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>morning sickness

>I just had my first gagging, run for the toilet moment! How bizarre to be all happy about almost puking. Ha! Still, I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face. Yay pukey! I also had a dream a couple of nights ago that we had a baby girl. We named her Gillian (which is not the girl’s name we have picked out, but is one we like). Now I’ve had a baby boy dream and a baby girl dream. BG twins?

Also, a miracle happened – my friends’ house was spared from the fire!! They just got confirmation and posted photos. So so so happy! Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, friends.

Next up – first ultrasound next Monday. Seems like it’s a year away. Hurry up, time!


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>I had a dream last night that I had a baby boy. He was way bigger than a newborn, but DW and I were oohing and aahhing over him. My aunt and uncle were also in the dream, which is weird as I’m not in close contact with them – they live on the other side of the country. In the dream I asked DW, “What are we naming him?” And she was like, “What do you mean? We have a name picked out.” And it was the name we do have picked out (hey, it’s a dream – I wouldn’t have been surprised if it were a different name). I’m taking it as a good omen 🙂

Beta at 9:30.

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