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>First the good news. I passed the 3 hour glucose test. No GD for me! Yay!

Now the not so good. I’m considering changing OBs – at 30 weeks pregnant. My office had 2 OBs that they rotated patients between. Both were to be present at my C-section. A few weeks back, one of the OBs retired suddenly (something health related, supposedly). Ever since, it has been total chaos at the office and I haven’t seen the other OB at all for any of my visits. They have me with the nurse practitioner (NP). I feel rushed and like they aren’t paying that much attention. Example, I had to remind them of the Rhogam shot. At my last appointment (on Friday), they told me I’d be scheduled with the NP until I hit 36 weeks. I haven’t seen the OB in weeks as it is. I figured out that in the time I’ve been there (since 13 weeks), I saw the OB that retired once, the other OB twice, and all of my other appointments have been with the the NP. Does that seem right to you, cause it doesn’t to me. I mean, I passed my OB in the hall on Friday as I was leaving the office and I didn’t even recognize her at first. I feel like a total number to them.

I’m also wondering what happens if another person goes into labor when my C-section is scheduled now that they are down to one doctor. And will she be at her best with all this stress going on? DW and I are going over there to talk with the office manager this morning and figure out what the hell we should do. A part of me doesn’t really want to switch as I like the OB that’s still there, we’ve already scheduled the C-section, what if I move and don’t like the new person, etc., etc. But it’s really nerve-wracking to feel like they aren’t really paying attention either. I hope I can get some answers that satisfy me today. DW stayed home from work today so she can go with me and figure this out.


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>sucktastic day

>My crappy day, let me show you it:

  • As I was leaving the house for my glucose test (7:30AM), the power went out.
  • It rained like crazy all day (usually I love this as we don’t get it often, but not today).
  • I felt light-headed and nauseous throughout the test.
  • When I got home at 12:30, the power was still out.
  • I had to miss 2 afternoon work meetings due to no Internet access. I hate that because I want to be able to work from home more now that I’m in the 3rd trimester. Hopefully they won’t hold it against me.
  • Power company was out front all afternoon and finally left, saying they needed a part and we were looking at probably 5 more hours of no power.
  • I’m at the local library using the Internet and charging my phone. It is hot and full of kids, making me nervous about the old H1N1.

Calgon, take me away!!!!!


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>glucose and a birth date

>I called my OB to see how I did on the glucose test. They said my glucose level was “slightly elevated” so I’m on my way to the 3 hour test (Wed. AM). Damn. I sure hope I don’t have GD! Argh!

While I was on the phone, I asked if the doctor had set a C-section date (last time I was there I asked if they could find out) and they have set it. Baby L-M will be born on 12/21! Sad it’s so close to Christmas, but excited to know when he’ll actually be here.


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>3rd trimester

>Dude, I’m only 3 days into the 3rd tri and already I’m feeling icky. I’m tired all the time, my back pain is getting worse, TMI…constipation ICK, and some nausea. I’ve worked from home 3 days this week and it’s been awesome. I’m hoping to continue the trend…

We toured the Women’s Pavilion at the hospital where little dude will be born last night. It was really nice. They have a separate entrance just for maternity, which is great with this H1N1 stuff going on. The entire ward is locked down. We saw 2 tiny little babies come through – they are SO SMALL! It was a nice facility and we got a good feeling being there. Yay!

Speaking of H1N1, my OB is telling me I should get the vaccination but they don’t have it and don’t know that they’ll be getting it. I called my high-risk OB and he also said it’s important to get vaccinated, but they don’t have it and don’t know if they’ll get it. So I asked at the hospital last night. Don’t have it, don’t know when they’ll get it. WTH? What are your thoughts on the vaccine and if you plan to get it, do you know where you’ll get it? I have this feeling it won’t be available in time. I’m trying not to be paranoid…

I’m a little worried that little dude isn’t as active as he should be. I do feel him every day, more than once a day, but at 28 weeks, I feel like he should be more active. When he does move it’s either a big old kick or these little movements that feel like he’s tickling me with his little fingers. Aw.

I had acupuncture yesterday for my back pain. It felt WONDERFUL and I had a great nap with the needles, but the pain was back in a couple of hours. I was really hoping it would last 😦 I hadn’t been to my acupuncturist since I was there for infertility and it was fun to see her reaction to my 7-months-pregnant belly. She and a woman in the waiting room acted like I was really small for 7 months, which felt good, too. The paranoid side of me was worrying that I was too small, of course, but I was just at my OB last Friday and she seemed to think I was doing great. CALM DOWN, MIND!


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