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on our own

Before I write today’s post, I’ll update you with what little has happened since the mammogram catastrophe. I tried calling my doctor and the super helpful person who answered the phone said that my question needed to be answered by my OB/GYN or the place where the mammogram is to take place. Sigh. My OB’s office is closed on Friday afternoons, so I’m going to call over there tomorrow AM and ask. If I get nowhere there, I’m going to call my doctor’s office again and just be more cryptic in what my question is so I can, you know, actually speak to the doctor who PRESCRIBED the mammogram and who told me flat out I could have one while still nursing. Yeah, I’m a little perturbed.

I’m thinking that if I just have to go with what I was told I may call and reschedule my appointment for next month (May instead of June) and when I get there just tell them (if they even remember) that I was wrong on the date and actually stopped nursing longer ago than I thought. Then at least we’d only be set back by one month instead of two. I’m not sure I can even be seen before then anyway – it took a while to get in with my original appointment and my next period is due in the next week/week and a half. It occurred to me that we might be set back even further if they find anything during this mammogram (even if it ends up being nothing – I’ve heard about this happening fairly frequently). So I just want it done NOW!

Anyway, this weekend DW has been away for most of the time at a convention, leaving me with baby Monkey all day and evening. He’s been great and we’ve had a wonderful time together, but man, I have an even greater appreciation of my SAHM wife. It ain’t easy! I also feel for my single mom friends. I have missed having adult conversations! Still, we’ve done some fun stuff. Yesterday we went for a walk around the neighborhood (twice!), finger painted, and Skyped with Granny and Papa (my parents). So far today we’ve walked the ‘hood (again) and watched an ep of Blue’s Clues (baby’s latest obsession). It’s adorable to hear him call out, “A clue! A clue!”

Not sure I mentioned that we’ve started a new bedtime routine in the last week. You may recall that we were walking Monkey around while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until he drifted off and then putting him in his crib. That really wasn’t working for me anymore as he’s so big and takes quite some time to fall asleep – it was killing my back. So we bought bedrails and now Monkey and I lay in bed together talking and singing until he goes to sleep. Some nights have been great and others not so much. Still I’d rather lay in bed for an hour than walk the floor with him while my back aches for 30 minutes. Here’s hoping it takes progressively less time as he gets used to it.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back to update when I find out more on this stupid mammogram thing (hopefully) tomorrow.


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We heard a couple of weeks ago that Monkey has a spot confirmed at the co-op preschool down the street. Yay! He will start in the fall along with his buddy N who is 10 days younger than Monkey and is also from a two-mom family. We also heard that there is another two-mom family starting in the fall – how cool is that? I’m so glad to know his first school experience will be alongside other kids from families like his own. I also like the fact that parents are extremely involved with the school. Parents are required to work 1 day per week at the school, so we’ll be very active and get to know everyone there. School is in session Mon-Fri from 9AM-12PM. It is super inexpensive (see parental involvement piece above) and we can walk there from home. It is all outdoor with a few covered areas, so when it rains (a rarity here in SoCal), school is held in one of the parents’ homes. It seems like a very close-knit community and it is play-based, which I think is perfect for pre-school. They have several activies set up each day and kids can choose one or just play on the gym equipment or with blocks, read books, etc.

I feel like Monkey is doing so much lately that it’s hard to get it down in blog posts! He is talking a lot more, continues to be super cuddly and sweet, and is still an early bird (oy). Even though he’s up early (usually 4:30-5:00AM), he is sleeping through the night now that he’s weaned. He likes talking on the phone (especially FaceTime with Granny and Papa). This morning he cracked us up when he grabbed the phone and said, “Hello? Yes. [pause] Yes. [pause]. Fine. [pause]. Bye-bye!” BWAHAHAHAHA! His favorite book lately is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See? He is really into numbers and can count to 20. He knows a lot of letters and colors. Monkey is just cruising right along with his 2-year-old self.



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baby on the brain

It’s so funny how ready I am to get on with TTC #2. I guess we made the right decision because I am much more excited than I am fearful (though there is a fair amount of that, too)! We have already been talking about names, looked through Monkey’s 0-3 month clothes box (tiny!), and started adding items we’ll need to a private Amazon baby registry. Crazy that there are actually things we need considering we had an awesome baby shower with Monkey as well as lots of great hand-me-downs from my cousin (her twin boys are 9 months older than Monkey). Who knows if we’ll have another shower (or “sprinkle” as the trend seems to be with 2nd/3rd/etc. babies), but at least we’ll have a list of the stuff we need regardless.

I need to call my RE and let them know we want to get going when I get my next period (end of April). I’ve been dragging my feet a bit because I also need to talk to their billing person as they billed us an insane amount for some testing we did back in December in case we wanted to TTC #2. Even my insurance co. was like WTH??? I never got a bill from my RE, so I assume he wrote off what wasn’t paid, but it was kind of scary to see. He moved into a new office since we had Monkey and I’m thinking he wants to pay off his shiny new digs and equipment. All I can say is I never saw a bill like that when we did an IVF, FET, and then had a C-section and 3 day hospital stay, so it was quite a shock. So, I need to figure that out and HOPE we don’t have to switch REs. That would suck and might set us back a month or two. Here’s hoping!

In Monkey news, he has gotten to a point where he doesn’t want to sleep in his crib at all at night. He used to go down in his crib for a couple of hours in the evening and then come to bed with us when we went in. Now he wakes after about an hour and won’t go back in the crib, but will go right to sleep in our bed. So we bought a bed rail and that seems to be working. We are thinking about getting a video monitor so we can check on him (and it might be handy with a new baby, too). Any recommendations?


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random updates

Exactly one week to the day of Monkey’s very last nursing session, my period has arrived. For the record, I have not missed her.


Monkey napped for exactly 30 minutes today. Should be a fun afternoon!


I talked to my doctor about the possibility of pregnancy in regard to taking meds for high cholesterol. I found out that she can switch me to a different med that is okay for pregnant/nursing mothers. If we decide to go for it, that’s what we’ll do. For now, I’m going on Lipitor for 6 weeks and then retesting to see where my levels are. I’m hoping we make a call by then and at that point, I’ll either switch to the other drug and do an FET cycle or stay on Lipitor and close up the baby-making factory. No idea right this minute which it’ll be. Sigh.


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sweet monkey

I feel like I often write about the trials and tribulations of parenting while not always recognizing the wonderful, joyous aspects like watching your child turn into this individual being. Yesterday I was at the mall with Monkey and felt a post brewing in my head about how sweet and loving he is towards other kids. Without any real prompting from us, he has always been super sweet and gentle when playing. For example, if he is holding a ball or toy and another child approaches him, he will generally offer him/her whatever he’s holding. He often gently touches a playmate’s arm or hand as if to say, “I like you! This is a fun time we’re having!” He doesn’t seem to care at all when a playground is teeming with kids (argh) – he gleefully joins right in and follows others around who are playing and having a good time.

Monkey and pal

Monkey loves to have his playdates and talks about his friends when he’s not with them (“Nay [Nate]? Fahvey [Harvey]? Bobo [Boden, who goes by Bobo]?”). He seems to be a very social guy and not at all shy about playing with kids he doesn’t know. I have high-hopes for him in pre-school next year. “Nay” will be starting at the same time and is the same age (younger by 10 days), so he’ll already have a built-in pal.

It is so fun and fills me with such pride to watch him develop into this kind, caring, and sweet full-fledged little boy. Hard to believe he was that teeny little nugget in my belly not so long ago.

Oh, and he also watched his first full-length movie last week! We watched Ponyo and he was absolutely mesmerized. We split it up over two days and he is still talking about Ponyo. We are huge Miyazaki fans so we’re thrilled that he seems to be as well. Yay! Next up: My Neighbor Totoro 🙂


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happy updates

This is a good news post, friends First, I had the biopsy on the thyroid nodule and got the call yesterday that it is benign. Whew! Now I’ll just have to have yearly thyroid ultrasounds to ensure that it stays that way, with the possibility of another biopsy down the road. Not looking forward to that again, but beats the alternative! It really wasn’t that bad – the anticipation was worse than the actual procedure. So, the thyroid appears to be all good.

Second, Monkey is officially weaned! I can’t believe it, but it’s true. He last nursed at bedtime on Wednesday night. Since then, he’s asked for “go-go” a couple of times but is totally fine when I tell him that go-go is night-night. I kept up with the night-night thing as I know it’s something he understands and I feel like it’s kinder and gentler than just telling him no more go-go, you know? Anyway, it has worked. While I’m happy to no longer have him attacking me for go-go round the clock, I am also sad that I’ll never again experience him on the breast, twirling my hair and gazing into my eyes. I feel like we are now almost completely past his baby stage. Once we have potty-trained, I’ll know we are truly done with Monkey’s babyhood. Tear.

Speaking of potty-training, we are going to tackle that using a 3-day method my pal J over at MommaOak alerted me to in a few weeks. We want to get a little further into post-weaning territory before springing another new thing on him, you know?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re celebrating by doing absolutely nothing on this dreary, rainy day 🙂


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modeling and weaning update

For those who don’t have my password for protected posts, I posted a few weeks back about submitting Monkey to a local talent agency after seeing a friend on FB talk about doing so with her kids. It was a total spur-of-the-moment crazy decision, but I heard back within a few hours! They scheduled Monkey to come in and see them last Wednesday. Monkey and DW went in and the woman said he was too shy and not talkative enough to do commercials but that he could do print. Then she told DW that he’d need to be able to go to a room separate from her sometimes during a shoot. Um, nuh-and-uh. DW told her she wasn’t comfortable with that, and the woman then said something about there being a CA law that says children on sets must be within sight or hearing of a parent at all times. DW told her we’d discuss it and let her know. We researched a bit and talked a lot and decided that we’d go forward, but that at no point would Monkey ever be allowed out of DW’s sight on a set. So I sent the woman an email last Friday letting her know our decision. We heard back from her yesterday with a big old brush off, so I guess we were more trouble than we were worth. We’re fine with it – no way would I ever allow my 2-year-old (or my 3-4-5-6-etc.-year-old) to go into a separate room with strangers. I can’t believe anyone would be okay with that. Fortunately, we had absolutely nothing invested in this (emotionally, financially, or otherwise) so it’s totally fine. It was all done on a whim, and now I’m over it 🙂

We have (finally) started the process of day-weaning. Yesterday, Monkey nursed after his nap and then not again until bedtime. Today he nursed once in the morning and once after his nap. He will do so again at bedtime. You may recall that we were not on any sort of schedule, so this is step one – getting to 3 nursing sessions per day. I figure we’ll do this for 3 days or so and then drop the mid-day session. Monkey got pretty upset this morning when I wouldn’t let him nurse after his first nursing this morning. I just held him and hugged him and told him, “Go-go is night-night right now. You can have go-go again after naptime.” He cried for less than 10 minutes and then he accepted some graham crackers and water. My poor baby. I’ll keep you updated on how it progresses. I hope to be all done with b’fing in the next couple of weeks. Bittersweet.


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