the nursing traveler

I may or may not have shared that I’m in a new position at work. My boss left for a job at another company in early Dec. and my new boss offered me a position that is a step up the ladder (from Sr. Principal to Manager, though I have no direct reports yet). I still would have preferred the Seattle position, but alas, it was not offered. Anyway, this post is not technically about my new job, but rather how my new boss has asked me to travel a couple of times. I want to see if any of you out there have had this issue while nursing and how you handled it.

The MM will be 9 months old on Jan 29th. He will take a bottle, but will only drink a small portion (less than an oz.). We started him on solids at 6 months, but he is not all that interested. He often totally refuses baby food, but sometimes he eats it up. What does he want? Mama’s milk – directly from Mama. Not a problem for me, until possibly now. My boss wanted me to come to Northern California at the end of Feb for two nights for a meeting. I didn’t say no exactly, but kind of let it be known that I might have difficulty attending. She wrote me back and said I don’t have to come (her exact words were, “I won’t hold it against you,” which felt a little… weird) and can call in to the meetings. Now, all of my (male) peers (including one who lives on the East coast) will be attending and I kind of feel like I’m blowing it by not going. I just think both the MM and I would be in misery (not to mention Mommy). I worry about him not taking the bottle or food, crying all night (we co-sleep and he still wakes a few times in the night to nurse), causing an early end to nursing, and my supply taking a hit.

So do you think I have reason for concern or should I throw caution to the wind and go? Have any of you had to travel without baby while nursing during the first year? How did it go (for you and for baby)? At what point should I be able to travel without him? I’m thinking once he’s a year, but of course that means night weaning. I always said I’d be night weaning at a year anyway after years of night nursing Monkey, but now that it’s almost here, I’m kind of softening my stance : / Tell me your stories of travels and nurslings and outcomes (oh my!), Mamas!

PS: Remember how we were going to to celebrate Monkey’s 4th birthday today – Friday? Cancelled due to 3 of us being sick as dogs (both boys and me) and MiL breaking her arm and needing assistance. Oy! Will try to reschedule for late Feb. When it rains…


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  1. hannah

    Long-time lurker, queer mama in Northern CA with two boys the same ages as yours (MM and my littler one were born the same week!). So, when my Monkey-aged boy was a baby, I also got a new job and was asked to travel to SoCal, several times starting when he was 6.5 months. I wasn’t comfortable being gone overnight, so I tried to cram all my meetings into one day and took a 6 AM flight down to LA so I could nurse until about 4 a.m. If you have any flexibility with scheduling, this is the way to go–even two one-day trips a week apart is better than being gone overnight for two days. I was able to make this work until a trip to the East Coast around 11 months, by which time I had night-weaned and could be gone overnight (which was still hard, since I had to find time and a private place to pump and then keep milk cold). With my MM-aged one, since I didn’t have a new job, I negotiated no travel until he turns one.

  2. chunkandmommy

    The only traveling I do for work is for an annual conference, which I didn’t attend the entire time I was nursing because well, budget-cuts and no professional development. That said, this is a rough decision because you never know how it will turn out until it is over. Chunk took a bottle from early on and I pumped every day, at least 3 times a day while working. But we never went an overnight apart until he was about 16 months old. Honestly, I can’t decide what I would do… professionally, it would be positive and keep your experiences equal to your peers. Personally, it could be ROUGH for all of you and not worth the professional trade off. Gosh, I just don’t know. *And I am completely not helpful.* Could L, MM and Monkey go with you and stay in the same hotel room for one night?

  3. I can’t offer any advice but wanted to say congrats on your new job!

  4. Ugh. What a difficult position to be in. Is there any chance of having MM coming with you?
    He reminds me so much of Sprout with his eating habits. We’re just now, at 13 months, starting to night wean her (sort of). She was late on the solids too. I had to remind myself of that “food before one…” thing when she just kept turning her head away from everything.
    I hope you’re able to figure out something that works. And congratulations on the promotion.

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