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Monkey woke up for the day at 3AM. Needless to say, he did not go to pre-school today. He also missed school yesterday because we went out (for once) Tuesday night and he was up until 9:30PM. This is one reason we never go out. He won’t go to bed for anyone but us and when his sleep gets thrown off, it literally takes days to get him back on track. Not. Worth. It.


I had to change my first ultrasound appointment from Fri. 9/14 to Mon. 9/17 because Monkey isn’t in school on Fridays and I want DW with me for the appointment. I tried to get it for Thurs instead, but our coordinator said it might be too early and then we’d be all worried.


I’m not feeling too much symptom-wise these days. However, those of you who were around when I was PG with Monkey might remember incidents of Nugget Rage. We called Monkey the Nugget in utero and early in my pregnancy with him I would have these totally irrational moments of extreme anger over trivial stuff. Well it’s back! Our kitchen faucet is broken and when you use it, it sprays water all over the place. Annoying? Sure. But I go off every time I have to use it. Once it’s over, I can laugh at it but in the moment I am SO EFFIN PISSED! Hopefully it’s getting fixed early next week – we have to order a new faucet. It’s always something.


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calmer now

Okay, I’ve managed to dial back the drama over here 🙂 The sleep situation is a bit better, but still not good. This too shall pass…

And it is now almost 24 hours later from when I started this post and we had another horrible night. Monkey is definitely sick now, so I guess we know the cause. Nothing serious, just a runny nose and low-grade fever – but it’s enough to make sleeping difficult I guess. I got maybe 5 interrupted hours of sleep last night. On the plus side, I watched the women’s gymnastics on On Demand and that was cool. Monkey also likes the Olympics. He has enjoyed watching gymnastics (“jumping”), swimming, and cycling. Future sports fan or player – maybe both?

I had my RE appointment on Tuesday and it went well. All looked good and I started with Vivelle patches that day (leftover from my last cycle). The rest of my meds will arrive today – more patches, Medrol dose pack, and PIO with needles and syringes. You may recall that I had no injections with my last FET. I’m not sure what changed, but they want me to do progesterone via injections this time around (of course they do – I have about 3 boxes of suppositories left over from last time). I have my next appointment next Friday (8/10), and they estimated the transfer to be on 8/16. Beta would be one week after transfer. It all goes so fast, it’s kind of crazy.

Yesterday I was feeling much more ready for this try and excited about the possibility of another baby. Today I am back to thinking OMG what are we doing???? I’m just telling myself that what will be will be. If we have another baby, we will love him/her and be happy to have another member of our family. I know this. It will be hard, but it will be great, too. If the sleep thing would just get better, I know I’d feel 100% on board. This actually helps me to feel more positive about this try, too, as the bad sleep can’t last forever, right? RIGHT????

Sorry this post is rambly and all over the place. Mama needs some serious sleep. Aw, and now I’m hearing “our song” from the next room where Mommy and Monkey are watching videos. Oasis “Live Forever” – “Maybe you’re the same as me/ We see things they’ll never  see…” ❤


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here we go again

I got my period on Saturday and called this morning to schedule the first appointment of our last FET cycle. I go in tomorrow at 3. I am too tired to be excited or scared or apprehensive or anything. Monkey’s sleep has been out of control for the last few nights:

  • Friday: Up at 3AM. And stayed up until 10AM.
  • Saturday: Up for the day at 4:30AM.
  • Sunday: Another 3AM affair.
  • Monday: Up from 1:30-5AM. Then he went back to sleep, but only until 7AM.

I have no idea what is up with him – he doesn’t appear to be sick, there have been no changes in terms of his sleep schedule. He’s just UP. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I must admit that the idea of adding a newborn to the mix is so very not appealing at this moment, and I almost question our sanity with trying. But I also know that things change all the time and by the time an infant would appear on the scene, Monkey would be almost a year older than he is now. Still, I honestly think I will feel just fine if this attempt ends in a BFN. That could change, of course, but right this minute I’m burned out and tired and just feeling like this is not a very good idea at all. Urgh.

When I’m less sleep-deprived, I’ll do a post on how much fun Monkey is these days (aside from the sleep thing). His language skills are exploding! He has adorable words (“Hay-oh?” for hello, “vee-oh” for video, “gee-affe” for giraffe). So cute! And he’s such a cuddly little guy. Love him like crazy – just wish we could get some solid sleep around here. I never should have written my “sleep is so much better” post a few weeks ago. Totally jinxed us. TOTALLY!


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night weaning and sleep update

Remember that series I did on night weaning back in February? Well, it turns out I get a lot of visitors here who Google for information on night weaning. So I thought I’d do a final update to let you all know where we are now (i.e. did night weaning solve our sleep woes?). In short, YES it absolutely did! I’ve gotten so used to sleeping through the night these days that I’ve almost forgotten (almost) how miserable it used to be with Monkey waking 3-5 times in the night to nurse. I was a walking zombie of crank!

These days, Monkey goes to bed around 7:30-8PM and sleeps until 5:30-6:30AM. (The 6:30AM thing has just started happening in the last week and I pray to the Sleep Gods that it continues.) He hardly ever wakes up in the night – I can only think of one time in the last few months that he did and I think he didn’t feel well. He also sleeps like a log. He used to wake fairly easily and once he was awake, it was extremely difficult to get him back to sleep. Now? He can fall asleep in the car and be carried in and put to bed without ever waking up. We have bed rails (he is in our bed and out of his crib completely at this point) and once he is asleep in the bed, we put them up. It is fairly loud but it never wakes him. Yes, I’m sure this is partly that magical toddler deep sleep thing, but I think it is also the fact that he has learned that sleep time is just that. TO SLEEP!

So those of you who have found your way here in a sleep-deprived fog hoping for light at the end of the tunnel? Don’t give up! It works! You can do this! If we can do it, believe me you can do it. Monkey used to be the world’s worst sleeper and now? Aside from the occasional super early wake up, he’s a rock star.

I suppose the next sleep-related issue we’ll have to tackle is getting him to sleep in his own bed. But really? We’re in no rush. Everyone is SLEEPING and that is the important part. We will get him in his own bed in time. Sometimes when he’s got me pushed to the very edge of the bed and I feel my annoyance level rising, I try to think about how in not so many years he’ll not want so much Mama closeness. And then I snuggle him tight 🙂

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re appt

Went just fine. My uterus and ovaries were again praised, my lining was great and we are a go for a Thursday transfer (assuming my bloodwork looks fine, which I see no reason that it wouldn’t). It will be Thursday at 3:30PM. I started the progesterone today and start my Medrol dose pack tomorrow. Hopefully these antibiotics kick in and I start feeling better before Thursday.

Last night was a rough Monkey night. He woke up at 1:30AM and would not go back to sleep. My nighttime Hulk rage was in full force, so DW got up with him (bless her). She tried to get him back down at 2:30AM. Nope. Tried again at 3:30AM. Nope. I got up with him and finally got him to sleep around 5AM. We were all up for the day at 8:30AM. I am not happy with myself that I was not able to keep my emotions in check. I hope that it is due to my being sick as I thought I was doing better with it. I have to say I am a little worried about my nighttime parenting as it is, much less adding a newborn to the mix. I wonder if I should see a therapist to learn coping skills. I am just a horrible person in the middle of the night.

It seems a bit silly since I didn’t know him personally, but the death of MCA from Beastie Boys has added to my funk this morning. So sad.


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on our own

Before I write today’s post, I’ll update you with what little has happened since the mammogram catastrophe. I tried calling my doctor and the super helpful person who answered the phone said that my question needed to be answered by my OB/GYN or the place where the mammogram is to take place. Sigh. My OB’s office is closed on Friday afternoons, so I’m going to call over there tomorrow AM and ask. If I get nowhere there, I’m going to call my doctor’s office again and just be more cryptic in what my question is so I can, you know, actually speak to the doctor who PRESCRIBED the mammogram and who told me flat out I could have one while still nursing. Yeah, I’m a little perturbed.

I’m thinking that if I just have to go with what I was told I may call and reschedule my appointment for next month (May instead of June) and when I get there just tell them (if they even remember) that I was wrong on the date and actually stopped nursing longer ago than I thought. Then at least we’d only be set back by one month instead of two. I’m not sure I can even be seen before then anyway – it took a while to get in with my original appointment and my next period is due in the next week/week and a half. It occurred to me that we might be set back even further if they find anything during this mammogram (even if it ends up being nothing – I’ve heard about this happening fairly frequently). So I just want it done NOW!

Anyway, this weekend DW has been away for most of the time at a convention, leaving me with baby Monkey all day and evening. He’s been great and we’ve had a wonderful time together, but man, I have an even greater appreciation of my SAHM wife. It ain’t easy! I also feel for my single mom friends. I have missed having adult conversations! Still, we’ve done some fun stuff. Yesterday we went for a walk around the neighborhood (twice!), finger painted, and Skyped with Granny and Papa (my parents). So far today we’ve walked the ‘hood (again) and watched an ep of Blue’s Clues (baby’s latest obsession). It’s adorable to hear him call out, “A clue! A clue!”

Not sure I mentioned that we’ve started a new bedtime routine in the last week. You may recall that we were walking Monkey around while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until he drifted off and then putting him in his crib. That really wasn’t working for me anymore as he’s so big and takes quite some time to fall asleep – it was killing my back. So we bought bedrails and now Monkey and I lay in bed together talking and singing until he goes to sleep. Some nights have been great and others not so much. Still I’d rather lay in bed for an hour than walk the floor with him while my back aches for 30 minutes. Here’s hoping it takes progressively less time as he gets used to it.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back to update when I find out more on this stupid mammogram thing (hopefully) tomorrow.


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baby on the brain

It’s so funny how ready I am to get on with TTC #2. I guess we made the right decision because I am much more excited than I am fearful (though there is a fair amount of that, too)! We have already been talking about names, looked through Monkey’s 0-3 month clothes box (tiny!), and started adding items we’ll need to a private Amazon baby registry. Crazy that there are actually things we need considering we had an awesome baby shower with Monkey as well as lots of great hand-me-downs from my cousin (her twin boys are 9 months older than Monkey). Who knows if we’ll have another shower (or “sprinkle” as the trend seems to be with 2nd/3rd/etc. babies), but at least we’ll have a list of the stuff we need regardless.

I need to call my RE and let them know we want to get going when I get my next period (end of April). I’ve been dragging my feet a bit because I also need to talk to their billing person as they billed us an insane amount for some testing we did back in December in case we wanted to TTC #2. Even my insurance co. was like WTH??? I never got a bill from my RE, so I assume he wrote off what wasn’t paid, but it was kind of scary to see. He moved into a new office since we had Monkey and I’m thinking he wants to pay off his shiny new digs and equipment. All I can say is I never saw a bill like that when we did an IVF, FET, and then had a C-section and 3 day hospital stay, so it was quite a shock. So, I need to figure that out and HOPE we don’t have to switch REs. That would suck and might set us back a month or two. Here’s hoping!

In Monkey news, he has gotten to a point where he doesn’t want to sleep in his crib at all at night. He used to go down in his crib for a couple of hours in the evening and then come to bed with us when we went in. Now he wakes after about an hour and won’t go back in the crib, but will go right to sleep in our bed. So we bought a bed rail and that seems to be working. We are thinking about getting a video monitor so we can check on him (and it might be handy with a new baby, too). Any recommendations?


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night weaning: last official update

This is the final post in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, night 5, night 6, night 7, and night 8. And a new update from June here.

Well, friends, I would say we have officially night-weaned, given that Monkey hasn’t nursed overnight for 10 nights and he doesn’t cry for it at this point. His sleep has also improved significantly, though there is still room for improvement. Our last couple of nights have been about like this:

  • 7PM: Bed (this has become our official night-night time, no matter how the nap went).
  • ~9PM: Baby awake, unable to go back to sleep, family goes to bed (this is an area we hope improves with time).
  • 4-4:30AM: Baby awake, goes back to sleep within 20-30 minutes (this is the other area we hope improves with time).
  • ~6:30AM: Up for the day.

Pretty good, right? It used to be nursing at least twice in the night and up for the day between 4-5AM. I’ll take it! Bottom line: Night weaning is a success.

Next up: Weaning completely (sob). My plan is to regulate nursing so that it happens once in the morning, once after nap, and then at bedtime. Then start dropping them, bedtime being the last to go. I’m open to any tips for those of you who have completed weaning.


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