i wrote a thing

Today I read a piece about Sylvia Plath (today is her birthday) and went down the rabbit hole of the Plath/Hughes relationship. Reread some of their work and felt like writing a thing, which hasn’t happened in many years.

moon land

21 to 17, they dwindle
half mysteries
in amber ooze

again the shining stick
my heart with it
and there are two

a blaze, a spark
they drop onto
the viscous sand, moon

again the shining stick
my heart with it
the number holds

the fragile core
is riddled through
not meant for you

again the shining stick
my heart with it
ravaged badlands

it’s shaken loose
once was aloof
now all I am



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4 responses to “i wrote a thing

  1. Wow!!! I love it! You have a really cool writing style. Didn’t know you wrote poetry!!! I might need a little help with interpretation:) . The Plath / Hughes relationship is a big rabbit hole indeed. I remember reading the Bell Jar after I left school and feeling pulled down some scary gurgling plughole by it!

  2. on reading it more it really speaks to me. Thank you!

  3. Oh those shining sticks. How they change everything. Love the evolution in this.

    Plath/Hughes, a relationship worthy of so much pondering. They have always befuddled me so. Strangely, I always find myself drawn to what happened to their children. Extremely indicative of the dynamics they were born and raised into. I am a social science geek though.

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