it’s official

I received an updated offer and ACCEPTED! We are moving to Raleigh, NC! My mom cried. Twice. Hahahahahaha! The plan is for me to start remote in early Dec and be in the Raleigh office by end of January. OMG! Now we just have to find a property management company to rent out our CA condo, get said condo ready to rent (just a few small fixes needed), get moving/car shipping quotes, find temporary housing in NC, figure out how to get 3 cats to NC (!!!!), pack, and move. No problem, right? Then, once we’re there, we have to house hunt, find a school for Monkey, and move our stuff into our new place. Easy peasy. I’m feeling queasy…


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9 responses to “it’s official

  1. Congrats!!! That’s great!!! Good luck with all of your pre-moving stuff, and I hope it’s a smooth and easy transition for everyone!

  2. So excited for you all!!! Best of luck with this cross country change in life!

  3. Huge congratulations!! What a well deserved opportunity. 🙂

  4. So excited for all of you!! A lot of work but what a fantastic opportunity.

  5. Woo hoo! Well done! Good luck with all the logistics of moving.

  6. Irish Stout & Mommies

    Easy peasy indeed. LOL. Good luck mamas! (moving the cats will probably be the hardest thing–knock’em out?)

  7. so exciting for your family! We are about an hour from Raleigh, NC and we are currently TTC. We have been following your blog for a while! Maybe we will have a chance to meet up someday!! Feel free to check out my blog here

  8. Congrats on the offer! I’m in the midst of negotiating an offer and hoping it all turns out. Lot’s of changes for you and the fam.. hope it’s all smooth!

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