single parenting update

Well, friends, I’m happy to report that the last two nights have gone off without a hitch. No nightime wakings and both kids have slept until almost 7 both mornings. This truly is a miracle as my oldest typically wakes ~5:30AM most of the time. Our days have been going well, too. I almost feel silly now making my mom come help, but there is that pesky work thing 🙂 I took today and tomorrow off, but really should get back at it asap.

School was closed today due to snow/ice and I’m not even sweating it. We’ve decided to stay in PJs, watch movies, play games, and eat snacky things all day long. Sounds like a plan to me!



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2 responses to “single parenting update

  1. So I was here last week when you posted and am just now getting to a computer to comment. Thus is life. Sigh.

    You rock the solo parenting thing! I know, I know, kinks here and there, but seriously, those boys are so lucky to have an active and imaginative Mama to care for them when the other is away dealing with…ahem…family stuff.

    Speaking of, when will we get an update on family stuff? Last we heard someone was trying to figure out whether to relocate across country because she could not imagine living on her own and, gasp, caring for herself.

  2. Revisiting older posts and just had to come in and update this one. On the night that this post was written, Monkey got very sick – threw up on the couch. I handled it, but I was sure tooting my own horn right before…

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