woe is U.S.

Hey, y’all. This is a political post, not a parenting post. I was feeling like I wanted to get this written down and shared for discussion.

I’ve gotten more politically involved at a local level for the last year or so, culminating in joining my local Democratic group to be a precinct delegate. I’ve been to two meetings thus far; the first was a general local group of several precincts to elect delegates, and the second a precinct-specific meeting held in a neighbors home with a total of seven people. I added my name to the delegate list at the first meeting.

I was excited to join as I hoped to spearhead a Dem-supported volunteer group for the organization Spread the Vote, which is dedicated to getting individuals who need them IDs. NC passed a voter ID amendment in the 2018 midterms so it feels like a critical, time-sensitive piece that we need to jump on. I brought up the organization at both meetings I attended, to a lukewarm reception.

At our first meeting, we discussed ABC stores at length (did you know that NC’s education system relies on money raised via ABC stores, making privatizing them cost our schools desperately needed money?). We briefly touched on hog farms. I brought up the local ICE presence (federal crack down to punish NC for refusing to enforce) and the voter ID issue. Pained expressions and sympathetic comments, but no real discussion.

I went to my first convention as a delegate last Saturday. Arranged childcare and drove 25 minutes to be there. Stood in a lengthy line. Got to the front and my name was not on the list. They sent me to another table. Still not listed. They got my precinct chair and discovered that it was a mistake on his end (he and two other precinct folks didn’t review an email that was sent over to verify). I was gracious and drove the 20 minutes home, not too pleased. Received multiple texts/emails apologizing for the error and hoping I’d continue to be involved.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting emails from Spread the Vote asking for volunteers and for folks to host fundraisers. I have two young kids. I can barely handle one “extra.” So which one do you think you’d pick? The one that doesn’t seem to address the big issues and doesn’t have their paperwork in order, or the one that is feet on the ground, addressing a MAJOR need in our community? Yeah. Dems need to do better.

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  1. It is ALL so frustrating. After the 2016 election, a fairly vibrant group of progressive dems formed in the town next to us and I watched to see how it would go. I do not think they made it past the one year anniversary of inauguration. They still meet, at a local pub where they take up maybe 4 tables, but yea it fizzled hard. I cannot tell if people are feeling hopeless or burnout or lazy activist or what but we so need to do better. Disorganization is crippling in politics and you are wise to notice. I kind of expected that to happen HERE…to know you are experiencing difficulties as well, knowing where you are, makes me concerned. Seriously time to get our shit together. Thanks for leading the way, friend.

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