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>My coordinator has started updating my calendar for our next IVF round. So far, I know that I take my last BCP tonight, have a baseline u/s on Monday, and have my first injection of Delestrogen on Tuesday. I’ll do the Delestrogen injections twice weekly (three times the week of the FET) for 5 weeks. She is ordering my meds today. She never fills my calendar in all at once, instead she goes in stages. Probably not to overwhelm patients with the sheer numbers of medications. Still, I wish she’d just fill it in. I feel like others know exactly what protocol they are on and what it involves and I didn’t for IVF #1 and now don’t for IVF #2. I’ll get a big box of meds tomorrow or Saturday and check my calendar daily for updates. It’s a little maddening.

I am happy to be getting back at it. This time around, I’m not sharing information as freely as I did last time. My co-workers keep asking me when we’re doing round 2 and I just say, “We’re watching my levels and will see when it’s time.” I’m hoping they just don’t ask again until I’m 3 months along and can announce the pregnancy (assuming, of course, that a pregnancy results and lasts 3 months).

My family has been alternately sweet and annoying. One of my aunts sent a really sweet semi-condolence card. I say “semi” because the card was more of an “I miss you” card, but she had a very nice note regarding the miscarriage. It meant a lot to me as she is an ultra-conservative Republican and I really didn’t know how she and my uncle would react to this baby news. It’s nice to know they can set their politics aside for a family member they care about. My mom, on the other hand, who has been very supportive and positive about our trying to get PG, is not handling the miscarriage well. It’s like she doesn’t want to talk about it at all and she even seems to be downplaying our upcoming try. I think it’s that she doesn’t want me to get upset about the recent loss or for me to be upset if we have another loss, but it’s coming off as a bit unfeeling after what we just went through. My parents have never dealt with uncomfortable, tragic, or sad events well so I guess this is just more of the same. I don’t really need their support in this area anyway as I have my sweetie for that.

As for me, I’m feeling very positive and optimistic about our next try. I’m even looking forward to those pesky injections as they mean we are (hopefully) moving ever closer to our child/ren. We’ve started up with baby names again and talking about what life will be like once a baby is here. Here’s hoping for the power of positive thinking!


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>Had my doctor appointment today and RE says we can start up any time. He said it’s not a matter of if I’ll have a baby, but when. He reiterated that there are no problems he can see and that we can try again as soon as we say the word. I am still sick, so said I wanted another week to get myself healthy again before we start. They also did a blood draw to make sure my HCG is down to 0. I’ll find out tomorrow if there’s any problem with the bloodwork. He said we could do the transfer on a Friday and then have the weekend for bedrest, and that it takes 3 weeks to prepare to do the transfer, so we are going to do the transfer on 4/17.

The wife and I are ready to move forward. Here’s hoping we have success this time around.


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