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my son, the unicorn

I remember when Monkey was an infant and we were so beyond sleep-deprived, I’d hear about these easy babies who slept through the night, rarely cried, and hit every milestone right on time. I’d resentfully think they were mythical creatures, as rare as unicorns. Everything with Monkey was just so so hard. I’m sure part of it was us figuring out how to parent and coming to terms with life as we knew it being gone. Don’t get me wrong – we love our Monkey with everything we have and would do it all over again for our little guy. But I have to say that I am SO happy to report that our second is indeed one of those unicorn babies.

Baby F coos and smiles, hardly ever fusses, and sleeps like a dream (pun intended). He is a roly-poly gorgeous little Gerber baby and we are all ridiculously in love with him. I am so happy to be able to truly soak in all of his baby-ness since he is our last baby. We are both so glad we decided to have another child and can’t imagine life without our sweet babes.

Monkey has been sick all week with a nasty cold, poor guy. We’ve been stuck inside for days and it sucks. We have a family picnic for his co-op Sat so here’s hoping he is well enough for us to attend and meet the new kids before school starts.

And that is what is happening in our world these days. Once I’m able to get to my computer (instead of just my iPhone & iPad) I’ll try to update more frequently and comment on your posts more often. It’s hard without a keyboard. #oldskoolmama


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ttc #2?

I just got off the phone paying my yearly storage fee for the embies remaining from my IVF. We’re still talking all the time about the possibility of #2, and it feels more and more like we are leaning toward…doing it. Even in our sleep-deprived state, we love our little Monkey so much, we think we might regret not having another. I will be 41 in May, so we need to decide soon. I’m thinking about doing an FET in August. We would be putting in only one embie. We are only in the market for one more. At first, I was like, “WHA-HUH???” when DW said we should do 1, but she said even if we had to do multiple FETs, it’s still way less $ than you’d spend for an extra child. It made total sense to me, so that’s what we’ll do (if we do anything at all).
Issues to consider:

  • I still don’t have my period back, and Monkey doesn’t seem like he’ll be ready to wean anytime soon. Though I’ve heard that people can ovulate/get pregnant when breastfeeding/no period. Maybe I’ll put in a call to my RE just to get some answers.
  • We would want DW to continue being a SAHM, so this means we’d have to put our plans of moving into a bigger place on hold. We are in a 2 bedroom condo currently and are bursting at the seams. I guess we could get a storage space, and (finally) turn our office into a nursery for both babes (or continue to co-sleep and then who cares, right?).
  • I could be laid off any time. Then again, that’s always the case for everyone at any given moment, right?

Just writing this post has me in an anxious and excited mindset. Eep!


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13 months

Before I get to S’s update, I just wanted to thank you for your kind words on my work post. As it turns out, I managed to get a plan in place and got us where we need to be by end-of-day Friday (with a lot of help from my awesome co-workers). Now my crazy boss is treating me like a hero – I saved the day! Whiplash. Well, now I know what needs to happen and I’m going to get off my butt and stop slacking. (I may also need to talk to someone about upping my AD meds.)

S turned 13 months on 1/21! His biggest advancements are in language: he understands (and is trying to say) several words. He knows book, ball, truck, wheel, kitty, milk, and “Is Your Mama a Llama?” I ask, “Where is the ball?” He crawls to one, holds it up, and says, “Ba!” (Does that count as his first word? I know he isn’t totally saying ball, but he knows what it is and is making the attempt.) I know he understands “Is Your Mama a Llama” because out of the blue, I looked at him and said, “Is your Mama a Llama?” He crawled over to the coffee table, where there were a few books, and picked up the Llama one! What a genius! 🙂

He is not yet walking, but I think it’s more that he hasn’t quite figured out he could. He finger-walks and cruises like a champ and is very sturdy on his feet. It’s going to happen any day now.

Baby is teething like a madman right now. He doesn’t let us get a good look, but I’ve seen at least two coming in on top, and 3 coming in on the bottom (molars, too). We are doing a lot of Motrin these days, poor baby.

Sleep continues to be a challenge. It is usually not a problem to get him to sleep (nurse, bounce him around while singing, put in crib – generally takes about 10-15 minutes). It’s that he wakes fairly frequently throughout the night to nurse, and he is up EARLY. The other day he was up for the day at 3:30AM. OMG. I’m really hoping that once his teeth are in and he can walk, his sleep will improve. (BTW, we move him to our bed for the night on his first wake up once we are in bed.)

The sleep thing is so so so hard. I know my extreme lack of sleep is the main culprit behind my inability to focus at work and my need for meds. It is also a major factor in our discussions on having another baby. We’re thinking that if we decide we want another, we would try this summer (assuming my period is back – still nursing, no period now). The thought of two babies with sleep issues to deal with is enough to make me say HELL NO, but I don’t want to look back and regret it. I know that the baby stage is over so quickly in the scheme of things.

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december bits

I swear, S has a talent for having terrible nights when we have plans the next day. Today is his new buddy O’s birthday party (this is the son of the 2 mom family we met a few months ago). What time was Mr. S up for the day? 4:01 AM, after tossing and turning and keeping me up all night long. Argh. Here’s hoping he wakes up in a good mood from his morning nap.

I have developed a big crush on a girl’s name. It is so perfect – not in the top 1000, unique without being too out there, strong and kind of unisex sounding (though it is a known valid name and it is a girl’s name). I was getting sad because the girl’s name we had picked before we knew we were having a boy is gaining in popularity thanks to a certain TV show. We’ll see if we decide to go for #2 and if it’s a girl. We are still going back and forth on whether we want to have another. Sometimes I’m envious of straight couples who just have “oops” moments. This planning every last detail thing is too hard!

We have our tree up and S is being really good with it. We have a TON of ornaments, so we decided to do a plush/unbreakable ornaments tree this year. It looks really cute and is nice in that S can pull stuff off the lower branches and we don’t care. We put larger plush ornaments and small stuffed animals down low specifically for this purpose.

S’s birthday party is next Saturday. We aren’t going too crazy with it. It’s nice that our house is already decorated and festive and will require very little to make it work for his gathering. We have a ton of baking to do this week!

Edited to add a big congratulations to 2 Chicks 1 Hatchling on the birth of their daughter! In a funny coincidence, their daughter’s name is the one I mention above as our pick had S been a girl 🙂


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random baby-related musings

I got an invoice for storing my remaining 8 or so embryos for the year. Of course, it brought up the issue of a second child. We are both feeling very torn on the issue currently. We can’t even imagine having another baby on top of our current baby. It is already so hard, and I wouldn’t say S is a difficult baby. He seems pretty normal (no reflux, colic, or anything like that). Maybe it’s just not in the cards for us. It makes me kind of sad for S, but I don’t think that is necessarily the best reason to have another baby. Anyway, we paid for storage through February as we’re not quite ready to call it. I guess we’ll see where we are when the next invoice arrives.

It seems like most of my bloggy friends are planning to have a second child, which makes me wonder what our deal is that we feel so overwhelmed with one. Maybe because we’re older? I don’t know. Is there anyone out there with a singleton and plan to stay that way?

S is teething like crazy. It looks like he has one coming in on the bottom, which is a first for him (having only one tooth coming in). He seems to have trouble with those lowers and not so much with the uppers.

I’m sure I’m boring the hell out of all of you with this, but sleep continues to be problematic. He is pretty much in our bed all night at this point, which works for him but not so great for us. He starts in his bed around 6PM and usually wakes at least once before we go to bed around 9:30/10:00PM. He wakes up then and nurses and I try to get him back in his crib at that point, but I often fail or fall asleep before trying. We are living in fear of the daylight savings time change coming up as he is already going to sleep early and waking early 5:00/5:30AM. Any ideas on this, or about shifting bedtime out in general?

I didn’t get in to see my OB last Friday re: post-partum depression as he had an emergency. Hoping to get in sometime this week.


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