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16 weeks and already stressing about 2 kids and sleep

I know it is early and I have no idea how this new guy will be sleep-wise but I’m spending a lot of time lately worrying about our future sleep situation. We currently co-sleep with Monkey in our bed. We have a queen and he sleeps in between the two us. He goes to sleep there a few hours before we do and we use bedrails during that time. I’m having a hard time imagining what the new arrangement will be once the newbie is here. We have already resigned ourselves to buying a king size bed prior to his arrival, so that will help. I’m just wondering where everyone will be while the baby is really small. Monkey on the outside, between DW and the bedrail with baby on the inside right next to me? With Monkey, he basically slept in my armpit (between my body and my arm) and didn’t really move at all during the night. Who knows if this guy will be the same? Maybe he will be fine in the co-sleeper and we won’t have to do anything different (Monkey was not – he would only really sleep in bed with us, hence the co-sleeping).

I’m also trying to imagine bedtime. Sure, early on the baby will just hang with us until we go to bed and Monkey will do his usual routine. But when it’s time for baby to start a schedule, then what? Put baby down first, then Monkey? Will baby sleep through Monkey’s bedtime shenanigans? Maybe put baby down in the soon-to-be boys’ room and Monkey in our bed, then bring baby into our room when we go to bed? And what about when the baby wakes to nurse in the night? Will this wake Monkey and have us partying for hours in the middle of the night like we do now when, God forbid, he happens to wake?

By the way, I’d have no problem trying to transition Monkey to his own “big boy” bed in the new room prior to the newbie’s arrival, but DW is not on board. Sigh. Maybe if she were pregnant and trying to sleep with baby knees in her back she’d be more open to the idea 😉 I’m also having a hard time picturing me getting any sleep at all when I am hugely pregnant with Monkey in the bed. It’s a little terrifying.

Another concern I have, though it is super temporary, is how Monkey will do with my parents while we are in the hospital after the birth. He has never been away from us overnight before and no one has ever put him down except one of us. Are my parents up to the task? My sad heart is picturing him crying all night long, inconsolable at us not being there. Argh. This parenting thing is so hard! I’m just trying to prepare however I can (like buying the bigger bed) and hoping that it will be a non-issue because the new guy will be a perfect sleeper. I can dream, right?


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photo friday

Belly shot taken at 13 weeks (I’m almost 15 weeks now). The belly really popped early this time!


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tidbits and 2nd ob visit

First, I am just so happy that Obama won! I figured it would happen, but I was still on pins and needles with all that was riding on this election for families like mine. It is like a weight has been lifted! No war on the gays! No war on women! Dare I say, “No war!” So pleased.

Today I had my second OB appointment and it went very well. My first tri screening results came in and they are much much better than Monkey’s. Again with the relief. I was totally prepared for bad numbers and it didn’t happen this time. All of my bloodwork was good, weight good, baby’s heart rate good. Just an excellent  report all around. And I’m still loving our OB.

I bought the Bra.vado bra several of you recommended on my last post and it’s great. About to order several more and dump all of my worn out nursing bras.

We got a new car! Well, it’s new to us anyway. A friend recently bought her dream car (Porsche) and was selling her 08 Hyun.dai Vera.cruz (7 seater SUV). It is the high end model – based on the Lex.us SUV – and it is crazy nice. Low miles, power everything, DVD, leather seats, looks like brand new. We are very pleased. Monkey really likes it. He’s always asking to drive in the new truck. Yesterday we got in and he says, “Can I drive, Mama?” DW and I about fell out of our seats we were laughing so hard. I said, “Yes, in about 13 years.” 😉


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maternity/nursing bras

I am bummed because I went to Target yesterday to buy a whole bunch of new bras – I used a specific type throughout my pregnancy and nursing days with Monkey and wanted to get the same ones for this pregnancy. Unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore. So I’m in need, friends. Any suggestions? The ones I have and like don’t have underwire and wash up well. Of course, they were also inexpensive. Considering how long I used them though, I’m fine with paying a bit more for something I really like.


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boy oh boy

We had the first tri screen ultrasound today and our baby BOY looks perfect and healthy. The doctor said he didn’t see any need for invasive testing and that I can do the MaterniT21 test if we’re worried when we get the blood work back (he is not at all worried). YAY! We are thrilled that the dude is healthy, and we are thrilled to welcome another boy. Little brothers – how sweet!


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10w5d: ultrasound pic and sharing the news

Just thought I’d share the u/s picture from our last RE visit last week. This little baby was moving all around like crazy already. I don’t remember Monkey being active this early last time around!

We also went ahead and told my mom yesterday. She was happy and couldn’t believe we kept the whole thing a secret this time around. I guess since she (and everyone else in our world) knew every detail from before we were even pregnant last time, it would be a shock to just hear, “I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant!” Hahaha. I did tell her not share with anyone else (aside from my Dad) until after our 1st tri screen (which is scheduled for Oct. 25).

We intended to tell DW’s mom last night, too, but in her usual fashion, she has a health crisis that she called to share and it just didn’t seem to be the right timing. Of course, I’m not sure when it will be right, and I’m sure she’ll cry and make it all about her and how we should have had babies when we/she were younger so she could do more. Sigh. Her latest issue is that she has to have a major back surgery and she wants to come over and discuss it with us. I assume this means that she is going to be in need of some care after surgery, but I hope she realizes that DW can’t do it beyond a day or two. I’m sure I sound terrible, but I swear there has been one crisis after another with her for years now. I’m just numb to it now because it happens all the time.

Anyway, enjoy the u/s pic and imagine a very happy Granny!



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10w2d: first ob visit

I had my first appointment with my brand new OB and it was FANTASTIC! DW and I both really loved her. She spent a ton of time with us (we were there for almost 2 hours), had such a great outlook on things, was super supportive – we left feeling so good. If only we had lucked onto her last time. She’s so good she even managed to persuade me to go ahead and do the 1st tri screen. She mentioned it was the only test that looked for spina bifida (I think that was the one) so she recommended to do it and just try not to worry about any stats it throws our way. I think I can do that since we know it was bogus last time around. Plus we’ll do it with our beloved high-risk OB from last time around rather than that terrible office we went to with Monkey.

We had another look at the baby (though her u/s machine was not very clear) and she said she thinks I’m 11 weeks based on what she saw. She’s going to call my RE to discuss. I remember last time around I measured ahead a week, too. I’m gonna go ahead and throw out there that my intuition is telling me this is a baby girl. We’ll see if I’m right… Of course, we will be thrilled no matter what the sex is.

Anyway, I’m so happy to have her as my OB. I’m really looking forward to this pregnancy now that I can relax a bit about my doctor after last time around. My next appointment is November 8.


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9w3d: appointments and more appointments

Tomorrow is our last EVER appointment with our RE! I’m so not sad to be done. We are also going to say goodbye to our single remaining frozen embryo. Lest we all feel too sad about it, this embie was not an excellent grade to begin with and has already been frozen 2 times, so likely not a contender even if we did have it in us to try again. No, even if something happened with this pregnancy, we are at the end of our TTC days. Hopefully we’ll see another strong heartbeat and a bit of growth tomorrow. Based on how gross and bloated I feel, I’m pretty confident that the tadpole is still hanging in there. My first OB appointment is next Monday. Things are moving fast and furious now! Oh! And I get to stop the progesterone and patches on Friday! SO HAPPY!

We are going to Disneyland and California Adventure tomorrow and Thursday. Monkey will go to preschool in the morning while we’re at the RE’s, then we’ll pick him up a little early and head down to Anaheim. Hopefully it won’t be as hot as it has been (99 degrees today!!!!!). I’m wondering about the wisdom of two days walking around in the heat as a PG lady, but we felt like if we didn’t go now, it would be a long time before we’d be ready to go once the newbie shows up. I plan to stay hydrated and snack constantly. Looking forward to a Dole Whip and Mickey Mouse ice cream bar! YUM!


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