Hello, friends. My post title might be a bit ahead of itself, but I am feeling like this is going to happen, so…

I got contacted on Linked.In last week about a super-cool opportunity with a BIG company in Seattle (not Micro.Soft). I’ve already had 2 interviews (1 with the Big Co. recruiter and 1 with a woman who would be my co-worker). I have another scheduled for Friday afternoon with the hiring manager. The position is a perfect fit with my experience and my interests. My current position, though super awesome in terms of flexible schedule and light workload, is not where my heart lies professionally. DW and I had a serious discussion about this possible relocation last night and I think we’re ready to do it if I’m offered the job at the salary I want.


  • Big pay jump
  • We could buy a house right now instead of waiting years like we’d have to do in LA (wait for DW to return to work)
  • We could probably keep our LA condo as a rental property
  • Back to the type of work I like with a big, respected, well-known company
  • Gay marriage is legal in WA, liberal state
  • We have to move anyway at some point and Big Co will cover packing and moving expenses
  • We have talked about the possibility of moving to the Pacific NW


  • We like living in LA and we like our neighborhood (that said, we can’t afford to buy a house in our area so we’d be out of here at some point anyway)
  • Monkey’s co-op preschool is awesome – would be sad to leave such a nice community of people
  • Have to work hard to ramp up at new job – currently in a kind of cushy position and work-from-home full-time
  • Less time with the Marshmallow as I’d be in the office rather than at home – I also worry about my milk supply if I’m pumping in the office rather than at home nursing

It just seems like too good an opportunity in so many ways to pass up. I am terrified at the prospect of moving out of state with 2 small children. Hopefully my mom could come out and help us.

Yes, I’d say shit just got real.

PS: If you are my friend on Face.Book, PLEASE do not mention this there. I have some work friends on there and we are not mentioning this to MiL until/unless an offer is made.


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9 responses to “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. As a family, albeit with one small child, that just made a 1,000 mile move, there’s always some good and some bad, but I think if you can imagine it…if you think you could be happy there…go for it. No better time than now. It will take a little while to find your new niche, but Seattle should be a great area and I think you’ll be feeling more at home in no time. Good luck! (btw, I gave up a cushy job, too, and I’m not in love with my new one, but eventually I know things will get better whether I stay or go…but probably go!)

    • I thought I might hear from you 🙂 I’m sorry about your job not being a great fit. Hopefully you find something you enjoy soon. How is your DW adjusting? I worry about my DW being a stay-at-home mom with our 2 and no friends initially in a new town. Is Curly in a new school yet or are you searching for one? These are all things I worry about in re this new job.

      • We found a pre-school for Curly before we moved, so he’s been going there right from the start. Overall we’re happy with it, and the things we’re not happy with we think are a cultural thing (as in FL just doesn’t care as much as where we came from, which isn’t surprising to us). DW has been doing well, very busy with domestic errands…since we’re in a hellish process of buying a house, she’s had a LOT to do, but that should get better soon. She’s been playing homemaker quite well, but has already gone on a second interview for a part-time job, so fingers crossed. I don’t hate my job, but I don’t love it, so we’ll see what happens. Overall, things are falling into place, and I think we’re pretty much where we wanted to be/expected to be after the first month. We’re also making friends in the area…via meet-up groups and friends-of-friends who happen to live around here. There are some pretty cool bloggers in Seattle btw 🙂

  2. Out of state moves are a crazy big decision, but I have to say–I’ve been thinking more and more lately about how nice it would be to leave L.A. and live somewhere with affordable housing. Right now, our L.A. options are nice houses in crappy areas or crappy houses in nice areas. Like you, we love our neighborhood, but can’t afford to buy within it. I find myself spending more and more LinkedIn time lingering over out of state job posts and wondering what if. I hope it all works out for you guys!

  3. Christy

    As a NW girl, I definitely say “Yay Seattle”. There are wonderful communities within the big city. Go for it. =)

  4. Very exciting! I slow to warm to the idea of change in my own life, but this does sound like a great opportunity.

  5. Long time lurker – first time commenter. Just “leaned in” to a fancy new job three months after our second kiddo arrived. Grandmothers fly into help when they can. It’s hard but worth it, and we’re making it work.

  6. Do it!!!! Seattle is great! I know at least one fun blogger there. There are cool pre school, school and educational communities there. You probably miss being challenged and doing what you love for work. It could be worth the trade off. You can afford a nice house in a nice area. The weather is more temperate. The damp is good for your skin! No smog! You will be able to afford to visit LA. When you get the job pls explain more about it. I am clueless about what techy ppl do. It’s great they hunted you down! That never happens in my field for good jobs. Great news!!!! Go outside your comfort zone for a better quality of life:)

  7. We made a move to another state shortly after getting married and in order for DW to take a job that we knew would have great potential (it has since proven so) and got pregnant with Little Monster literally 4 months after we moved and so here is all he has known. BUT, I will admit that the shift in dynamics for us as a couple (I went from the full time worker to no job and then the SAHM when LM was born and she went from college student/part time job to full time job and main income earner) coupled with me moving away from my family and friends was….difficult. After the first few months things fell into place, new friends made via mommy groups (as we were then expecting), and we began the process of buying a house (we lived the first 2 years here in a rental). Love our neighborhood, school system, community activities, and have found SAHMotherhood to be nice….most times 😉

    Wishing you the best of luck in deciding. I think your little family will thrive where ever you land and as others have mentioned, I have heard Seattle is pretty awesome!

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