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blocked milk duct – halp!

I can’t believe I’ve gotten through 24 months of nursing with no problems and now of all times I have a blocked milk duct! My right (super producer) breast has a large area above the nipple that is hard as a rock and painful when touched. I’ve tried expressing milk in a hot shower (no go), have had Monkey nurse more often and in various positions on the breast (again, no go), and am applying a hot moist washcloth to the area. Anyone have more suggestions for me? I put a call in to my OB and they told me to watch it and it there is no improvement by tomorrow or if I spike a fever anytime before then that I’ll need to be seen immediately. I am terrified that this will end in mastitis 😦


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misc. update

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I have lots of disjointed things to discuss. So here goes…

2 year checkup

Monkey had his 2 year appointment on the 5th. It was the first time he was able to be weighed and measured like a big boy (standing on the scale). He freaked out! I have no idea why, but we weren’t able to get accurate stats for weight and height. Sigh. He did much better in the exam room, allowing Dr. S to look in his eyes, ears, and mouth with no problem at all. Wouldn’t you think that would be freakier than standing on a scale? Oh, Monkey. Anyway, all checked out just fine and we were in and out in half an hour. There was one vaccination – Hepatitis A. There were tears for that one, but that’s to be expected. I can’t believe we now have a whole year before his next regular exam! Yay!


Monkey has really amped up in this area. He is now putting phrases and sentences together like crazy and he has tons of words. He’s continually surprising us with what he knows. It’s so cool! He remembers stuff and talks about that, too. Like we had a beautiful full moon last night. This morning he said, “[Monkey] see moon!” And he talks about our friends’ dog who likes to chase balls (“Doggy chase ball.”). Yesterday we had a late holiday thing with some friends and there many Christmas cookies out. Monkey was constantly at the counter reaching up and saying, “[Monkey] cookie now!” Hahahaha! Adorbs.

Birthday party

We are having Monkey’s second birthday party on Jan. 21st at a place near us that is all bounce houses. It’s kind of pricey, but it’ll be fun and also nice not to have to do much but just show up. They are providing food (pizza) and decorations, and we are bringing cupcakes and a fruit platter. A friend had his son’s birthday at a place like this last year and it was a blast for kids and adults. Here is the cute invitation we sent out. I really wanted to get these cupcake toppers, but it’s silly expensive once you factor in shipping and getting enough for 24 cupcakes. I need to get crafty and learn how to make these sort of things… We figure we’ll just get some generic birthday-themed toppers and cupcake holders in primary colors and be done with it.

Granny and Papa visit

My parents are coming out next week for a visit. My dad is staying for 4-5 days and my mom will be here for a week. I took the whole time off, so we should have some good times. We are contemplating Disneyland, but I’m not sure Monkey is quite ready yet. No matter what we do, it’ll be nice to have them around. I know they miss seeing Monkey. Maybe Mama and Mommy can even squeeze in some couple time. What a concept!


The teething situation has improved greatly since my last post. We are back to our normal nighttime routine (nursing a lot, but not up in the night for hours). I think he’s still teething, though, as I’m still seeing blood on the toothbrush and I’m brushing very gently with a soft-bristled brush. It is very difficult to get his teeth brushed as he fights it like crazy. We have to hold him down and brush, which we all hate. I’m worried about cavities but I’m not sure what I can do that we aren’t already doing. When do you typically start taking a kid to the dentist? I’ve heard 3, which makes sense, but I’m kind of concerned about waiting that long when he doesn’t let us brush appropriately. Argh.

General 2-ness

Monkey has decided lately that he HATES having a shirt put on. It takes forever to get him dressed to go anywhere, and sometimes we end up having to hold him down while he screams and cries and force a shirt on him. We try to get his PJ top on, but if he fights us (and he usually does lately), we let him sleep in just his PJ pants. Just this morning I was able to get him by just heading for the front door and saying, “Let’s go outside!” He came over and allowed me to put his shirt on. It’d be nice if this were a new trend, but I’m not holding my breath. He also pitches a fit when it’s time to go home after having fun somewhere. I find that just letting him have the tantrum (lay down on the ground and cry and generally freak out) while I stand or kneel nearby quietly works best. The tantrum ends fairly quickly and then we are on our merry way. I’m a little scared of 3 – everyone tells us that 3 is the worst in terms of tantrums and toddler craziness.

TTC #2?

Still not sure where we are here. Weaning is not happening right now, but we’re planning to start trying with it soon. I wanted to wait until the teething situation improved and lately it has. At some point here we’re going to have to bite the bullet and just do it. It’s going to be H.A.R.D. Any of you have any success with this lately? I know there were a few of us talking about starting the process.



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nursing and fet/ivf/iui info

I looked up Dr. Hale after seeing a previous poster mention him as an expert in pharmacology for nursing mothers and found a treasure trove of information! First, I wanted to make sure he was the one the poster referred to. And he was!

Now in terms of whether you could continue to nurse when undergoing an FET (or IVF, medicated IUI), I found some interesting information:

They also have a forum dedicated to antidepressants and nursing, and they have an app that I plan to download to my iPhone ASAP.

And if you have questions that aren’t addressed (forums only allow questions from healthcare professionals), you can call them at 806-352-2519.

What a great resource! Thanks to the poster for bringing Dr. Hale to my attention.

UPDATED to add this contradictory link from the same forum found by my pal at An Offering of Love.


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weaning and birthday and christmas, oh my!

Figured I’d start with an update on the weaning process. So far, nada – hahahaha. One night last week we tried having DW put him to bed and go in for any wakeups prior to our bedtime (usually I do bedtime and nurse him back to sleep when he wakes in the early evening). Bedtime went fine. First two wakeups went fine. Third wakeup? Cue the freakout! DW and I actually had an argument about it because I went in after hearing him get steadily more upset over the course of about 5 minutes. I just couldn’t stand hearing him wail when I knew I could fix it so quickly and easily. I also wondered if he was upset because I wasn’t there (beyond just the breast, you know?). Anyway, I went in and comforted and nursed and got him back to sleep and we called it off for a bit. Sigh.

After that experience, I really wish I could just do the FET and continue nursing Monkey until he’s ready to quit. I feel so bad taking something from him that he loves so much. I have been considering getting a list of the meds my RE would use for the FET and contacting a specialist (the doctor someone mentioned in my earlier post) to see if it would be possible. At the same time, though, I’m not sure I could physically do the crazy amount of nursing he demands and be pregnant during those first few months. Argh. It’s so hard!

Monkey’s second birthday will be here in 9 days.  Hard to imagine! We decided to hold off on his party until January. There is just too much going on to throw that in the mix and since he’s still so young, he doesn’t know any different. My parents are going to try to come for it, too, so that would be nice. My dad is a December baby (his bday is the third) and he was like, “You give that baby his birthday!” Like we wouldn’t do anything on his actual day! Please! We have lots of gifts and will have a cake and do something special on the 21st. Then in January he’ll have his friends party. We’ve decided to ditch the Julius monkey theme for this year and go with an Elmo’s World party. I’m already pinning all kinds of ideas on Pinterest 🙂 He LOVES Elmo, so it seems fitting. We’re going to hire someone to show up in an Elmo costume. I’m imagining the freaking toddlers when he shows up. How fun!

DW and I are also excited about Christmas. We have all of his gifties and can’t wait to see his reactions. Last year he was still too young to really get it, but this year will be a different story. We got him stuff we already know he loves (a wagon, which is coming from my parents, and a shopping cart filled with “food” are his big gifts).

So, that’s what happening in our world. We continue to talk about #2 and I think it’s really going to happen. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get there through the nursing situation sooner rather than later. I’d really like to take a shot in January, if possible…

And to remind myself, my next post will be all about Monkey and what he’s doing these days in terms of speech and other toddler developments.



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Okay, ladies. I’ve seen lots of comments on previous posts talking about weaning or not weaning (I assume child-led weaning). So let’s talk, shall we? Please, PLEASE share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on how to gently wean your toddler. I have nursed Monkey for all 23 months of his life and do not want to force him off the breast. But he has become more and more demanding about nursing and still wakes frequently at night to nurse and I’m just ready to move on to the next stage. Even if the idea of a second child weren’t brewing, I’d be ready to start the process. I just feel like it’s time.

Our plan is to begin with night weaning, trying out the Dr. Jay Gordon method. We co-sleep, so this seems like a good way to start. Once we have this done, I figure I need to get Monkey on some sort of schedule for daytime nursing so that I can begin dropping feedings. We have no schedule at all currently. It seems like any time I enter the room/sit down/look in his general direction/breathe I am being led to the couch and my shirt being lifted. I know he is teething like crazy right now, so hopefully that’s why he’s looking to nurse so often. (And yes, I feel guilty about wanting to wean when he’s having teething pain. But I’m not looking to go cold turky on him, so hopefully it’s a compromise.)

Your turn! Tell me all about your weaning plans or experiences. Include links, too, if you have them. Operation Wean the Monkey is on!



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breastfeeding boo!

I didn’t participate in yesterday’s Blog Carnival, but  limited television, sweets, and not always organic would be on that list of “shame.” Not really ashamed, though, as I believe in moderation. Having a sweet treat on occasion is part of the fun of life 🙂 And who doesn’t want a little Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street now and then?

I officially have my “strangest place I have ever nursed.” The cemetery! We went to a Day of the Dead celebration at Hollywood Forever cemetery on Saturday (so flippin’ cool!). Monkey was Cranky with a capital C, so I found a quiet, secluded spot by a tree and whipped out a breast. I think that will rank as our #1 weirdest nursing locale, don’t you? (P.S. I would have gone to the car but it was parked FAR away.)


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long time, no talk

Hi, friends. So sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated. I am getting acclimated to my new job. So far, it’s pretty great. Since I started on 8/1, I’ve been into the office a grand total of 1 time. Woot woot! I do have a bit of a deadline coming up this Friday, so will need to buckle down for the next few days.

Monkey continues to be his charming adorable self. He still doesn’t have very many words, but astonishes us with all that he is learning and understanding. His latest love is a pair of Ugg boots that were hand-me-downs from a friend’s daugher. He brings them to us for us to help him put them on and admires them. We also got his Halloween costume (yeah, Mommy/DW is really into H’ween) and he checked himself out in the mirror in it with glee. Cracked me up!

He is doing better with both eating and sleeping. Eating noticeably more lately (where he used to have half a sandwich, for example, now he’ll have a full one). Sleep is still a bit of a struggle, but these days he is up 2-3 times per night for a quick nursing session and then back to sleep. Still an early riser, but hitting 5:30-6:00 more often than 4:30-5:00 these days. Hey, we’ll take what we can get. I keep meaning to start night-weaning, but I can’t seem to make myself do it. Maybe thise weekend… We would also love to change our nighttime go to sleep routine, but have no idea how without crying it out (not happening). We typically bathe (if it’s bath night), brush teeth, read books, nurse, and then carry him around the room for 10-15 minutes until he falls asleep and put him in the crib. Yeah, that would be the big part we’d like to change. We co-sleep (though he goes down first in his crib until we come to bed), so you’d think we could just lay down with him and he’d go to sleep after nursing, but he hasn’t done that in a LONG time. He seems to need that walk around now. Argh. What works for you guys?

Nothing else to report that I can think of. I’ll try to check in more frequently. I love reading what you all post, so it’s no fair to do that but not give you something in return.


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june non-challenge: parenthood surprises

Day 4 – What has most surprised you about parenthood?

I’m going to be a bit redundant with others and say I had no idea just how difficult the sleep deprivation was going to be. I used to wake up frequently in the night and would always say how having a baby would just be more of the same in that department. WRONG! It’s not just the frequent wakings, but nighttime parenting, too. Trying to get the baby back to sleep, trying to get the baby to nurse (oh, those early days are so rough), and it just goes on and on.

The amount of attention a baby brings to your family was also a surprise. We are always getting approached by people to look at, talk about, interact with Monkey. One of our cranky old neighbors is now actually really pleasant and shares interesting stories about raising her son. We’ve made friends with waitresses and waiters at the restaurants we frequent as they love to play with baby. I didn’t realize how just how much people love babies.

And finally, I was totally surprised at many aspects of breastfeeding. First, that it would be so so so hard to get started. Second, that I would LOVE it so much (I was pretty apprehensive about it when I was pregnant, thinking of it more like something that was necessary but not enjoyable). Finally, that I would still be BFing at almost 18 months with no sign of slowing from Monkey. Never would have predicted that one.


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