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my son, the unicorn

I remember when Monkey was an infant and we were so beyond sleep-deprived, I’d hear about these easy babies who slept through the night, rarely cried, and hit every milestone right on time. I’d resentfully think they were mythical creatures, as rare as unicorns. Everything with Monkey was just so so hard. I’m sure part of it was us figuring out how to parent and coming to terms with life as we knew it being gone. Don’t get me wrong – we love our Monkey with everything we have and would do it all over again for our little guy. But I have to say that I am SO happy to report that our second is indeed one of those unicorn babies.

Baby F coos and smiles, hardly ever fusses, and sleeps like a dream (pun intended). He is a roly-poly gorgeous little Gerber baby and we are all ridiculously in love with him. I am so happy to be able to truly soak in all of his baby-ness since he is our last baby. We are both so glad we decided to have another child and can’t imagine life without our sweet babes.

Monkey has been sick all week with a nasty cold, poor guy. We’ve been stuck inside for days and it sucks. We have a family picnic for his co-op Sat so here’s hoping he is well enough for us to attend and meet the new kids before school starts.

And that is what is happening in our world these days. Once I’m able to get to my computer (instead of just my iPhone & iPad) I’ll try to update more frequently and comment on your posts more often. It’s hard without a keyboard. #oldskoolmama


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happiest baby on the block

My cousin taught me the fine art of the 5 S’s from the book Happiest Baby on the Block on Thursday and let me tell you, they work! Well, I’m really only doing 4 (no sucking [pacifier]…yet) and have put baby to sleep about 5 times this way. So awesome! It sounds really intuitive but you have to make sure the swaddle is really tight and you have to do some pretty vigorous bouncing. Wish I’d been doing this from day 1.

I think S is on the verge of laughing. I make a kissy noise when I wipe his mouth with the burp cloth and it cracks him up. He does a huge smile and seems just about to start giggling. I can’t wait for that to happen! So cute! Another thing that makes him really light up (smile and coo like crazy) is looking at the deer on his wall hangings above his changing table. Even if he’s fussy when you put him down, he immediately looks at the deer and smiles and starts “talking.” It is so sweet. I need to get some Flip video of this stuff.

He is now totally out of all of his 0-3 size clothes and wearing 3-6 mo. and in some cases 6 mo. clothes. Mr. Pants is getting so big!


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