2020 roundup

Yes, 2020 has been a dumpster fire of epic proportions. That said, it did have some bright spots and bits of hope for the future. Here’s what we did, along with LONG PERIODS OF TIME spent at home and in our backyard.


  • Quick trip to Seattle for job interview (didn’t get the job, but that’s okay)
  • Saw The Paranoyds at the Pinhook in Durham (last show pre-COVID)


  • Family attended the annual Moral March
  • Saw Sonic the Hedgehog (last movie pre-COVID)
  • Snow!
  • Mommy turned 50
  • Voted for Elizabeth Warren!
  • Feb 29: Left for England!


  • Mar 1-Mar 11: Amazing trip to Halifax, England, and Paris, France
    Had to cancel Rome, Italy as COVID was taking over Milan
  • Mar 11: Flew home
  • Mar 12: Missed Billie Eilish due to COVID
    This was going to be oldest son’s first concert.
  • Mar 13: The world shut down
    School and work announced indefinite shut down.
  • Mama got COVID test #1 (negative)
    Had a slight cold and since we just got back from overseas travel, I was paranoid.


  • Easter at home
  • Kids’ first drive in movie experience (saw Sonic – again)
  • Turned caterpillars into butterflies
  • Our youngest turned 7


  • Mama turned 50
  • BLM protests began, went nationwide, and then global
    It’s sad that it took so so so very long for most to finally wake up, but I’m certainly glad they did and hope to see this continue.
  • Watched the SpaceX launch


  • BLM protests continue, with wall to wall news coverage for many days and nights
  • BLM protesters took down Confederate statues at the capitol building in Raleigh


  • Hamilton premiered on Disney +
  • Rented a pontoon boat


  • Bought outdoor movie set up (projector, screen)
  • Started virtual school for Fall semester


  • Did a Democrat lit drop with my oldest
  • Got a trampoline
  • Mama got COVID test #2 (negative)
    Knew this would be negative as we were literally doing nothing, but had to do it to rule it out (stomach issues)
  • Mourned RBG
  • Created quarantine bubble with another family
  • Voted by mail for the first time for Biden/Harris


  • Visited Animal Edventures Sanctuary and met a camel, two kangaroos, lots of birds, a monkey, and many other cool animals with our quarantine buddies
  • Visited Spring Haven Farm and carved pumpkins with goats
    This sounds more fun than it actually is. One goat got up on our table, tried to eat my hair, lifted his leg and took a pee (on the damn table), and followed us to the next table, where he laid down and took a nap.
  • Visited Bennet Place
  • Had a COVID Halloween celebration in the backyard with our quarantine buddies


  • Celebrated our first Black/Asian/Female Vice President
  • Went to the beach
  • Started a new job


  • Visited Duke University and climbed a tree
  • Rediscovered Battleship (as in, “You sank my battleship!”)
  • Visited the Chinese lanterns in Cary
  • Attended first Festival of Lights drive-through at Dix Park
  • Our oldest turned 11
  • Had a very Mandalorian and Gentleman Jack Christmas

BONUS: January 2021

  • Youngest starts at homeschool pod
  • Welcome our new POTUS and say goodbye to the Toupee Fiasco era

We also had lots and lots of social-distanced, back patio visits with friends old and new. We discovered that we love watching movies outside and we bought a fire table, which I’ve wanted for a long time. My wife has completed lots of house projects that have been on the back burner for a while. And, most importantly, we have stayed healthy and had a steady income – we are very fortunate. All that said? GTFO 2020!

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