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Thank you all so much for your support and well-wishes. It is amazing to get this amount of caring from virtual strangers; makes me think better about the world in general. Thank you.

It ended up not being an ectopic pregnancy, just a plain miscarriage. My RE was worried it was an ectopic because he saw what appeared to be 2 sacs outside of the uterus. He did the D&C and there was tissue, but he wanted to ensure that there was nothing in my tubes so he did a laparoscopy as well. He found lots of scar tissue (from my myomectomy in Dec.) so he cleared that out and found nothing in the tubes.

It is both better and worse news in my opinion. Better in that I thought I had 2 healthy, growing embryos that just landed in the wrong spot, which just felt terrible to me. I also was concerned because having a tubal pregnancy after IVF is so uncommon. What if it happened again? Worse in that now I have concerns about my other embryos in light of one or both of these “excellent, 8-celled embryos” having issues. I’m trying to stay positive as my RE said he doesn’t see any reason we won’t have a normal pregnancy next time. I have 8 more excellent embryos and I’m healthy.

Now I just try to move forward. I have an appointment in a week to have a blood draw to see where my numbers are. RE seems to think we can start an FET cycle in about two weeks. As painful as things are now, I do think I want to just go to the next try as quickly as possible.


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