and more new job thoughts

I went ahead and told the recruiter that I’d need one 20 minute break at the lunch hour and a place to pump. She congratulated me on the new baby and said they have Mother’s Rooms and she’d reserve one for me. So that’s done. Don’t know if it’ll be communicated to the team I’m interviewing with or how it will be received if it does, but I think it was a good call. It will relieve that bit of stress (and milk!) for me and I’m letting my possible future employer know I have a new baby and am serious about the work/life balance questions I’ve been asking. Besides, they came to me, not the other way around. I would never have been looking for a new job with a 5-month-old EBF infant, you know? So it’s up to them to make it work or not – and really, a 20 minute pumping break? So shouldn’t be a big deal. They don’t even know that I’m bringing DW and the Marshmallow with me – and I’m keeping it that way.

I’ve been having a bit of stress and am already quasi-mourning the full-time working at home setup I have currently. It’s been hitting me how much time I’m going to lose with the MM if this job goes through. I’ll go from being a WAH Mama, where I get tons of snuggle time and baby gets all the nursing time he wants/needs, to being out of the house for at least 8 hours every Mon-Fri. Of course, that’s the way most people in the workplace live – I’ve just been so very lucky with that aspect of my job.

It also hit me that we’ll have to somehow transport ourselves plus our 3 cats via plane to Seattle. Holy hell! How exactly does THAT work? We’ll need to find a new pre-school and someone we trust to be available to babysit the MM if needed (like when DW needs to see the dentist or doctor). We’ll have to find a place to live. Just all of the things moving entails with the added bonus of two kids under 4. I know, I know – people do it all the time. We’ll manage and it’ll be fine. Still, STRESSFUL!

Not to mention MiL will move up there at some point in the near future as well. We’ll have to somehow help her get her stuff up there (I’m thinking it’ll be in the form of $$), and she’ll likely have to stay with us for an extended amount of time while she finds a place. STRESSFUL!

But even with all of this, it still seems like an awesome opportunity in many ways. Now we’ll see if I actually get the job or if all of this stress has been for naught. Oh! And I just got a $10K/yr raise at my current job. So even if we don’t go, we have something nice if we end up staying šŸ™‚ (Even with the bump, it’s not as much as I’d make at New Job, in case you’re wondering.)


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7 responses to “and more new job thoughts

  1. We are moving 7 blocks away and it’s stressful!!! You have a lot to think about. I’m sure you will know more once you meet the ppl and see the place. And get a look at Seattle too. I get that you will miss bring a WAHM when the little one is small. It’s the best thing isn’t it?
    $10 k raise – nothing to sniff at!!! Congrats!!!
    Thinking of you and hoping good things happen for you and yours – however that turns out!!
    When do you go?!

  2. PS road trip to Seattle if you move??? RV up the coast with 2 kids and 3 cats????

    • We thought about this, but it would be so stressful for the cats and the Marshmallow still hates being in the car. We figure a 2.5 hour flight of possible misery is better than a couple of days of it, you know? EEK!

  3. chunkandmommy

    I need to change professions! I haven’t had a $10K increase collectively in the 8 years I have been here…ah, the non-profit world. It sounds like things will happen the way they are supposed to and I am guessing if MiL plans on eventually relocating, the conversation went well?? I am glad you were up-front about the pumping room and it just makes life easier to be upfront and honest.

    • Yeah, working for The Man does pay well šŸ™‚ MiL was very reasonable about the whole thing. She is sad to leave her home and CA, but understands the opportunity it presents for our family (and ultimately her as well). So at least that wasn’t an added stress.

      And on the pumping thing, yeah, it is better. Otherwise it would have felt a little weird to show up the first day and be like, “Yo! I have a 6 month old baby. Where can I pump?” LOL!

  4. I’m late to this, but glad to hear they’re being accommodating about pumping and I hope that the interview goes well. It sounds like a great opportunity, though I can only imagine how hard it feels to be leaving MM (even knowing that you’re leaving him in good hands).

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