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disneyland: day 2

Before I get into day 2, a quick update on my thyroid. I heard back that I have a nodule on my thyroid and have been referred to an ear/nose/throat doctor. I see him tomorrow morning so maybe I’ll know more then. Hopefully it is nothing major – I’m not freaking out right now, but I reserve the right to at any time 🙂

Now for day 2: The day started out rough. Monkey was already wound up and ready to go, but refused to get dressed or cooperate at all with anything. Whoa. We had to force him into his clothes again and there were many tears. He refused the stroller, so I carried him from the hotel to the park.

We got to the park right at opening (8AM), which was the right call as it wasn’t all that busy. On Main Street, we saw Mickey and Donald and there were very few people around them! We stopped and got a shot of Monkey with Mickey (so cute). Then we headed for Pirates of the Carribean. Since the boys were fine in Small World and it was an indoor (kind of) dark ride, we thought we’d try it. Monkey did great! He did get a little clingy a few times and got in my lap for most of the ride, but he really liked a lot of it and he never cried. H, on the other hand, was in tears for most of the ride, poor guy. He is 9 months older than Monkey, so maybe he just understood more and found it scary. The interesting thing was that I thought the problem area might be the drops in the dark in the beginning of the ride. Neither boy had a problem with those. It was the scary voice, thunder and lightening, and loud noises that scared H and had Monkey climbing into my lap.

The plan had been to do the Haunted Mansion if the boys did okay on Pirates, but we nixed that and went for the Winnie the Pooh ride. They loved it! Monkey was so cute pointing out things he knows the words for and yelling them out (“Sun!” “Balloon!” “Pig!”). Adorable.

Next up was the Jungle Cruise. It was another hit. Then we went to the Tiki Room, which was another no-brainer that the kids enjoyed. We hit all of 4 of these attractions between 8:30-9:30AM! We had a 10:00AM character breakfast reservation at the Storyteller Cafe in the (gorgeous) Grand Californian Hotel, so we left M and H at Disneyland to ride the rockets while we went to find the cafe and check in. We found it fairly easily and then waited (and waited and waited) to be called. M and H arrived about 5 minutes before we were called, so it was great timing. We were seated and the characters started arriving. They were woodland animals, so we saw Chip and Dale, Brer Bear, a bear, a raccoon, and some other cute characters. Monkey loved it (“Guys! Guys!”) and had a wonderful time. He also loves b’fast food, so he stayed in his seat and ate eggs, fruit, bagel, etc. and just had a really fun experience. Yay!

After breakfast, we went back to California Adventure to see Mater and McQueen again since Monkey was in better spirits. M and H went to the hotel to swim (they had a super cool water park like area there that we will be visiting next time). There was a short line so we waited and got some cute shots of Monkey with his cars and one family shot that turned out great. I bought Monkey an adorable McQueen t-shirt that was a D’land exclusive. Will have to post pic of him wearing it. Then Monkey was pretty much done. We thought about trying to go to Bug’s Life Land, but decided not to push our luck. It was around noon at this point. We went back to the hotel to get our bags and were on the road by 1:30PM.

So we are thinking we may do this again in the fall (Halloween time!), but do it during the week on a schedule like Day 2. Get a room for two nights, get down there mid-late afternoon (read: after nap time) and maybe hang out at the hotel pool and squeeze in a character dinner. Get to the park when it opens the next day and go until mid-day. Head back to the hotel for nap and maybe pool time, then try heading back in the later afternoon/early evening. Repeat for day 2. I think this would work well and Monkey would enjoy it more that way, too. So overall, we had a good enough time that we’re considering it again. Success!

Next up: Disneyland picture post!


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disneyland: day 1

We left the house at 9AM, thinking Monkey would sleep for most of the ride down (about 1.5 hours) and then maybe take a second nap later in the day in his stroller (our check-in time wasn’t until 4PM). Well, he fell asleep about 15 minutes from our destination – sigh. We let him nap in the car for a bit while I went in to check our bags. Our room was already ready for us (yay!), so I checked in and dropped off our stuff. Monkey woke up so we went to the room to use the facilities and do a quick diaper change, then put Monkey in the stroller and walked to Disneyland! So far, so good.

The park was really crowded for late-February. I guess weekends are always pretty busy. We used to go yearly for DW’s birthday (2/22) and it was always nice and slow, but we went during the week. Note to self: Continue that trend. We got into the park and met up with our friend M and his son H. Then we headed for Fantasyland! The line for the Mad Tea Party was short, so we got in it. The boys did well in line and loved the ride 🙂 Next up was It’s a Small World. It was about a 10 minute wait and Monkey did great in line, just checking everything out. He really LOVED the ride. Every now and then he’d grab my leg and DW’s leg and just squeeze in happiness. So cute! After that, we headed for Toon Town, thinking we’d let the boys roam around a bit. It was crazy crowded and H started to get restless so we decided to stop for lunch. Toon Town was too ridiculous, so we went to Tomorrowland, where we knew there was a ton of seating. We found a spot and I headed off in search of cheese pizza. When I got back, the Jedi Training show was in full swing and we were front row. The boys enjoyed seeing the Star Wars characters, so that was a nice little bonus.

We had park hopper tickets, so we thought we’d take the monorail over to California Adventure and see if it was any less crowded than Disneyland. The boys enjoyed riding the monorail, but everytime the doors would open, Monkey would try to make a run for it. Sigh. Finally made it to CA Adventure – wow, is that park ever a mess right now! They are doing a big overhaul and most of the park was behind scaffolding (J, you made the right call waiting for Cars Land to open – it is a mess!). We slowly made our way into the park and separated from M and H so that they could go on the ferris wheel. We were going to try to find a semi-quiet, shady spot to see if I could nurse Monkey and get him to nap. Mater and Lightning McQueen were on our way to Bug’s Life Land, so we stopped and tried to get a picture (Monkey LOVES Cars), but he was too out of sorts for that, so we continued our search for a nursing/napping place.

Believe it or not, we actually found a great spot right inside Bug’s Life Land. I put Monkey on the boob and tried to get him down. No dice. He was very amped up and wanted to just run wild, which we could not let him do in the very crowded park. We tried getting him in the stroller to see if he’d pass out – nope to both of these. So we decided to take him back to the room to see if he could get a nap in. We had 5:30PM dinner reservations for a character dinner (Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel) and wanted him to be fresh for that – he so loves characters. I tried for so long to get him down, but it just wasn’t happening. I think he was just so excited by Disneyland, seeing H, and being in a hotel room.

M and H returned from the park so we went to their room where the boys had fun watching Nick Jr, playing with cars and coloring, and having snacks. Mamas each had one beer, which was very refreshing 😉 Then it was time to get ready to head over for dinner.  The plan was to have dinner and then go back into Disneyland and see how long the boys would last. Well, Monkey was melting down over everything at this point. We had to force him into his clothes (he bumped his head while doing this, which led to more crying and screaming). He also wouldn’t go into the stroller, so we had to carry him from our hotel through Downtown Disney to the Disneyland Hotel. My body is still sore! Then there was a huge line to get into the restaurant. Fortunately, H and Monkey entertained each other by running around a post, chasing each other. I finally got through the line and paid for our buffet meals. They called us soon after that.

We got a group picture taken with Goofy and Monkey had a great time hugging and touching him (H is not so into the characters – they scared him a bit). When we got inside, we were pleasantly surprised at how nicely set up it was. There was plenty of room around our table (we were worried we’d be squeezed in with a ton of people after the kind of excruciating wait) and the food was good. We were visited by Alice in Wonderland (meh) and then Minney Mouse (Monkey loved it). Then all hell broke loose. Monkey was not having sitting down, would not eat, and only wanted to be out of his seat and chasing after any character he saw. We let him do a bit of this, but it was tough because the characters were visiting different tables and taking pictures with the kids at the tables, so Monkey needed to wait his turn. We didn’t get to eat much and ended up taking him out sooner than we’d have liked because he just wouldn’t let up.

H and Monkey played for a bit in the lobby of the hotel and then we headed back through Downtown Disney toward the park and our hotel. Monkey was obviously losing it (so tired), so we decided to just call it a night. M and H headed into Disneyworld and we walked back to the hotel – carrying Monkey the whole way (did I mention how much my body still aches?). Monkey went to sleep easily (it was around 7:20PM) and we just hung out on our phones for a bit and went to bed early.

So, day 1 was a mixed bag. Only 2 rides plus monorail and dinner was not that successful. Fortunately day 2 was much better…


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night weaning: last official update

This is the final post in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, night 5, night 6, night 7, and night 8. And a new update from June here.

Well, friends, I would say we have officially night-weaned, given that Monkey hasn’t nursed overnight for 10 nights and he doesn’t cry for it at this point. His sleep has also improved significantly, though there is still room for improvement. Our last couple of nights have been about like this:

  • 7PM: Bed (this has become our official night-night time, no matter how the nap went).
  • ~9PM: Baby awake, unable to go back to sleep, family goes to bed (this is an area we hope improves with time).
  • 4-4:30AM: Baby awake, goes back to sleep within 20-30 minutes (this is the other area we hope improves with time).
  • ~6:30AM: Up for the day.

Pretty good, right? It used to be nursing at least twice in the night and up for the day between 4-5AM. I’ll take it! Bottom line: Night weaning is a success.

Next up: Weaning completely (sob). My plan is to regulate nursing so that it happens once in the morning, once after nap, and then at bedtime. Then start dropping them, bedtime being the last to go. I’m open to any tips for those of you who have completed weaning.


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night weaning: night 8

This is night 8 in my series on night weaning. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, night 5, night 6 and night 7.

Yeah, I’m gonna keep going with the series until we reach a couple of nights in a row of good sleep. I just don’t want to end until we reach the good sleep. I’ll also try to update with other Monkey things of interest at the end.

Another icky night:

  • 7:30PM: Bedtime. And btw, thanks to those who responded on the bedtime issue. We are thinking we will set bedtime at 7PM from here on out and see how it goes.
  • 9PM: Baby awake. I walked him around and got him back to sleep in his crib.
  • 9:45PM: Baby awake. We all go to bed. Monkey cried pretty hard for about 10 minutes and seemed very sad 😦 He didn’t ask for go-go, but I think that was what had him upset. We soothed him and rubbed his back and belly (when he’d let us – he would push our hands away sometimes in anger), and finally he went to sleep.
  • 11:30PM: Baby awake. He moaned and groaned, tossed and turned, pulled hair (something he always does in bed, usually when nursing), but was back to sleep rather quickly.
  • 12:45AM: Baby awake. More of the same behavior from the 11:30PM wake up.
  • 1:15AM: Baby awake. More of the same behavior from the 11:30PM/1:15AM wake ups.
  • 5AM: Baby awake. We try to get him back to sleep, but it doesn’t happen. He isn’t upset, just awake and rolling around
  • 6AM: DW gets up with Monkey.

I usually try to get up with him Fri-Sun, but I was just so beat. Even though the breast is out of the equation, Monkey still clings to me when he wakes in the night, making sleep difficult. Some of the night wakings DW isn’t even aware of. So she took the early shift again. Bless her.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that we are taking Monkey for his first trip to Disneyland next weekend. We are so excited! We’re going with a friend and his 3-year-old son (it will he his first trip as well). I hope we all have a great time. Our plan is to be extremely relaxed and just take it easy. We are lucky that we can do that since DL is only 1.5 hours away from home. If we were buying airline tickets and doing a whole vacation around it, we might feel a bit more pressured to get everything in. We have booked two character meals (a dinner and a lunch) and I think Monkey is going to LOVE it. He really loves meeting characters, so this should be a no-brainer. We are going to D’land one day and California Adventure the next. They have Mater and Lightning McQueen at CA Adventure – OMG Monkey is going to freak out! So fun!

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night weaning: night 7

This is night 7 in my series on night weaning. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, night 5, and night 6.

Before I get into how last night went, I just wanted to note that yesterday was a good day for Monkey. He was in good spirits, got dressed without much of a fight, and even took a 2.5 hour nap in his crib without the need for any intervention from us (his naps usually last 1.5 hours and he usually wakes at around the 45 minute mark needing one of us to walk him around to get him back to sleep). I think this boy needs his sleep!

Last night was not as good as night 6, but it was better than previous nights. Take a look:

  • 7:30PM: Bedtime. A note on bedtime: We generally put him to bed 6 hours past his nap waking time, which is why bedtime is somewhere between 6:30-7:30PM. Do you have a set bedtime or do you base it on nap waking time as well? Just curious 🙂
  • 10:30PM: Baby awake. We all go to bed and he goes to sleep easily in bed.
  • 3AM: Baby awake. He really wanted to nurse and cried pretty hard for about 5 minutes when I wouldn’t let him. He settled down and went to sleep at about 3:30AM.
  • 5AM: Baby awake after tossing and turning and generally keeping Mama up since 3:30AM (groan). I tried to get him back to sleep at 5AM, but it didn’t happen. He would listen and lay down when I would say, “It’s dark, time for night-night. Lay down and close your eyes.” He stayed in bed and was somewhat quiet, but didn’t go back to sleep.
  • 6AM: Up for the day.

Not great, but still on our way to improvement I think. Now a question: would you, my dear readers, like for me to continue these posts until we hit a streak of good nights, or is it enough already and you’d like me to just update when something changes (whether it’s good or bad)? I had planned to go for two weeks, but I don’t think it’s going to take that long (yay!). At some point here, I’ll start with the day weaning and I think I’ll do a daily post on that as well.


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night weaning: night 6

This is night 6 in my series on night weaning. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, night 4, and night 5.

OMG, y’all! It’s getting better! Check it out:

  • 7PM: Bedtime
  • 9:45PM: Baby woke up and we went to bed. I didn’t walk him around, but simply put him in bed with me. He cried for about 10 minutes while I soothed him and rubbed his belly and back. Finally he drifted off to sleep.
  • 4AM: Baby woke up. I told him it was night-night time and to lay down and close his eyes. He laid down with his eyes open for a while. I didn’t do anything – just was there beside him. After about 5 minutes, he went to sleep.
  • 5:40AM: Baby awake. Again, I told him it was dark, not time to get up yet. He stayed awake but was in good spirits.
  • 6AM: DW got up with him for the day. 6AM is our agreed-upon earliest time we will get him out of bed.

YAY! So let’s review: He did not wake up at 8:30PM, which had become his habit lately. He stirred a bit at 12:30AM and 2AM, but he did not wake up (or if he did, he went right back to sleep). No nursing overnight (he nursed at 7:30AM).

I so hope this was the turning point and we will be all better from here on out (with the occasional bad night, of course). So happy and feeling much more rested today. Yay baby Monkey!


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night weaning: night 5

Night 5 in my night-weaning series. See also night 1, night 2, night 3, and night 4.

Well, I’m sorry to say it is not improving. However, we are ready to move to the next step – no walking to sleep or getting out of bed in the night when Monkey wakes up. I made the (bad) call to start this at one of his wakings last night, but we are now ready to do it starting tonight. Here’s how our night went:

  • 7PM: Bedtime
  • 8:30PM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and tried twice to get him back down and was unsuccesful. I tried once and failed. So we all went to bed. (First no Downton Abbey on Sunday, and now he interrupts Pretty Little Liars! Does this child not know not to mess with Mamas during our shows???? Ha! We’ll have our evenings back someday, right?)
  • 11:30PM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and got him back to sleep.
  • 1:15AM: Baby woke up, DW walked him around and tried twice to get him to sleep. Nope. So she got up with him. I was wide awake so I went into the living room at 1:45AM and announced that we should put him in bed and make him stay there until he went to sleep. DW went along, but hates when I change the plan mid-stream like that. We put him in bed and told him it was night-night time, moon is up, etc. He cried hard and scooted all over the bed for about 15 minutes, then stopped crying but just sat upright in bed. Finally at around 3AM he laid down next to me and went to sleep.
  • 4:45AM: Baby awake. We kept him in bed, he cried for a bit and refused to go back to sleep. I told DW to get him up at 6AM. She didn’t like this as we had been telling him he couldn’t get up until the sun was up and it wasn’t light yet, but I just had to grab some shut-eye before my 9AM presentation. We had a brief argument about it – Happy Valentine’s Day!

So that’s where we stand. No nursing happened, but quite a bit of crying and very little sleep also happened (or didn’t happen, as the case may be). Tonight we will begin standing firm during night wakings that we do not get out of bed. We will work with Monkey today to let him know what to expect tonight (something we didn’t do yesterday since I made the call in the middle of the night). I expect more crying and little sleep tonight, but hope that in a couple more days, he is sleeping better at night. Honestly, I feel like we should have done this part many months ago (no getting out of bed during night hours). It isn’t the same as crying it out (again, no judgement on this – just something we weren’t comfortable doing) since we are right there with him while he cries, and he just really needs to learn to sleep. He’s needed to learn it for a long LONG time now. I guess it took this long for us to be ready to make the change. Wish us luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll do a separate protected picture post of my sweet Monkey in his V-Day tee ❤


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