summer bucket list round-up

Dude. Summer, the bucket list, and this blog are getting away from me. Since I last updated, we have crossed a few more items off the list, but we have several that I’m afraid will be slipping into fall…

We went to the beach in South Carolina for a week at the end of July and had a lot of fun. Monkey and his 8 year old cousin had a great time, meaning that they made it kind of miserable for the rest of us. Bouncing off the walls, not listening, just running wild. I had to remind myself and others of how super annoying my cousins and I were around that age and what incredible fun we had back in the day. Monkey is still talking about his cousins and missing them. All’s well that ends well, I guess! We visited the Serpentarium and Botany Bay – our yearly excursions.

Monkey feeding turtles at the Serpentarium



Granny and MM at Botany Bay


Mama and Mommy had two dinners out – woot! We also discovered the joy of Firefly sweet tea flavored vodka and lemonade. Highly recommended!

We spent every day on the beach and in the water. The MM took daily beach naps, mostly on me but on my mom one day as well (she was in heaven).

Our beach setup



Cousins on the beach


While we were in SC, we had a rented golfcart for the week so we can strike that one off the list as well. It is a life-saver as an activity that the kids love and the adults have fun with, too, when you’re not on the beach. Every evening we’d put the kids to bed and have cocktails and play games. The new favorite this year was Telestrations. A combination of Pictionary and Telephone – super fun and funny!

Boys passed out after day at the beach

asleep asleep2 asleep3

It was great to catch up with family (my parents, my brother/sil/kids, aunt, cousin, 2nd cousin) and we dropped the news to them that we are interested in relocating, probably to the Southeast. This will tell me who is actually reading this blog 🙂 Yes, we’ve decided that we really need to leave SoCal – too expensive, unappealing school options, etc. I’ll do another entry on this later, but figured I’d drop it here since it was a big deal to let my family in on it. Yes, they are all working on helping me find a job already 🙂

In terms of the bucket list items that are not crossed off the list, I am still holding tickets for the local trampoline jumping place and we also have a certificate for dance classes for Monkey (Hip Hop!), so those will be happening in the coming weeks. I’m bummed that we never made classes happen for my little MM. I will be getting that going, too, as it can happen while Monkey is in school (he started his third and final year of preschool today). Monkey had a playdate last week at Noah’s Ark, which we’ve been to before and love, so another one off the list.

Total of  15 bucket list items complete. By the end of August, it’ll be more like 18. Not a bad tally!

Summer Bucket List

  • Trampoline place
  • Science Center to see the space shuttle (Endeavor)
  • Splash pad
  • Monkey attends camp for the first time
  • Swimming lessons
  • Dance classes
  • First Gymboree class for MM
  • Fly to the beach and spend a week playing with family
  • Ride in a golfcart
  • Wash Grandma’s car – not happening due to the drought here in CA
  • Go to the (local) beach
  • Touch a Truck event
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Drum circle
  • Plant flowers in pots on balcony – not happening due to the drought here in CA
  • Go miniature golfing
  • Go bowling
  • Visit Noah’s Ark
  • Go to Natural History Museum
  • Take the MM swimming for the first time
  • Mini vacation at fabulous resort on the beach (thanks, workplace!)
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to the Getty
  • NEW: 4th of July parade
  • NEW: Go carts!
  • NEW: Visit a California Mission


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12 responses to “summer bucket list round-up

  1. Love their matching Pjs! My wife and I live in LA as well and at sometime feel like we’ll need to move as well..once our kids (fingers crossed) start school. LA really is a great place though. Wish you all the best transitioning to the East Coast.

    • LA has served us well through our young-mid adulthood, pre-children. Now that our priorities have massively changed, It just doesn’t make sense to stay. It will be a sad day when we say goodbye, but our hope is to keep our condo and rent it out so that we could come back someday if we so desired.

  2. The sleeping pictures made me smile. 🙂

  3. Love the pics! Great to be with family and run around like wild things – we’ll for monkey anyway! So you’re moving? Another blogger I know has been talking about Portland and I posted about it on FB – not sure if you saw it. Mostly the heat is her issue.
    So does that mean south or North Carolina? Do tell more!! Exciting to be near the family! What about MIL – how is she going to take it? Good luck!!! Keep us posted!!

    • I did see your Portland post! I think we’d prob love it there – we’ve never even visited! So far, we are focusing on North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham) and Georgia (Atlanta). That said, I was contacted today about a position with that big co. in Seattle that I interviewed with last year! So, who the hell knows at this point? MiL would relocate wherever we end up (sigh…).

  4. The matching jammies slay me. Seriously, so cute.
    Exciting news about the move! It seems so much easier to move across the U.S. than it does to move across Canada. Not sure why that is. I feel like you guys have better/more options (there are only two Canadian provinces I’d consider living in ON and BC, though that might make some people think I’m ignorant and/or a snob). Do you have a south-easternly state picked out already, or are you still just looking around?

  5. By the way their bodies are laid out, u KNOW they had a great couple of days! And BTW the east is where it’s at! Suburbs in NY right outside the city are pretty awesome and some of the best schools in the nation! (Can u tell in trying to connect with some more 2 mom families?!?!) you would think there would be more out here but it seems like they’re all hiding! Hope u find something u love!

  6. Ohhhh those darling boys in the matching jammies!!! How cute! Love the Summer Bucket List update and modifications made through the list (I giggled about the cancellations due to the drought, not at the drought but the need to amend a summer bucket list, haha). I have friends in both Raleigh and Atlanta and both LOVE it. Seattle is exciting too though! Looking forward to seeing where you all land. I get it though, when kids come it shifts a person’s way of thinking and what is important. Thanks for the SC pics, heading there tomorrow and I always love to see glimpses of those southern beaches 🙂

  7. chunkandmommy

    Relocating is huge news! Good luck with your endeavor. I have spent quite a bit of time in Atlanta (Tiff’s dad lives there) and I think like any city, there are major good and bads. BTW, the multiple pairs of matching pj’s killed me in this post.

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