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happy updates

This is a good news post, friends First, I had the biopsy on the thyroid nodule and got the call yesterday that it is benign. Whew! Now I’ll just have to have yearly thyroid ultrasounds to ensure that it stays that way, with the possibility of another biopsy down the road. Not looking forward to that again, but beats the alternative! It really wasn’t that bad – the anticipation was worse than the actual procedure. So, the thyroid appears to be all good.

Second, Monkey is officially weaned! I can’t believe it, but it’s true. He last nursed at bedtime on Wednesday night. Since then, he’s asked for “go-go” a couple of times but is totally fine when I tell him that go-go is night-night. I kept up with the night-night thing as I know it’s something he understands and I feel like it’s kinder and gentler than just telling him no more go-go, you know? Anyway, it has worked. While I’m happy to no longer have him attacking me for go-go round the clock, I am also sad that I’ll never again experience him on the breast, twirling my hair and gazing into my eyes. I feel like we are now almost completely past his baby stage. Once we have potty-trained, I’ll know we are truly done with Monkey’s babyhood. Tear.

Speaking of potty-training, we are going to tackle that using a 3-day method my pal J over at MommaOak alerted me to in a few weeks. We want to get a little further into post-weaning territory before springing another new thing on him, you know?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re celebrating by doing absolutely nothing on this dreary, rainy day 🙂


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mama’s health update

I realized I never updated after my ENT doctor visit. It went fine and I know nothing more than I did before. He was very reassuring, saying that many people have nodules and most are benign. Even should the worst happen, cancer of the thyroid is slow-growing and typically can be handled by removing the thyroid. He said thyroid cancer is not like what you think of when you think of the big C word. So, I’m feeling okay about it. I go in on 3/15 for a biopsy just to make sure. Hoping it’s nothing, but feeling optimistic that even if it isn’t nothing, it’s not going to do me in. Eek!

I also have high cholesterol and need to get started on medication for that once I’ve finished weaning Monkey. You can’t be on the meds if you are bfing or PG, which has led to interesting conversations with DW. Along the lines of, “It’s looking like we won’t be having another baby, since you need to be on this medication and all. I’m not sure how I feel about that.” I don’t look at it that way. I will have a conversation with my doctor to see what would happen should we decide to move forward with TTC #2. I’m thinking I could see a nutritionist, get serious about excercising, and find natural ways to try to keep my cholesterol in check. And once I’m done with PG and nursing, I can always go back on the meds. Who knows. I can’t tell you how sick I am of thinking/stressing/wondering about the possibility of TTC #2. I’ll be so glad when the decision is made, one way or the other.


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disneyland: day 2

Before I get into day 2, a quick update on my thyroid. I heard back that I have a nodule on my thyroid and have been referred to an ear/nose/throat doctor. I see him tomorrow morning so maybe I’ll know more then. Hopefully it is nothing major – I’m not freaking out right now, but I reserve the right to at any time 🙂

Now for day 2: The day started out rough. Monkey was already wound up and ready to go, but refused to get dressed or cooperate at all with anything. Whoa. We had to force him into his clothes again and there were many tears. He refused the stroller, so I carried him from the hotel to the park.

We got to the park right at opening (8AM), which was the right call as it wasn’t all that busy. On Main Street, we saw Mickey and Donald and there were very few people around them! We stopped and got a shot of Monkey with Mickey (so cute). Then we headed for Pirates of the Carribean. Since the boys were fine in Small World and it was an indoor (kind of) dark ride, we thought we’d try it. Monkey did great! He did get a little clingy a few times and got in my lap for most of the ride, but he really liked a lot of it and he never cried. H, on the other hand, was in tears for most of the ride, poor guy. He is 9 months older than Monkey, so maybe he just understood more and found it scary. The interesting thing was that I thought the problem area might be the drops in the dark in the beginning of the ride. Neither boy had a problem with those. It was the scary voice, thunder and lightening, and loud noises that scared H and had Monkey climbing into my lap.

The plan had been to do the Haunted Mansion if the boys did okay on Pirates, but we nixed that and went for the Winnie the Pooh ride. They loved it! Monkey was so cute pointing out things he knows the words for and yelling them out (“Sun!” “Balloon!” “Pig!”). Adorable.

Next up was the Jungle Cruise. It was another hit. Then we went to the Tiki Room, which was another no-brainer that the kids enjoyed. We hit all of 4 of these attractions between 8:30-9:30AM! We had a 10:00AM character breakfast reservation at the Storyteller Cafe in the (gorgeous) Grand Californian Hotel, so we left M and H at Disneyland to ride the rockets while we went to find the cafe and check in. We found it fairly easily and then waited (and waited and waited) to be called. M and H arrived about 5 minutes before we were called, so it was great timing. We were seated and the characters started arriving. They were woodland animals, so we saw Chip and Dale, Brer Bear, a bear, a raccoon, and some other cute characters. Monkey loved it (“Guys! Guys!”) and had a wonderful time. He also loves b’fast food, so he stayed in his seat and ate eggs, fruit, bagel, etc. and just had a really fun experience. Yay!

After breakfast, we went back to California Adventure to see Mater and McQueen again since Monkey was in better spirits. M and H went to the hotel to swim (they had a super cool water park like area there that we will be visiting next time). There was a short line so we waited and got some cute shots of Monkey with his cars and one family shot that turned out great. I bought Monkey an adorable McQueen t-shirt that was a D’land exclusive. Will have to post pic of him wearing it. Then Monkey was pretty much done. We thought about trying to go to Bug’s Life Land, but decided not to push our luck. It was around noon at this point. We went back to the hotel to get our bags and were on the road by 1:30PM.

So we are thinking we may do this again in the fall (Halloween time!), but do it during the week on a schedule like Day 2. Get a room for two nights, get down there mid-late afternoon (read: after nap time) and maybe hang out at the hotel pool and squeeze in a character dinner. Get to the park when it opens the next day and go until mid-day. Head back to the hotel for nap and maybe pool time, then try heading back in the later afternoon/early evening. Repeat for day 2. I think this would work well and Monkey would enjoy it more that way, too. So overall, we had a good enough time that we’re considering it again. Success!

Next up: Disneyland picture post!


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Hey, friends. Today I’m a little down in the dumps for a couple of reasons – one little and one that is hopefully nothing, but could be big (how’s that for a headline?). The little is that on a call this morning, we shared a local landmark that you would take visitors to in your city (there were people on the line from various countries). I said I’d take them to the Getty museum and talked about how beautiful it is and the great view of the city, yadda yadda. After everyone shared, my boss said we should post pics to our internal group of these cool locations. He said, “I’ll post one of my family at Disneyworld!” Almost immediately, I thought I could post one of our family shots from our Getty Christmas photo shoot. Then I thought, “No, I’ll just do one of the baby. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.” Then I felt like crap because it’s not cool that I should feel like posting a picture of my beautiful family would be controversial or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Now for the hopefully-small-but-possibly-big reason for the gloom. I had a physical on Tuesday – my first in a few years. My new-to-me doctor felt my neck and said my thyroid was enlarged (actual shudder-worthy words were, “You have a goiter(!!!!!!). Did you know that?”). Doh! She acted like it was no big, went on with the exam and said I seemed very healthy. Then she sent me down the hall for my bloodwork. Well, the woman there proceeded to tell me that the doctor ordered an ultrasound to look at my thyroid. Doctor did not mention this to me. Had she, I would have asked some questions like:

  • Why? What are you looking for?
  • What are the possible issues?
  • Are you concerned or is this routine?

However, she did not, so I had no one to ask. I didn’t really think much of it, just scheduled my ultrasound and went about my day. I had the ultrasound this morning and it was a little alarming. First, it went on for what seemed like a long time (30 minutes) and they switched techs in the middle, which made me feel like they found something and wanted a more experienced tech to take the pictures. I noticed them taking measurements (I know what that looks like after all of those ultrasounds with the follicle measurements) and asked what they were measuring. I was told that they can’t talk to me about anything since they are not doctors. That they simply take the pictures and send them to radiology, where they write up the results and report them back to the doctor. So, now I wait until Monday to hear the results. It’s probably nothing, no big deal, but I’m feeling anxious about it.

Now for the upbeat: we are going to Disneyland the day after tomorrow! Woohoo!


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