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In other news, we are busily planning baby’s Winter Onederland party. We have switched the colors from blue/silver/white to red/silver/white as it will match our house better (hahahaha). We’ve also ditched the chili plan (could be too messy) and are instead getting a platter of sandwiches, fruit, and various nibbles. Still doing the hot cocoa thing and also cider. It’s gonna be a full house – we have around 25 adults and 7 kids coming. Our place is not that big! The guest list just kept expanding. Hopefully it won’t be too crowded in here…

S is teething like crazy right now. Several molars seem to be coming in and he is hurting, poor guy. Sleep has gotten a bit nuts again – it had gotten a little better (5:15-5:45AM wake time instead of the old 4AM), but the last few days have been back to 4AM. Argh. Those teeth need to just come on in already!

I’m gearing up to stop daytime nursing (sob) when he turns 1. I plan to continue nursing at bedtime and morning, but I’m just over pumping. Here’s hoping he takes to regular milk. On that note, anyone know how to make the transition? Do you combine breastmilk with cow’s milk for a bit or just go cold turkey to cow’s milk? We’re also not having much luck with the sippy cup. Need to get that going.


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11 months

Today my sweet baby is 11 months old. The last month has been mostly about baby’s love of food. I guess baby food just wasn’t cutting it for S as he has really taken to table food like crazy. So far he hasn’t turned anything away – broccoli, pasta, chicken, turkey, mashed potato, bits of pizza. You name it, S likes it. We can’t wait to watch him eat his first Thanksgiving dinner – he will LOVE it all!

S has started “finger walking” (walking with assistance) recently, which is new for him. Today he got between the coffee table and the couch and walked holding on to each item. It won’t be long now! We also let him have fairly free range of the house. We are keeping him out of the kitchen for now – it has slate flooring and lots of things that could mean trouble, so it’s off limits. We’ll see how long that lasts 🙂 [SIDE NOTE: Speaking of tooling around the house, does anyone have any child proofing items they are loving?] He is loving crawling all over and making tons of noise slamming toys down on the wood floors. He loves anything with wheels, including his stroller, which he rolls around the room. Another game he likes is chasing his inflatable Gymboree ball around the house.

He is still loving reading (latest faves include The Monster at the End of this Book and Ten Apples Up On Top). We put together an Amazon wish list for his birthday (coming right up!) and it was so fun going through the toys and picking those we think he’ll love. His big birthday gift from us is going to be a ball crawl. There is one he uses at a local indoor playground and he loves it. He will be so excited!

Life with S is the best, and I say that even with his rough nights and early wake ups. Your mamas love you so much, S-Pants!


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