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leaving baby pt 2

We left baby again with MiL last Thursday night and it went pretty well. I put him to bed at around 6:30PM and we left the house around 8PM. He woke up at 8:45PM and was not too terribly fussy. MiL tried to get him back down, but it didn’t work, so he stayed up and played with her until we got home (12:30AM – groan). She said he was fine and had fun playing, so I guess it’s a win. We got to bed by 1AM and baby slept until 7AM. The next day pretty well sucked as we were all tired and grumpy, but hey – we did it! I doubt we’ll be making a habit of it, but it’s nice to know that if something comes up that we really want to do, we can and the world won’t end 🙂

My mom is coming for a visit this weekend (arrives Friday AM and leaves Tuesday AM). It will be nice to see her and all, but I think I’m mostly looking forward to sleeping! She always gets up with baby and sends me/DW back to bed. WOOHOO! I don’t even feel bad about it since she only gets to see him a few times a year. She loves the extra Granny and baby time so more power to her! We are going to a friend’s baby’s 2nd birthday party while she’s here. It’s at some kiddy place with bounce houses and such, so it should be fun. I’m thinking we may also hit the Getty Museum and Travel Town if it’s nice.

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leaving baby

Well, we finally did it. We left baby with MiL on Sunday and saw Black Swan (we liked it, didn’t love it). It went pretty well. Baby napped most of the time, but was up for an hour or so with MiL. He cried a bit when he figured out we were gone, and refused to be put down or to play while we were gone. So clingy, but not hysterical. Not a terrible first babysitting experience.

We did Sunday as we are going to see a band on Thursday night and are planning to have MiL hang with babes for that (Best Coast, if you’re interested :). I’m a little more anxious about this one as I think he’ll wake up somewhere around 10PM (his norm) and we won’t be there. I doubt she’ll be able to get him back to sleep, so he’ll probably be awake until we get home (probably around 11:30PM). I guess it’s not the end of the world, right? I hope he doesn’t lose it completely since he’ll be tired and all that. This baby stuff is hard!


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