frivolous friday fun

Am I the only silly person who enjoys those “What’s in your bag/purse” features in magazines? I don’t know why, but I love seeing them. So I thought I’d show you what’s in MY bag! Feel free to share your own.



  • LilyPadz wipes to clean breast shields on the go
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kiehl’s lip balm
  • Lipstick
  • Coach wristlet/wallet
  • Hello Kitty pouch with feminine products
  • Change of clothes for the MM
  • Keys on a Chococat keychain
  • Harajuku Lovers zippered pouch with diapers/wipes
  • Black changing pad
  • Giant silver leather Coach bag
  • iPhone (not pictured as I used it to take the pic)


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4 responses to “frivolous friday fun

  1. chunkandmommy

    I need to clean out my purse. This picture looks so neat and tidy. Where are the protein bar wrappers, sucker sticks, receipts and misc trash? LOL

  2. For 2 years during grad school my roommates were both international students from Japan and they BOTH carried their feminine products in a Hello Kitty bag much like that. When Boo was born, one of them sent her a lovely swim towel and bib set thing and the bib came in a little bag with bunny characters on it or something and Kris said, “Oh look it is one of those japanese tampon bags!” LOL!

  3. You’re stuff is so cute! I used to carry my grips for gymnastics in a Keropi bag much like your Hello Kitty one.
    Maybe I’ll post a diaper bag photo soon. It’s not nearly as adorable or minimalist. (Though often I just grab a diaper, shove it in the Ergo and leave everything else but my keys and wallet behind.)

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