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my son, the unicorn

I remember when Monkey was an infant and we were so beyond sleep-deprived, I’d hear about these easy babies who slept through the night, rarely cried, and hit every milestone right on time. I’d resentfully think they were mythical creatures, as rare as unicorns. Everything with Monkey was just so so hard. I’m sure part of it was us figuring out how to parent and coming to terms with life as we knew it being gone. Don’t get me wrong – we love our Monkey with everything we have and would do it all over again for our little guy. But I have to say that I am SO happy to report that our second is indeed one of those unicorn babies.

Baby F coos and smiles, hardly ever fusses, and sleeps like a dream (pun intended). He is a roly-poly gorgeous little Gerber baby and we are all ridiculously in love with him. I am so happy to be able to truly soak in all of his baby-ness since he is our last baby. We are both so glad we decided to have another child and can’t imagine life without our sweet babes.

Monkey has been sick all week with a nasty cold, poor guy. We’ve been stuck inside for days and it sucks. We have a family picnic for his co-op Sat so here’s hoping he is well enough for us to attend and meet the new kids before school starts.

And that is what is happening in our world these days. Once I’m able to get to my computer (instead of just my iPhone & iPad) I’ll try to update more frequently and comment on your posts more often. It’s hard without a keyboard. #oldskoolmama


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>I’m feeling a bit better today. Got myself up and showered and came into work. Still not 100% on the cold front, but getting there.

Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking about all the ways in which my lovely wife supports me. She is truly a wonderful, caring, considerate partner. Here, let me show you:

  • Last week when I started getting sick and was still pregnant, she brought home supplies for two all-natural remedies that she looked up online (I’m talking cayenne pepper, vinegar, lemon, honey, and more). She whipped one up for me the minute I got home, and it did make me feel better (the cayenne pepper, sugar, hot water gargle really did the trick – next time you have a sore throat, you should try it).
  • She has been a rock throughout the painful week we’ve had. I knew she was strong, but she really amazed me with her ability to be both tender and caring toward me, and maintain a stiff upper lip. Thank God one of us was able to keep it together at the hospital.
  • Over the weekend, she made my favorite meals, played tons of Dr. Mario with me (love that game), and made sure the house was stocked with my favorite Easter treat (Robin’s Eggs!).

I am sure there is even more that I’m not remembering right now. I feel loved and supported and like no matter what happens, I have the most special person in my life. We are not mushy people generally, but I’m feeling very mushy toward her right now. I am so lucky to have her in my life, and even luckier to feel this way after 14 years together. Loves, sweetie!

Before we started trying to have a baby, we both said that we love our life as it is, and should we not have a child for some reason, we’ll continue to love our life. As hard as things have been over the last few days, I still believe that this is true. So, today I look forward with optimism because I have my sweetie by my side no matter what happens.


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