my “sleep is so much better” post a few weeks ago. Totally jinxed us. TOTALLY!


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we heart stress!

We are being true to form and jumping into two huge life-changing activities at the same time. Some of you might recall that we did a major remodel during my pregnancy with Monkey. Apparently we just love tackling multiple projects at the same time. Argh.

First, we have retained a realtor and are seriously starting to house-hunt. We plan to keep our condo and rent it out. And we are doing all of this on one income (mine). It seems like the housing prices in our area are just starting to creep up and we’re worried if we wait a couple of years until DW is back at work, we’ll be priced out. So, here we go. We’re hoping to buy a 3-4 bedroom house a few miles to the north of where we are now (we’d prefer to stay in our community, but we can’t afford what we want here). Pros: MORE SPACE LESS CLUTTER, a yard for Monkey, a better home office set up for me, no more living on a busy street. Cons: Moving (ugh), stress over the rental aspects of the condo, stress over money (what if the condo sits empty for any length of time?), leaving our neighborhood.

Second, we will be starting on what we think will be our final TTC attempt for #2 when my period arrives (any second now). We will be trying with our two strongest embryos post-thaw and figure it is our best shot. Of course, we could change our minds and try another time with our twice-frozen embie(s), but it just seems like such a long-shot with the twice-frozens. I feel pretty good about giving it one last go and then either being PG or settling in with our “only.” I am off the caffeine and trying to eat less junk, more good stuff.

So, we might be going through the stress of a major move while Mama is in the first trimester of a pregnancy. Sounds fun, no? If Monkey’s preschool doesn’t let him start in August due to not being potty trained, we are majorly screwed. So counting on those hours to pack and do all of the annoying things involved with moving.


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family vacation & more on ttc #2

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. We took a trip last week to Edisto Island, South Carolina. My family lives in SC and we’ve done yearly trips to Edisto for a long LONG time. The trip had its ups and downs, but I think Monkey thoroughly enjoyed himself this year. He and his cousins (who are 6 and 8) had a BLAST playing together. It was so sweet to see how much they loved being together. It was also pretty great not to have to entertain Monkey much at all – J and B took care of that and had fun doing it.

Our plane ride(s) to SC were pretty uneventful, so that was nice. Monkey had a meltdown at the airport in Chicago (where we had a short layover), but was really good on the plane. He did not take a nap, which we thought would be a disaster, but it wasn’t. He liked being on the plane and exploring the airport. Still, it’s a long day for a 2.5 year old (hell, it’s a long day for Mama and Mommy, too).

Weirdly, we didn’t spend too much time on the beach this year. We all got sick about mid-way through the trip, so I’m sure that played into it. Monkey would go on the beach and play for about half an hour to an hour and then start heading back to the beach house (“Home. Home. Home.”). To be fair, it was crazy hot and that combined with his cold surely couldn’t have made being on the beach very pleasant. The bad thing about that is that there is really not much else to do on the island, so we did a lot of just hanging around the house.

Some highlights of the trip for Monkey (besides hanging out with his cousins) included riding on the golfcart that my dad rented for the week (big hit with all the kids), participating in the kids’ Fourth of July parade, and being in the water at the beach. My mom brought a life jacket for him so he was able to get out in the water pretty far out with us. He loved it. We also visited the Serpenterium (ew) and Botany Bay, and Mamas even got to go out to eat just the two of us twice. Pretty nice!

Our plane trip home was also pretty uneventful. So grateful. Monkey slept for about 2 hours and then woke up and was kind of cranky because it was late and he was tired. But he recovered pretty quickly and seemed to like the hustle and bustle of air travel.

We got home late Saturday night and had Sunday to sleep and recouperate. I will do a protected picture post soon, so if you need my password, leave me a comment.


When I was sick last week, I was having major doubts about having a second child. I was just imagining doing a trip like this with two little babies and being sick and it just felt totally overwhelming. Then I started thinking about how old I’d be when the second child turned 18 (60, for the record) and wondering if we should really be doing this. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m less negative about it, but I still have reservations. I haven’t mentioned it to DW because I want to see how I’m feeling as we approach our upcoming FET (when my period starts in ~2 weeks), but I wonder how many of you moms out there had these same doubts about expanding your family and how you knew it was the right decision for you.

Lately I have been thinking it might be best to just focus on Monkey and have a nice comfortable life. I can’t quite decide if I’m picking the easy way out and will regret not having that second child, or if I’m being rational and reasonable about what we can handle. Sigh. So, pretty much the same old struggle over here.


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more ttc #2 navel-gazing

So, we ended up coming home last Thursday night instead of Saturday morning. We have never been so happy to be home as we were Friday! Nothing like going on a bad trip to make your everyday life seem absolutely fantastically perfect 🙂 We’ve enjoyed swimming, taking neighborhood walks, and having playdates with Monkey’s friends. Aaaaaaahhhh.

DW and I have also had a few conversations about our next FET. We are currently planning on transferring two embryos, despite our previous stance on single embryo only transfers. Our thought process is as follows:

  • When we started, we had two straws; one with 3 embryos and the other with 4. We thawed the straw with 3 for our try in May. Out of that straw, we transferred one embryo (and got a BFN), refroze another embryo, and discarded the third as the quality wasn’t high. Therefore, we have one now twice frozen embryo from that straw.
  • For the next try (in late July/early August), we will be thawing the straw that has 4 embryos. Any that we don’t transfer will either be discarded or refrozen. So we feel like our best shot will be with this next try as any tries after this one will be using twice-frozen embryos.

I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like our chances of a twin pregnancy are low, but I can’t figure out if the stats are done using the mother’s age at the time of the transfer (42) or the age of the mother when the eggs were first retrieved (38) – yes, there does seem to be a difference once you hit the magical age of 40. We will contact the embryologist at my RE’s office, but I’m not convinced we’ll get a straight answer as we never seem to over there.

I’ve also seen some stories and research showing that twice-frozen embryos can and do indeed result in pregnancies, so if this try isn’t successful, we will likely keep trying until we are out of embryos (so most likely only one more try after this one). At that point, I think we’ll be done trying and will have a happy life as a family of 3.

We both wish we had thought through the process and our timing prior to our last try as we feel like we kind of blew that one. Turns out we thought it was a no-brainer that I’d end up pregnant since I did with both of our previous tries, so we just didn’t take it as seriously as we did when TTC #1. We also figured that we had 7 single-embryo tries, but that isn’t necessarily the case what with the quality issues, embryos surviving the thaw, and the twice-frozen aspect. This time around I will be cutting out caffeine and planning on being very low-key on activity during the TWW. I may even visit my acupuncturist like I did way back when on our first try.  We’ll see what the future holds.


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Ah well. We’ll try again when I get my period at the end of July.


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today’s the day…

I don’t know yet whether or not I am pregnant (will know by end-of-day), but I just had to share the story of getting my blood drawn for the beta today. Because it just wouldn’t be us if it weren’t surrounded by lunacy!

Part I (okay, this one is kind of my own fault): I had an order for the bloodwork emailed to me last week because I knew it would be tough to get to my RE’s office this morning. I tried to schedule an appt online for a place that is walking distance to get the blood draw, but they had no openings until 2:30PM, which would be too late to get the results back today. I was just going to (sadly and impatiently) wait to get the blood draw Tuesday.

Part II: Yesterday DW started feeling sick and got progressively worse into the evening. Monkey was up in the night from 2AM-4:30AM and I had to get up with him as DW was feeling so bad. He was up for the day at 6:30AM. DW was supposed to give a friend of ours a ride to get a minor surgery this morning, but she was so sick that I had to do it.  Since I had to take our friend to his appointment, I looked to see if there was a lab nearby and there was and they had an appt time that would work (YAY!). So, I dropped him off and went to the lab. There was a line of pissed off people waiting there as the lab had not yet opened (it was 9AM and the lab was supposed to open at 8AM). This was around the corner from my old (crappy) RE’s office, so I took a chance and headed over there to see if they would do the blood draw. They did and it was done quickly ($110 later…hope my insurance will reimburse as that is one expensive pregnancy test).

Did you get all that? What is it with us and our wacky life? DW is convinced that I am not pregnant as we did so many things that we shouldn’t have done post-transfer (tons of walking during the vacation, hot tub, I carried Monkey A LOT, etc.), but I’m not counting us out yet. I’ve had a couple of possible symptoms, but they could also be due to the progesterone. We’ll see. Today is 11dp5dt.


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