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>february, my IVF month

>Following are all of my posts on for the month of February detailing my IVF experience.

Thought I’d also weigh in on moving to injectibles vs. IVF. We had 5 IUIs over the course of 9 months. Switched REs and the new RE had me do an HSG, which uncovered a blocked tube. Then RE found a large fibroid that I had removed in December. With his guidance, we decided to go ahead with IVF. He said injectibles could work, but if it didn’t (and there was a decent chance it wouldn’t), we’d be looking at thousands for the injectibles cycle(s) on top of the expense of an IVF. We decided to go for IVF and I start my injections on Thursday.

Today I’m home waiting for them to deliver my meds.

So I finally got my meds (stupid pharmacy). Here’s what I got:

  • Gonal-F
  • Menopur
  • Cetrotide
  • HCG
  • Vivelle-Dot
  • Prog in Oil
  • Methylprednisolone

Whew! That’s a lot! I start injecting on Thursday. DW and I were instructed on how to do it this morning at my ultrasound appt. (all looked good, btw). Excited and scared all at once!

The shots are going a-okay. DW is an old pro now – I don’t feel a thing. Tonight we go to 2 shots, though, so I hope it isn’t bad. U/S today was great. I have about 10 follies on one side and about 12 on the other. RE said they are all about the same size and that he was pleased. I also put down a $2500 deposit. Here’s hoping my insurance plan covers a lot of this like they said they would. If they don’t, we’re still okay but I’d rather they cough up the money than us.

I am totally annoyed with my RE’s office. It’s a long story, but they basically dropped the ball on informing me when and where the sperm needs to be as of estimated retrieval date. So I’m going to be spending my Friday driving all over town picking up and delivering sperm, not to mention getting into my RE for an ultrasound. Grrrr.

I’m worried that I’m ovulating. I have thick egg-whitey mucus today (and yesterday, too). If we missed it, I’m going to be furious. I was originally supposed to be seen by my RE on Wed (last u/s was Monday) but he was out of town so they pushed it to today. I was wondering if that was a long time between appts. I guess there’s nothing to do but see what he finds today. Argh!!!!!!!!! I hope it doesn’t matter and we can proceed this month.

Later that day: Okay, not ovulating. I apparently have a metric ton o’ follies and now RE wants to monitor closely to avoid hyperstimulation or whatever that bad thing is called. So I go in again tomorrow. It took me 4 hours to drive sperm all over hell in the rain (yes, rain in SoCal is akin to snow elsewhere). But when I dropped it off, I thought, “This is where they are going to make my baby/ies!!!” It was a happy thought 🙂

RE counted 32 follies today (!!!). He’s worried about hyperstim whatever syndrome, so is monitoring me closely. I trigger tomorrow and have my ER on Tuesday at 8 AM. Exciting and scary!

Still a little ick from the retrieval this morning. They got 21 eggs, so hopefully there are some good ones in there!

Nothing new to report over here – hoping to hear on egg quality sometime soon. I’m feeling kind of woozy today. Is that something to be concerned about post-retrieval? I had low blood pressure after the procedure, so that’s where my paranoia is coming from…

Later that day: Update from RE: 17 of the eggs have fertilized! Woohoo!

RE just wrote to tell me I have 10 “excellent looking” 8-cell embryos, and 6 6-cell embryos. OMG YAY! So excited! ION, my ass is hurting like crazy. These PIO shots are ugly. The shot itself is not big – it’s the next day ouch factor. I can’t believe I have weeks more of these! Ow!

2/22/09 (My sweetie’s b-day!)
The transfer went very well. RE said he will be shocked if this doesn’t take and that he really thinks the problems were the fibroid and blocked tube. Hope he’s right! We put 2 embies in (see below) and froze 8. Now I’m just relaxing and hoping not to go too crazy until we get a blood test on 3/2!


Still taking it easy per doctor’s orders. I go back to work tomorrow and am kind of ready. Laying around is only fun for so long, you know? I am feeling upbeat and trying not to obsess on feeling symptoms.

I’m feeling very draggy and headachey today. Of course I’m hoping these are PG symptoms, but I know I have been draggy and headachey in the past, too 🙂

I am so annoyed. My coordinator won’t be in the office Monday morning and the earliest she could do my blood test is 2PM, which means I wouldn’t get the results until the next morning. She has been irritating to me most of this process. Forgetful, not very helpful, not very informative. She’s saying I can go to any lab and do it, but how do you do that? Grrrrr.

Later that day: I’m all set for my blood test on Monday. The woman had me all worked up for no reason as there is a lab in walking distance from their office. So I’m picking up the order at 9 and walking over to the lab. Then I’ll find out Monday afternoon. FX for myself! Also for all you ladies!

Next up
First beta! FXFXFXFX!

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