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omg today has been one of those days…

Started off GREAT, with baby sleeping until almost 7! A first! Then the plumber came at 9 to fix our shower and ended up flooding our bathroom and kitchen. He had to shut off water to the building, leading to many apologies to the neighbors. Next came my trip to the grocery store in the pouring rain. Started raining the hardest when I was leaving the store, so had a great time loading up the car in the pouring rain. Tried to pull through the post office to mail our Christmas cards, but it was ridiculous of course so I abandoned that. DW called my cell and said to hurry home as she thinks there’s a fire in the building. So I get home and she has called the fire department because our place was smoky and the smoke detectors went off. Find out that the neighbors are remodeling their bathroom and are putting hot tar in the shower stall and that is what was causing all the trouble. Abject apologies to the firemen, who came rushing over in the pouring rain. Add baby and cat shenanigans, and OMG, Calgon take me away!

All better now, though, as baby is napping and DW and I are hanging out eating fudge. I’m glad this happened today as opposed to the day of baby’s party or tomorrow, his actual birthday.


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>morning sickness

>I just had my first gagging, run for the toilet moment! How bizarre to be all happy about almost puking. Ha! Still, I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face. Yay pukey! I also had a dream a couple of nights ago that we had a baby girl. We named her Gillian (which is not the girl’s name we have picked out, but is one we like). Now I’ve had a baby boy dream and a baby girl dream. BG twins?

Also, a miracle happened – my friends’ house was spared from the fire!! They just got confirmation and posted photos. So so so happy! Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, friends.

Next up – first ultrasound next Monday. Seems like it’s a year away. Hurry up, time!


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>sleeping woes and positive vibes

>I’m not typically a great sleeper, but lately it’s progressed into craziness. I wake up constantly all night long and usually get up at some point for about an hour. When my body/mind is finally ready to sleep, it’s about 1-2 hours before the alarm goes off so I’m dead tired when it does. Not to mention the cranky all day part. Any natural sleep remedies that work for you?┬áSo. Tired.

Good friends of ours (who have a 2-month-old son) have probably lost their home in the Santa Barbara fire (their street has been mentioned in various news reports as hard hit). They got evacuated again last night at 2AM from the motel they were staying at. It’s really awful. Join me in hoping that the fire is under control ASAP and that their home is still there. Poor people.


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