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>symptoms already?

>I didn’t have much in the way of symptoms last time around (sore boobs is all that I recall), but I’m feeling quite a bit this go around and it’s early! I’m only 4w 5d! Anyway, I’m having slight nausea, ye olde sore boobs, and TMI – constipation (ick). I also cry at nothing (a song, tv, anything that strikes me) and have what we have termed Nugget Rage. This is when I get irrationally furious over nothing. Take the other day when Robek’s made my drink too thick to drink through the straw and then I couldn’t get a spoon to eat it with as we were at a movie theater and they didn’t have them. Cue the NUGGET RAGE!!!!! Poor DW. Lucky for me she finds the incidents amusing so far. It is not like me at all (I’m pretty mellow most of the time).

This is making me hopeful for this pregnancy, but I’m not taking anything for granted. Here’s hoping my symptoms keep on increasing. Stay tuned for more incidents of Nugget Rage.


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