threenager woes

BOOBS UPDATE: I went yesterday for my follow up, they did more scans (no ultrasound), and had a doctor take a look. They think it’s fine and want me to come in again in 6 months to take another look. I guess they are getting a baseline? Not all that reassuring, but I guess if they were worried, they’d be looking further now, right?


Since we are in the midst of having a raging threenager, I thought I’d do a post about the MM. You may recall in previous posts that I’ve referred to him as a unicorn baby, a good sleeper, a mellow guy. And he always was…until 3.5. For the past few months, this guy has been terrorizing kids at school, hitting us, saying mean things, and just living balls out 3.

He’s been sent to the director’s office at his preschool many times, once twice in one day (DW had to go in and talk to him and director). He hits, kicks, pushes, and “sits on” other kids at school. He seemed to have it in for one particular little girl for a while, much to our horror. DW hears from his teacher almost daily about his bad behavior. We talk to him about it, work with him on being a good friend, being empathetic, acceptable ways to express anger/frustration. Still, on he goes and seems quite gleeful about it:

Me: What will you say to A tomorrow? [Kid he hurt on previous day, after we discuss apologizing, etc.]
The MM: Nofing – I will hit and kick and sit on A! [Laughs.]

He has some good days, but more bad than good. He is super clingy to Mama (me) lately and showers me with affection in the evenings. I know that some kids at 3 are biters, hitters, etc. so we’re trying to keep it in perspective and continue to discuss and model positive behaviors. Still, it’s shitty to think your kid is the classroom bully.

We have enrolled him in a new preschool for next year. It’s an all outdoor one like our beloved CA co-op and Monkey has gone to summer camp there the last couple of years and LOVED it. We’re hopeful that a new setting and more outdoor activity will help. He has told us he doesn’t like school, so maybe this will be better? Or maybe he’ll turn 4 and start growing out of this?

It didn’t help to see this article¬†linking Mira.lax to aggressive behavior. The MM had some constipation trouble right before this behavior started and was on a low-dose of Mira.lax for a couple of months. We took him off of it when we saw the article just in case – no difference in behavior. We’re also going to discuss going to 3 days per week at his current school (he goes 5 days currently) with the director for the rest of the school year.

ION, he is also still not potty trained. He’ll be four April 29. He absolutely gets it, understands, could totally do it but – WILL NOT. Sigh.

This parenting thing? No joke, y’all. No joke. Tell me encouraging stories? Please?


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2 responses to “threenager woes

  1. I’m not sure what to say, but now you’ve got us totally paranoid because our kids are on the same thing. Booking an appointment with the naturopath now…

  2. Jen

    This was my C. Totally aggressive, mean and sometimes downright scary where he would be able to catch me off=guard and scare the shit out of me (caused me to cry in fear a few times). At 3, he once destroyed his room—was able to knock over a massive wood kitchen and upturn a wood train table. I called him the Hulk at this age for a reason. His most aggressive behavior was at home, but he was known to bite and hit a few kids during preschool. I swear that some kids just have a switch in their system…nothing puts it there except nature. Which, as a sensitive and empathetic human, is so hard to cope with as a parent. Overall, life is so much better at 7 but he still has some scary-shit bubble up to the surface and he can mean to simply make a point to hurt someone. Honestly, C’s behavior was textbook ADHD and being overstimulated and therefore aggressive, so meds have helped us a lot. I was seriously worried about him being kicked out of kindergarten. 1st grade….few to no issues. For some kids, it’s a phase, for others, it is base for a bigger issue. Time will tell but you know you will handle everything that is thrown your way.

    As for the boobs…no scans or appointments for 6 months is GREAT news. If they were truly concerned, it would be a different plan and path!

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