interview process complete

I don’t know if any of you have been through an all-day interview dealie, but let me tell you: it is BRUTAL! I was so happy to have that 30 minute pumping break just to relax and breathe for a minute. If I hadn’t scheduled that, there would have been no break at all. I met with 6 people in 6.5 hours. I was asked every “Tell me about a time…” question that has ever existed in the history of ever. It makes the normal interview process look like a piece of cake, let me tell you. So how’d I do? I think it went okay? There were some where I knew I did great and really connected with the interviewer and others where I just had no idea. You know, different people, different communication styles. I should know whether I got it by the end of this week. OMG! I can say that after interviewing on-site, I do want it. It sounds like a super cool job, I loved the casual not-at-all-corporate-feeling environment, and think I’d learn a ton.

I barely saw Seattle as we flew in late Sunday and out early evening on Monday, but what I saw I liked. The people are super friendly – even when you are on a plane with a 5 month old 🙂 The Marshmallow was fantastic on his first flight and whirlwind trip. Both of my boys were awesome. Monkey got rave reviews from Grandma and seemed to have fun during his “slumber party.” The MM did so well without me for all those hours on Monday (he doesn’t take a bottle so we were worried). He would not take a bottle this time either, but he had some rice cereal with breastmilk and got through just fine.

Now we wait and see if 1.) I’m offered the job, and 2.) the $$ is right. If so? We are moving to Seattle, my friends. MEEP!


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7 responses to “interview process complete

  1. Ohhhh…good-luck! Sounds like a fabulous opportunity.

  2. Glad to hear it went well! I can’t imagine a whole day of interviews. I’m usually exhausted after just a regular hour-long one.

  3. Sounds awesome all around!!!! Good luck!!!!

  4. chunkandmommy

    Sounds very promising! Good luck and if you move, another reason to visit Seattle! 😉

  5. tbean

    Congrats on the interview going so well. I have done the all-day interview gig and it is crazy draining. I wasn’t a parent at the time, I can only imagine how much more so it is while parenting/nursing.

    Sounds like a very exciting opportunity. Good luck!

  6. Well done! FX for you! 🙂

  7. Oops I missed this one. Next time, my friend!

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