threenager woes UPDATE

The MM’s school had a local (great) resource come in to evaluate his behavior and DW met with them today to discuss. They said he is very smart and super observant. They also said that he has no behavioral issues and from their observation, there are kids in the class who like to “push his buttons,” and that the teacher has been handling that incorrectly. They spoke with her after they spoke with DW.

They also spoke about him being an introvert and gave her some suggestions on how to handle that. He is so extroverted at home it’s hard to reconcile that, but I do see it. Introverts have more issues than extroverts in terms of social aspects of school. As Monkey is RIDICULOUSLY extroverted, we have not experienced this thus far in our parenting journey.

So there’s the update: just your typical introverted threenager over here. LOL.


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2 responses to “threenager woes UPDATE

  1. These 3 year olds, they keep us on our toes. I almost wonder if Boo has the same thing going on. She is so extroverted at home but having witnessed her interacting at preschool I was surprised at how introverted she was with her classmates (even the ones that we see outside of school socially). I agree that the teacher is maybe not responding to the situation in a way that meets MM’s needs. Then again, I am kind of partial to the little guy ❤

    So happy to hear about the boobs, I am going with the same idea, if it was URGENT then they would be acting URGENTLY, right?!?! 🙂

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